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How Much Does A German Shepherd Puppy Eat

How Many Calories Does A German Shepherd Puppy Need

How Much To Feed A German Shepherd Puppy For Best Results?

The number of calories that your puppy needs depend on certain factors such as age, weight, and activity level. Active puppies need more calories to sustain their energy levels.

German Shepherd puppies require at least 500 calories per day, but the amount increases as their weight also increases.

You need to calculate the RER of your puppy and multiply by two to know exactly the number of calories they need. The formula of RER is 703/4.

For example, if your German Shepherd puppy weighs 20kgs their RER is 703/4 = 662. Therefore, their daily intake should be 1324 calories.

Months Old German Shepherd Puppy Feeding

At two months of age, you can start to slowly decrease the moistening of your German Shepherds dry food. Eventually, the puppy will be used to eating the food completely dry.

Following the German Shepherd puppy food chart, from 2 until 4 months old, a puppy will eat 4 or 5 times a day.

This has to be carried out with one very important addition: discipline. A puppy needs to learn that it will not be fed constantly throughout the day

Accepting and adapting to a diet plan is very important for a puppys intellectual development.

Food for German shepherd puppies should be higher in calories, fats, proteins, and calcium than adult German Shepherd dog food.

This is because puppies are still growing and developing and therefore need better nutrition.

Get The Right Size Kibble

German Shepherds are large dogs, which means they have big mouths. You can look into large breed-specific food, which has the appropriate-sized kibble. If the pieces are too small, your dog may swallow them too quickly or get a ton lodged in his teeth. If you are feeding a puppy kibble thats too large, then it will be very difficult for him to chew.

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How Much To Feed A German Shepherd Puppy Per Day:

If you are having a puppy dog and you have no idea about its feeding method? Then under this topic, we can see how much to feed a German shepherd puppy per day in detail. The puppy stage is more important because the correct proportion of nutrients only helps in the growth of the puppy.

There are four types of puppy food available such as dry kibble, wet food, homemade food, and raw food. The important things you need to know before feeding your puppy are as follows:

  • The puppies should be provided with more amount of food than the adult dog because it only helps you to grow healthier in their adult stage.
  • The food you provide to your pet should have 26 percent fat and 15-18 percent proteins which makes their bones stronger.
  • You should not provide extra vitamins or proteins to your puppy unless and until the veterinarian advises you to give.
  • You should give your puppy fresh and plenty of water between the meals.
  • Apart from all these points, you will also have a doubt that how much to feed a German shepherd puppy per day? The answer is a puppy can eat three times per day.
  • And you can give puppy food for your pet from birth to 12 weeks after that you need to provide adult food to them.

These are the important things you should consider before feeding your puppy. Now we can see about the frequency of feeding you should provide to your pet at different weeks. The feeding frequency you should maintain for your puppy is:

The Period Of Adolescence

How Much To Feed A German Shepherd Puppy

Since the age of six months the period of so-called adolescence begins. A puppy tries to assert itself in the world and shows a high level of independence at that time and till the reaching the age of puberty.

Since this age, your pet begins to show disobedience and does not obey the commands it usually obeyed before. Do not allow it to behave in that way, otherwise it will become its habit.

This difficult period finishes usually with coming of the age of puberty. For female dogs it is often at the age of seven or eight months, when the first heat starts. Male dogs begin to spray at this time and it comes a bit later.


The ability of guarding and protecting is also shown in this period. So, pay attention to the proper training of your favourite pet.


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How Much Are German Shepherd Puppies Worth

German Shepherd puppies can range in price anywhere from $500 to up to $20,000. The huge difference in price depends on several factors, including location, breeder, parentage, and life purpose. German Shepherd Puppies kept as pets usually range between $500-1500, whereas show dog puppies range from $1500-$5000.

How Does Diet Affect The Health Of Growing Shepherds

Recently it has come to light that a proper diet for puppies does more than prevent malnutrition. As part of this proper diet, there are many things that should never be fed to German Shepherds.

Orthopedic Problems

Many orthopedic problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia have a strong hereditary component. However, people often discount the role of diet in bone developmental issues.

Theres a clear link between obesity in puppies and the resulting exacerbation of hip, elbow, and back problems.

However, your German Shepherd pup doesnt have to be overweight to suffer a myriad of health challenges.

Merely creating an oversized puppy, as is often the case for show animals and people fixated on large dogs, can lead to several painful disorders:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Panosteitis Generalized inflammation of the long bones in puppies common in German Shepherds.
  • Wobblers More common in Great Danes and Dobermans, Wobblers is a condition whereby the spinal canal is too narrow, causing neurologic instability.

Overnutrition and over-supplementation of certain vitamins and minerals lead to paradoxical malnutrition of the bone, and subsequently improper development.

Nutritional experts have modified their recommendations regarding the diets of large-breed dogs.

Many nutritionists and veterinarians advocate feeding German Shepherds and other large-breed puppies an adult or professionally-formulated homemade diet to limit the occurrence and severity of developmental problems.

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How Much Does A German Shepherd Puppy Eat

We can only give a generalization in this section because how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy will depend on a variety of factors, which we will get into in a bit. A German Shepherd feeding guide is meant to be used as a guideline and it doesnt always have to be followed to the letter because all large breed puppies grow at varying rates and have different exercise levels.

At 2 months of age, a German Shepherd puppy will need around 1 to 1.5 cups of food.

The amount you feed a German Shepherd puppy will increase even by a single month. Add 0.5 cups to the amount when your pup reaches 3 months, so it will be 1.5 to 2 cups depending on how much you initially started out with.

You can stay at 1.5 to 2 cups until your German Shepherd puppy reaches 6 months. By this tie, you should increase his puppy food to 2 to 3 cups.

Maintain this amount until your pup reaches 12 months or a year old, which is when he nears his full size. This is when the amount increases to 3 to 3.5 cups and is also around the same time your German Shepherd puppies should switch to adult dog food. Remember that these are all guidelines, and a very active and slightly larger pup should eat more than one thats smaller and not as rambunctious.

Can I Feed My Gsd Raw Meat

How much Should you Feed a German Shepherd Puppy in a day? | GSD Diet Plan |

German Shepherds can definitely eat raw meat. Although choosing it over high-quality kibble is a matter of your personal preference, raw feeding is not necessarily detrimental to your GSDs health. You just need to be aware of how to do it properly to ensure adequate nutrition and to avoid potential hazards.

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German Shepherd Feeding Guide For Seniors

You will need to modify your German Shepherds diet when he changes from adult life stage to senior. Older German Shepherds have lower energy needs.

They will begin to have less physical activity and move slower, and so they will require fewer calories each day. You should increase in fiber amount in their diet because digestion tends to slow down in seniors

There are some commercially sold dog foods that are already adjusted for seniors. If you prepare your own dog food, you will need to reduce the calories primarily through the carbs.

Senior German Shepherds still require proper nutrition, especially for their bones and joints.

When it comes to treats, senior dogs should have healthy ones like whole-food treats such as apple slices or carrots.

Top Best Answers To The Question How Much Do Akc German Shepherd Puppies Cost

Only responsible breeders who test and select the healthiest dogs for breeding will produce the best puppies. These health-tested and papered puppies will be quite a lot more than $800: Most AKC breeders’ prices for German Shepherd puppies start at $1,500 and can go up as high as $3,000.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «How much do akc german shepherd puppies cost?» often ask the followingquestions:

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Enroll Your Dog In Any Health Insurance Plan

A responsible owner always cares for his GSDs needs. Its good to plan for the future. A complicated health issue like elbow dysplasia can turn out to be a financial burden to any owner. However, dog health insurance can help relieve that burden.

Additionally, you can consult your vet on the best insurance coverage plans for your dog. However, my take is that any n pet insurance plan can save you in times of need.

How Long Does A German Shepherd Live

How Much To Feed A German Shepherd Puppy

The average lifespan of German Shepherds is 9 years to 13 years. There are some rare cases in which they can live up to 15 years to 17 years. This depends on dog owners taking care and dogs proper diet, exercise, veterinary care etc. Some dogs live a shorter life because of health problems they encounter and live long by maintaining their good health.

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How Do I Know If Puppy Is Eating Enough

Too little food

  • Ribs, spine and bones are visible from a distance, indicating little to no body fat and no muscle mass.
  • The dogs coat may be scruffy or lack soft fur.
  • Gas and fecal matter may be odoriferous fecal matter may be extremely runny or hard.
  • The dog may vomit bile.
  • Low energy level.
  • Susceptible to illness.
  • Eukanuba Puppy Mixed Grill Chicken & Beef Dinner And Canned Dog Food

    This brand is well-known for quality dog food at an affordable price. The Eukanuba Puppy Mixed Grill Chicken & Beef Dinner and Canned Dog Food are exceptional for its beneficial properties and fulfillment rate. It promotes the healthy development of the digestive tract that in turn boosting their immune system. Your pup is going to be active and happy just like he should.

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    German Shepherd Puppy Diet: 2 Months Old

    At two months of age, you can start to slowly decrease the moistening of your German Shepherd’s dry food. Eventually, the puppy will be used to eating the food completely dry.

    Following the German Shepherd puppy food chart, from 2 until 4 months old, a puppy will eat 4 or 5 times a day. This has to be carried out with one very important addition: discipline. A puppy needs to learn that it will not be fed constantly throughout the day, but at specific times. This is part of a puppys socialization and early education.

    We start of by placing a bowl of food down for 10 minutes, this should give the puppy enough time to finish its meal. After 10 minutes, we suggest taking the bowl of food away, even if your puppy hasn’t finished eating.

    A puppy’s food bowl must only be available to the dog for 10 minutes. This 10 minutes should be enough time for the puppy to eat all of its provided food. As already mentioned, after 10 minutes, you should take the food bowl away, even if the puppy hasn’t finished eating. This pattern will introduce the puppy’s food schedule and allow it an opportunity to become accustomed to particular feeding times.

    German Shepherd Puppy Feeding Amount

    How Much do German Shepherds Eat?

    Figuring out how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy is not an exact science because your puppys genetics and environment also factor in to how hungry your puppy is and how much he or she eats.

    For example, canine researchers now know that male German Shepherd puppies typically grow up to be quite a bit heavier and taller than female GSD puppies.

    So if you are caring for a boy puppy, your pup may eat more and grow faster than if you were caring for a girl puppy!

    Also, your puppys parents can influence adult size regardless of sex.

    As well, your choice of when to neuter or spay your puppy can influence appetite and development.

    If you spend a lot of time playing with your new puppy, he may burn more calories than if your pup is more sedentary, and this can influence mealtime hunger and overall growth.

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    Supplements For German Shepherds

    The vast majority of commercially available dry kibble is complete and balanced for your dog, assuming its a high-quality food.

    That means there is almost never a reason to supplement your dogs diet with additives, vitamins, or herbal supplements. In fact, adding these things to a healthy dogs diet can cause a lot of harm.

    Never supplement your dogs diet unless directed by a veterinarian. In those cases, they will prescribe or suggest canine-safe products to cover your GSDs special needs.

    Human supplements are often unregulated, minimally effective, and often contain substances harmful to animals. Never use a human supplement for your German Shepherd.

    German Shepherd Grooming Costs

    • $0$100 per month

    In terms of grooming, German Shepherds are lower maintenance than other heavy shedding breeds. As long as your dog does not have any known illnesses or issues, you should not have to pay monthly prices. Especially if you brush their teeth, clip their nails, and comb out their hair on your own, you shouldnt pay monthly bills.

    With that being said, you may need to pay monthly bills if you are not able to trim the dogs nails or groom it yourself. This can cost about $66 to $100 a month, but this is avoidable if you buy the clippers and trimmers to use on your own.

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    How Much Does A German Shepherd Height In Feet

    The height of German Shepherds is measured based on withers. It is part of their right back above shoulders at the base of their neck. When standing this is the tallest point of their body.

    Male German Shepherd height can be 24 inches to 26 inches or 60 cm to 65 cm at their shoulder and female German Shepherds height can be around 22 inches to 24 inches or 55 cm to 60 cm at their shoulder. Typically Males are bigger than females but not always.

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

    How Much to Feed a German Shepherd? (Puppy &  Adult Feeding ...

    No doubt, giving your pup what it loves brings you joy. But, it is your job to check that you are also providing your fluffball with the essential nutrients it needs to grow into a beautiful and fit canine.

    Blue Buffalocontains clinically proven DHA levels for optimal brain development and the right fat and carbohydrate levels to certify muscle and bone growth. And, the fiber and prebiotics warrant smooth digestion. All in all, your puppy will become a gorgeous and healthy beast with Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

    And, even if your GSD puppy has a sensitive stomach, you need not worry. The grain-less formula is the ideal food for german shepherd puppies with allergies.

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    Expenses You Will Incur While Living With Your German Shepherd Dog Food

    GSD is a high energy dog. Thus it needs lots of quality food to be energized.

    First, puppies at their young age eat more than adults. The reason being they are super active and require lots of energy to explore their world.

    On average, you may spend 45$ a month or $540 a year to feed your GSD. Also, remember you will be feeding your dog treats, which can cost 5-10 $ a month. However, for treats, ensure they dont exceed 10 % of recommended calorie levels.

    The above-stated price can either shoot up or go down.

    How Much Do You Feed A German Shepherd Puppy

    When feeding your German Shepherd puppy, you have to be very careful. Puppies of all breeds love to eat, and they can hardly control themselves when around food. In fact, if you leave many dogs with an opened bag of food, chances are theyd eat until they end up feeling sick.

    This is because dogs are opportunistic eaters. Their wild ancestors used to eat every blue moon, so when they would manage to catch prey, theyd eat as much as they could because they needed to take in as much energy as possible. Otherwise, they might not have lived very long.

    Because of this, puppies are prone to overeating, and they can easily become overweight. An overweight puppy will likely grow into an obese adult dog, which is never a good thing.

    While weve given you the German Shepherd puppy feeding chart, this should be a guide to be used for an average dog. You need to look at your puppys weight, appetite, as well as the type of food youre feeding them.

    For example, dogs dont need the same amount of dry kibble as they would if they were to eat wet food.

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