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Ddr German Shepherds For Sale

How Rare Are The Ddr German Shepherds

DDR German Shepherd Pups

DDR German Shepherds are not rare, but you likely wont find them in pet stores like you would show line types. Since these dogs are more carefully bred to conform to very specific standards, theyre best purchased from responsible breeders that boast a long history with the breed type.

After the Berlin Wall had been demolished and East Germany was reunified with West Germany in the early 90s, the demand for these dogs fell and some bloodlines were inevitably diluted with their West German counterparts.

Nevertheless, enthusiasts of the breed type made an effort to preserve it and paved the way for the existence of DDR German Shepherds today.

Today, it is apparent that not all DDR bloodlines have been preserved to have the same level of work drive as they were intended to.

Making these dogs slightly more laid back makes them still suitable for the work theyre expected to do but also better suited as personal companions and household pets.

Breeding Balanced German Shepherdsfrom Former Ddr Bloodlines

Whatwe at Eickental strive for, is a healthy BALANCED dog, and that is a stable, confident andloyal companion that you can trust AND easily handle. Breeding specifically for balance requires a certainamount of knowledge and experience to consistently produce the”Balanced” dog. This is accomplished through very selective breedingpractices. We do not just put two dogs together that “look good.” Thereis a carefully thought out plan within our breeding program to producethat “perfect” dog that individuals and families are looking for. We do not breed for dogs that are only used in Sport Events with high drive or intense focus. However, we do get them from time to time due to the gene pool we are breeding from. These dogs are generally more challenging to handle. We breed for medium “prey drive” and high “defense drive” which are “safe” to have in any environment. It is our goal to keep a high level ofquality in terms of health, pigment and working dog characteristics. It’s our mission to provide the BEST dog for your specific situation and need. This puppy is “GEE” Deohgee Von Der Riverhaus. She is, in this pic, a 10 week old daughter of Thor owned and bred by our great friends Ray and Kaye Tucker at Vom Riverhaus German Shepherds and our girl Dotty Vom Sucherquelle. She already knows what the bite sleeve is all about! The amazing young handler is my “mini me”, Dominic, my oldest great grandson.

How Big Do Ddr German Shepherds Get

DDR German Shepherds grow to the maximum height of 26 inches. The expected minimum height for adult DDR Shepherds is 22 inches. Being gender-specific, an adult female is anywhere between 22 to 24 inches and weighs around 70 lbs, and a male is 24 to 26 inches, weighing 88 lb on average.

While the dog might have a denser bone structure than a typical GSD, youll notice that the shoulder height isnt any higher than what youd get from a regular German Shepherd.

This is because the DDR German Shepherds physique can be attributed to its denser bones. If you decide this breed is for you, definitely choose a Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed as its scientifically proven to improve the quality of life for big dogs by supporting their joints. Its also the bed that my German Shepherd sleeps on.

It is only when you consider that for having a dog roughly the same size as a show line German Shepherd, you get better protection and functioning utility that you can truly appreciate the value of a DDR German Shepherd. Thats why learning more about the dogs temperament is crucial before you visit a breeder.

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Czech Gsds Are More Prone To Hip Dysplasia

Finally, we cannot talk about bones without bringing up hip dysplasia, which is an unfortunate condition that many big dogs, including German Shepherds, are prone to.

Among GSDs, different types are at varying levels of risk of getting hip dysplasia. Of the two being discussed here, DDR German Shepherds have the lower exposure to hip dysplasia, mainly because the breeding program that spawned this line of working German Shepherds had a much lower tolerance for dogs with hip or joint problems.

I know this can get pretty confusing, so if youre feeling less than crystal clear right now, you might want to check out this article, Czech German Shepherd .

What Is A Ddr German Shepherd

DDR Czech German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

DDR German Shepherds are a class of working line GSDs. They are also called the East German Working line because it was in East Germany where this line was developed. There, they were also maintained at high standards by the local government.

Today, breeders of DDR German Shepherds can be found across the globe. Some bloodlines have been subjected to selective breeding to develop work drives that are more easily managed.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that DDR Geerman Shepherds are among the best canine workers.

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Ddr German Shepherd Colors

In an ideal world, a German Shepherds colors or even appearance wouldnt matter. But the reality is, there is an entire show line of GSDs bred for their beauty.

DDR German Shepherds, however, dont belong to this line, which means their owners care less about their looks. As a result, it makes sense that there are only a few visual variations of these dogs that can be spotted mainly by color.

DDR German Shepherds are mainly dark in color, either black sable or solid black. They can also feature a mix of black and tan, where tan can even border on red. The black sable colored GSD is usually assumed to be a DDR German Shepherd because of the looks prominence among East German Shepherds.

If you find a DDR German Shepherd who has more of any other color than black, black sable, or black and tan, you must ask questions about his lineage and origin as he might be a mix.

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Because DDRs have retained their working line purity for a long time, it has become their unique selling point, which is why the risk of getting a mixed DDR is lower, especially if you get one from a breeder who specializes in East German Shepherds.

Ddr Gsd As Protection Dogs

Since the unification of Germany in 1990, DDR German shepherds became rare for many reasons. These reasons include being:

  • Put down,
  • Abandoned, and
  • Sold.

Fortunately, some of them were sold as protection dogs, and for a high price to boot. As a result, there was an increase in DDR German shepherd breeders that continued breeding East German shepherds the old-fashioned way.

So if there are those who want to continue the bloodline, there are also breeders that want to profit from these rare protection dogs.

With that said, DDR dogs are still the protective dog they were during the World Wars, with the suitable temperament and appearance:

  • They are naturally a protective dog, loyal to its master and anyone within their owners house.
  • Being a protection dog in the past, East German shepherds are likely to be wary of any threat they recognize
  • They are also bred to be stronger than most, with heads larger than that of a standard GSD and more muscular build.

These characteristics tell us that it would be most suitable to consider DDR GSD as protection dogs.

However, the need for such a specialized dog is not as prevalent today. Families tend to prefer dogs that are loving and gentle. Rather, DDR German shepherds are more popular to those looking forward to Schutzhund training.

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Is A Ddr German Shepherd Right For You

A DDR German Shepherd is right for you if you can accommodate his lifestyle and his presence improves your life quality. This is usually the case if you know the utility and the convenience of having this breed.


  • They are great guards and are extremely loyal You can feel secure in their presence.
  • They can develop an emotionally intelligent bond They truly feel like family.
  • They dont require a lot of baths Less time spent bathing your dog.


  • They are big and athletic Require more space
  • They need a lot of activity You need to spend a lot of time walking and exercising them.
  • They shed a lot Need regular grooming

Difference Between Ddr And Czech German Shepherd


In a vacuum, the decision to get a DDR German Shepherd is quite a straightforward one. However, you have to consider other options and compare, so you dont just make a good choice but make one thats best for your situation.

When considering the opportunity cost of getting an East German Shepherd, people often compare the dog to Czech GSDs.

Czech GSDs are working line German Shepherds originating from Czechoslovakia, which you may now know as the Czech Republic. On the other hand, DDR German Shepherds come from East Germany, making them technically more authentic to the name german shepherd.

The difference in origin doesnt give any particular one superiority over any other breed, especially since both areas have similar climate and canine living conditions. Czech Shepherds were bred for patrolling, DDR German Shepherds for offense.

Check out this fascinating Czech & DDR Bloodline Chart by Von Ultimate Kennels for an interesting insight into the lines.

While the country of origin doesnt matter as much, the circumstances under which a bloodline is established matter more than most things. DDR German Shepherds were meant to attack deserters and maintain the integrity of the Berlin Wall.

Since you wont require your GSD to attack humans during your regular daily routine, DDR varietys superiority in offense is virtually useless compared to a Czech German Shepherd. DDR or Czech, if the dog looks intimidating enough, youre protected.

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German Shepherd Puppies Available Black And Tan Sables Occasionally Solid Black German Shepherd Puppies Located In Ipswich Massachusetts Boston Area New England

Ddr german shepherd puppies for sale near me. We have a small kennel which allows us to have personal contact with our german shepherds daily introducing them to new things on our walks through fields and country roads. German shepherd puppies for sale near me overview you might always search for a breeder online since there are some information portals offering advice regarding breeders. Are there any german shepherd puppies for sale near me.

Ddr german shepherds are named for the deutsches demokratische republik german democratic republic or what is known in english as east germany. East german working line puppies. Sable east german shepherd puppies.

Troy dutch herder 10 months old. We work with top bloodlines from czech and ddr working lines. The ddr was formed in 1949 at the end of the world war ii.

Von barrenberg german shepherds ddr east german shepherd blood crossed with small amount of old czech and slovac. German shepherd pups germanshepherdcat sire akc 4yr dam unregistered 2 5yr pups will have two sets of shots and be deworm louisville kentucky german shepherd 500. If you re ready to meet the perfect german shepherd puppy begin our matchmaker process right now and tell us all about your ideal pooch.

Welcome to weberhaus german shepherds. We ll comb the uptown breeder network for the best matches help you connect and get you on your way to bringing home the dog you. Our breeding program is dedicated specifically to the german shepherd and the preservation.

Ddr Gsds Have Thicker Bones

Next, we have the difference in endurance level that can be visibly correlated with bone thickness. DDR German Shepherds seem to have better stamina than Czech Shepherds of the same age and gender. This could be because work activities like carrying a patrol vest dont take as much toll on the dogs with thicker bones.

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Do Ddr German Shepherds Make Good Pets

Companionship isnt valuable just for those recovering from trauma. A good companion dog is also a good pet. And knowing that DDR German Shepherds are eager to please and have the emotional intelligence to form a strong bond with their owners family can lead to only one conclusion.

DDR German Shepherds make good pets for active families, including those with young children or teenagers. They require a lot of exercise and having multiple active members in the family helps. DDR Shepherds are early to mature emotionally and can form a sense of belonging to the whole family.

However, before you get a DDR Shepherd, you must consider the functional feasibility as well as the utility of having one. Even if theres no overt benefit to having an East German Shepherd, you need to at least have practical means or lifestyle to accommodate one.

There are inconvenient aspects to having any pet. And the more the inconvenience, the better the utility must be to make it worthwhile to have the pet long term. Heres what you can expect when you get a DDR German Shepherd as a pet.

Are There Still Ddr German Shepherds Now

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale working lines Czech Belgium SFR and DDR

As previously said, it was 1990 when Germany became one nation again. This event led to the demobilization of many soldiers from their duty on the battlefield.

The same goes for East German shepherds, which were mainly used for the military force. But this doesnt stop breeders from continuing the bloodline.

Despite the dissolution of the DDR German shepherds birthplace, East Germany, you can still see East German shepherds, although much less likely than before.

However, some DDR German shepherd breeders this only made it possible by breeding DDR dogs with another breed.

Thats why they are rare, but even more so with pure DDR German shepherds. These rare ones also have more remarkable athletic potential than those with german shepherd mixed breeds, as to be expected from a pure military dog.

Although the mixed breeds of East German shepherd are used for different purposes, most of the purebred DDR German shepherds are used for their original purpose, as protection dogs.

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How Much Does A Ddr German Shepherd Cost

A DDR German Shepherd can cost up to $3000, with many breeders selling purebred puppies for $1500. DDR bloodline dogs sold any cheaper should raise concerns. Regardless of what you pay, you should always insist on meeting the dogs parents and getting appropriate health screening tests.

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How Long Do Ddr German Shepherds Live

The average life expectancy of German Shepherds is 12 to 14 years.

However, because DDR GSDs are selectively bred and subjected to stringent health screenings, those that come from well-reputed breeders will generally live for longer.

These dogs are also less prone to joint issues that are common in senior show-line GSDs.

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Next Litter Will Be Announced Soon

Atari Otto Vom Stamm Steinsdorf x Granville’s Gheera

Here are answers to some common questions

  • How much does a puppy cost?

    Please contact me directly, either by email or by phone.

  • Do you offer a health guarantee?

    No. Our puppies are from verified parents. As we begin socializing the puppies, we make sure they don’t jump or climb too much. As we transition the puppies to solid foods, we put them on a raw food diet.

    When you bring the puppy home, it is up to you to ensure that your puppy’s bones are not overworked, that you are providing a nutritious and healthy diet and that your puppy is raised in a healthy manner.

  • Will you send your puppies abroad?

    Yes, under certain conditions. For more information contact me directly.

  • Can the puppy stay with you a little longer should I need more time?

    Yes. Your puppy can stay with us until 12 weeks old. However, you will be charged for food and vet expenses.

  • What happens if I can’t keep the puppy or can’t get along with it? What should I do?

    In this case, as the breeder, I always have the first right of acceptance. If you decide to give the puppy back in the first 72 hours, I will send you your money back, minus the deposit.

    No refunds will be given after 72 hours. However, should I find a new family right away, you will get your money back minus the deposit as soon as the new family has brought the puppy home.

  • Can you train my puppy for me?

    No. We don’t train the pups. However, I can help you find a good trainer in your area.

Carrying Gear On Treks

Jilli vom Fleischerheim and Ron Leithawald purebred German Shepherd Puppies for sale

Whether youre going on a hike or want to trek an unfamiliar territory, your muscular DDR German Shepherd is capable of carrying a reasonable amount of weight effortlessly in a harness with pouches like the Auroth Tactical Dog Harness from Amazon. If youre looking for a no-pull harness, I particularly like this one which gets a mention here.

So, what counts as reasonable weight?

I avoid mentioning the exact weight your GSD will be able to carry because it depends on a range of factors, including but not limited to your dogs gender, age, athletic ability, and how well-fed he is. But you can estimate a reasonable amount by taking 25% of your dogs weight, given that he is well nourished.

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What Type Of Work Do Ddr German Shepherds Excel At

DDR German Shepherds excel at work that involves both their superior physical conformation and their exceptional intelligence.

Today, among their most common roles as working dogs are in the fields of personal protection and police work. These dogs also tend to excel in rigorous and highly disciplined canine sports like Schutzhund.


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