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Working German Shepherd For Sale

Working Line German Shepherd Puppies

Testing and Selecting German Shepherd Puppies for work

Working German Shepherd puppies are priced at $1500.00

You are looking for working line German Shepherd puppies for sale ?This litter is a result of combining proven Working Bloodlines. This breeding is a combination that leads back to legendary Magic vom Elfenschloss. Magic was a German Shepherd import, that had the fearless power and loyalty. Most German Shepherds today seem to be missing those features! He is a strong influence in our breeding program today. The puppies are expected to have super deep dark black sable color and excellent workability. They will be easy to train even for a novice owner. This German Shepherd Litter here in Tucson promises to have all features that we desire for great protection dogs.

Parents of this outstanding German Shepherd Breeding:Sire : Joker vom Zauberberg

  • Unlimited support raising your German Shepherd Puppy
  • Training on request

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Buying A Fully Trained Dog Is Easy

You don’t have to live in Sydney to take advantage of Guard Dog Training Centre’s outstanding, breeding, boarding and especially training services. Not only can your German Shepherd be delivered to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and any other place in Australia, but we can also safely and securely deliver your German Shepherd, fully custom-trained for its purpose or purposes, overseas. That is why the quality of graduates of the Guard Dog Training Centre are famous internationally. Even if you have already bought a dog, you can still take advantage of our first class boarding and training facilities and rest assured that you have a safe, reliable guard and protector. If German Shepherds aren’t suitable for your needs, see our range of puppies, trained Dobermans, Rottweilers, family dogs and more.

Vet on site daily as required

German Shepherd Puppies Shipped Throughout The Us And Canada

Vom Banach K9 is a leading breeder of health and hip guaranteed German Shepherd puppies from imported DDR/Czech and West German working lines. Vom Banach K9 German Shepherd puppies are happy, healthy, well-socialized and confident. Our German Shepherd puppies are known for their loyalty, affection, eagerness to please, work ethic, and rich dark black sable, sable, and solid black coats.

Shipping by air is fast, safe, convenient, and cost-effective. We use only airlines that have demonstrated a solemn commitment to animal travel over the last 17 years. Vom Banach K9 uses only certified airline-approved crates.

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Welcome To Grothaus Working German Shepherds

Grothaus K9 trains and breeds top quality, family working-dogs. Our dogs are part of our family Ira, Amy, Hex, Irre, Echo, Ruze and Ronin have all have been chosen for their balanced abilities to work, play, socialize and protect all while being obedient, engaged and under control. Grothaus German Shepherds are HOT , and are trained, shown, and titled in a variety of activities that allow us to properly assess their strengths and weaknesses. We train balanced and actively with an emphasis on the competitive dog sport of Schutzhund & Nosework.

Here at Grothaus, we strive to breed and produce true working line German Shepherd puppies with excellent health, solid temperament, strong nerves, and balanced drives German Shepherds that WORK on the field, on the street, and in the home. All of our dogs are titled before breeding as well as having their a stamp and/or OFA certifications. While not breeding often, we put a great deal of time and effort into planning each litter. As any good breeder will tell you, quality females are the backbone to a good breeding program, and weve started with the best.

Our dogs arent nervous or anxious, they arent fearful and they are naturally easy to train Beasts on the field or in the street Loyal, confident companions everywhere.

Upcoming Litterspage Updated: 14th Of July 2022the Latest Matings Are At The Bottom Of This Page

Deluca: Trained, Working Line, German Shepherd Puppy  Man

V Jake vom Kapbusch..Hexe of Kreative

Hexe had 3 dark sable puppies on June 21st. The two male puppies are available

Jake is a very strong dog with near perfect confirmation and muscling which earned him a V rating for show. He is an handsome stud with a block head, a defined bark and a crushing grip. His hip and elbow rating is a very low ZW-72 with Normal hips and elbows. He should sire great hips and elbows. Jake is very easy to handle and he will also protect when needed. We are looking forward to having pups from Jake which should be perfect for family protection and dogsport. There are many great dogs in his pedigree such as Xato von der bosen Nachbarschaft, Karn vom Fegelhof, Asko von der Lutter and Chicco von der Fasanerie.

Hexe is a beautiful, solid black, drivey female with extreme protection instincts and high civil drive. She adores her people, is dog neutral and loves training. She has a hard grip and high possession. Hexes pedigree is filled with amazing working dogs her sire Barney Helipeky, grand sires, Dinoso vom Eiseman Kreuz and Kimbo vom Kloster Thedinga, great grand sire, Zoran Ben-Ju. And then there are the females in her pedigree, each one more outstanding than the next. Fergie ze Stribrneho kamene, Yucca von der Mohnwiese, to name but two.

This litter qualifies for the DM Clear By Parentage status.


Jameson of Kreative..Anouk of Kreative

Anouk whelped 5 puppies on the 4th of July!

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About Us And Our German Shepherd Puppies:



Pure Bred German Shepherds

Our working line German Shepherd puppies quality speaks for itself. Our German Shepherd puppies for sale give you the best of both worlds, from outstanding loyal family companion, to the ultimate machine in Schutzhound, high intelligence , strong drive to perform, rock solid temperament, confidence, security and personal protection. Our pedigree share dominant genes and traits from their strong large head, rare distinctive black markings, straight back ,excellent conformation and body structure to their ears standing at a young puppy age. The ability to solve problems on their own and excel in obedience, are traits that are bred into our German Shepherd puppies for sale rather than trained or taught. Our dogs are truly home grown not back yard bred. We have fun with our dogs!! We go boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, fetch ball , catch Frisbee in midair, we hi five, shake, play dead, roll over, and talk on command. When our dogs are not performing or training they hang out with the family watching games, movies or watching our kids play with their Xbox. We really cant put a price on the joy that our German Shepherds bring to our family. Our German Shepherds have a special bond with the kids in our family, whom they will protect with their life. We are confident that our working line German Shepherd puppies for sale will extend the same joy and fun to their new homes and families.

-Zuchttechnik K9

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German Shepherd Exercise Needed

Working Line German Shepherd Puppies – Shield K9

Considered to be in the pastoral group of dogs, German Shepherds are large dogs that do well in a large home with large grounds to guard. As a herder, generally this breed needs plenty of daily exercise totalling at least two hours however there are always anomalies who need much less. Although you would think they need a country setting to thrive, German Shepherds do well in town or country if correctly selected in line with the new owners needs.

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Should I Buy A Trained Puppy

The answer all depends.. From 8-12 weeks your puppy is in its first fear stage, which is critical for expose to scenarios they will encounter in their future adult life. During this stage, puppies should be exposed to new people and other healthy dogs, as well as differing terrain and environment. These experiences provide the foundation for the adult dog they will eventually become, but first it’s important for them to become a trained puppy. However… It is vital to keep all activities and real-world exposure extremely positive, safe and monitored as you train your puppy. This time period is critical for their future temperament and personality. An overly negative event at this point in a puppys life can be traumatic, which leads to your question’s answer . If you work a normal 9-5 job, putting the necessary hours into training your puppy during it’s first month at home may not be entirely possible. And leaving your young puppy alone in his or her crate for an entire day is sure to have detrimental affects down the road. Training a German Shepherd puppy is hard enough. When you leave the pup in their crate all day, this “ball of energy” becomes even harder to train and house-break.

Puppy Prices And Info:

Companion German Shepherd puppies are $1000 + tax. Working prospect puppies are $2000 + tax. Our puppies include a hip/health guarantee. Pups are released at 8 weeks of age. For those purchasing a pup prior to 8 weeks old, a deposit of $300 will hold your pup. In the event the preferred sex of the puppy is not available in this litter, the deposit will be refunded otherwise deposits are considered non-refundable. Prices subject to change without notice, although never after a deposit is received.

We breed healthy parents from proven working bloodlines to produce strong, healthy pups of stable temperaments and solid nerves. Our goal is to produce areal German Shepherd adding to this prestigious breed, never taking away. Our pups are prospects for personal protection, obedience and/or agility, ScH, PSA, Police patrol, military working dogs, narcotics or explosives work as well as super family companions.

We usually whelp one or two litters a year. Occasionally we have older German Shepherd puppies for sale or young adult German Shepherds available . Puppies are released at 8 weeks of age, after having been examined by a licensed veterinarian, receiving their second shots, and receiving many hours of observation and interaction. They will be well on their way towards house-training and socialized to as many things as possible for their age. Check back often to see if we have any German Shepherd Dogs or Puppies for sale.

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Temperament Of A German Shepherd Dog

There is often some controversy over whether or not a Shepherd is authentic because their looks can be quite dissimilar. Although there are a wide range of physical characteristics that have been bred into the line, there is one thing that most trainers and breeders will agree on and that is the temperament of a true German Shepherd Dog however is must be considered that every Dog is an individual just like a human.

That being said, the German Shepherd is said to be one of the most trainable of dogs and we at WKD have had the pleasure of working with a great many of the best examples of this amazing breed. Many people are drawn to dogs described as intelligent but never forget that intelligence, if not correctly matched can be used against you in the form of behavioural issues. We train all of our dogs to a certain standard and if their temperament isnt true to form and the dog doesnt train as we require, we will not place him under any circumstances. Shepherds can be quite fearsome to look at because of their stature and lineage as herders and workers, but when properly tested and trained, they are a perfect breed for anyone who desires a personal protection dog or just a loving and friendly companion that is more obedient than almost any other breed.

Breed Specific Summary On German Shepherds

Deluca: Trained, Working Line, German Shepherd Puppy  Man

As a large dog with thick, short hair, you would think these dogs would be a bit difficult to groom but in reality they are quite easy to keep looking their best. The rare dogs which pass our tests do well in obedience training and once released to their forever homes they will remain the most loyal of canine friends. They herd, play and love with all their hearts and once youve owned a Shepherd trained and sold by WKD, you will know why these are the most popular dogs around the globe.

If youre looking for a German Shepherd for sale, check out our dogs for sale section or call us to discuss your specialist needs and requirements today.

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Ethical Care For German Shepherds

Wayne Curry has such a great passion for German Shepherds. He was raised along side German Shepherds which had a huge impact toward his love and respect for the breed. At Kraftwerk K9, we honor the history of the German Shepherd. Because we are Americas #1 authority on purebred German Shepherd breeding, we believe that their natural qualities are worth preserving. We here at Kraftwerk K9 care for and teach these world-class dogs to live up to their full potential. Our ethical breeding facility sits on 25 gorgeous acres of Washington soil and is available for touring before purchase.

Learn more about our certified German Shepherds by calling today at 360-273-6125 or visiting our for sale page at the top of the site!

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Trained German Shepherd For Sale: Why Choose Wkd For Your Next Dog

Never before has there been a dog as popular as the German Shepherd, and any proud owner will gladly tell you that there probably never will be, ever again. Shepherds, as they are lovingly called by fans of the breed, are fiercely loyal and so they make excellent police and protection dogs. The line was developed in the late 1800s and a captain in the German cavalry, Max von Stephanitz has been credited with the development of this line.

At WKD we are proud of each and every German Shepherd that we train and home, and even though these worker dogs do well in all aspects of police and rescue work, they are also known to be good family and particularly excellent personal protection dogs.

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German Shepherd Puppies From World Class Bloodlines

KIEFERNWALD GSD is a small selective German Shepherd dog breeder in Ontario, Canada, breeding only 100% West German show/working lines clear of genetic defects.

Our goal is to produce dogs with a sound temperament, beautiful conformation, able to serve and protect, stable and good natured, but most importantly to be your best loyal friend and companion.

Pricing & Purchase Information

THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG – Working line or Show?

Grothaus puppies are priced at $1800. Individual litters are priced based upon the titles and accomplishments of the parents and the costs incurred to do the breeding. For pricing on a specific litter, please see the individual litter listing, or contact us.

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve a puppy from a litter and will only be accepted from individuals who have already completed our interview and screening process. Fill out our PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE

Once you have filled out a questionnaire and are approved for a Grothaus puppy, you may either put a deposit down, or be placed on our waiting list. A deposit is to hold the next puppy of the specific type you are looking for . The waiting list is just a list that I can refer to once the puppies are born to call and announce what we have available. If you are on the waiting list and we produced the puppy you are looking for, you can then put a deposit down to hold that puppy until it is ready to go home. Please note, we do keep an active waiting list before each breeding takes place. The best way to ensure your next puppy is from Grothaus, is to place a deposit early.

Grothaus Kennels claims Right of First Refusal on all pups we breed, for the lifetime of the dog. This means that if for any reason a buyer is unable or unwilling to keep their dog, we must be contacted before any action is taken and given the opportunity to take back the dog.

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