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Why Do German Shepherds Bark So Much

Why Does My German Shepherd Puppy Bark At Me

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First of all, from your dogs standpoint:


Think about it: We talk about everything we feel, hear or see even to ourselves. More so: Many people talk to some imaginary entity they hope or fear exists. And: Many people talk to their plants too.

To dogs, all this would appear outright insane . Why? Because dogs typically only talk:

  • consciously to communicate with their environment
  • and consciously or subconsciously to warn and fend off perceived danger including in their sleep!

So, dogs do not talk to plants, dogs do not talk to an imaginary entity, and dogs do not talk to themselves. Very different to people, indeed.

When dogs bark, they bark to communicate, or to warn and fend off perceived danger. Thats it.

This is absolutely crucial insight, because it helps you to understand and appreciate your dogs barking!

Top dog expert

Most dogs, including German Shepherds, really only bark when they expect that their body language alone may go unnoticed!

Dogs normally avoid barking because it drains a lot of their energy see Energy Tools in the Dog Training Toolkit. And because they know that their body language is much more precise if only the people and other animals understand the dogs body language as well as the dog understands theirs?

Very different to dogs in London, New York, or Toronto.

How To Stop German Shepherd Barking

How to stop german shepherd barking is a question many people ask. There are several different reasons why they bark and how to stop them depends on the reason. It is imperative how you train your dog to discourage barking and how long it takes will depend on how old he is, his temperament and how often you let him do it. If how to stop german shepherd from barking has become a problem in your house, here are some ways to get rid of that habit:

Allowing The Stranger To Give Them Treats

Do not allow visitors to give your dog treats or food. Burglars use this tactic to poison dogs upon entering the house. Teach your dog not to accept food from strangers, just like you would do with children.

This also applies to not giving them a treat when a visitor is in the house. This may encourage them to bark at people because they associate the treat with barking.

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Why Does My German Shepherd Bark All Night

Your german shepherd may be barking at night because they are not getting enough mental or physical stimulation during the day, because they are feeling neglected, or because they are sensing some danger.

Sometimes the dangers they can be feeling are just squirrels in the garden, but if your German shepherd starts barking to alarm you and you dont address the issue, they will keep barking until theyre utterly exhausted.

Your dog may also be barking all night because they are sleeping in an uncomfortable area or bed.

For example, if you leave your dog to sleep outside all night, they may be too cold at night to get some good sleep.

Sometimes the barking could be caused by an underlying medical issue and they are in pain. In this case, you should definitely take them to the doctor. The reason you may be thinking that your dog is barking all night could be that you are at work all day so you dont hear them barking at day.

If your dog is barking because of a behavioral issue and not a medical one, you will need to go over some training and basic commands with them again or even consult a professional dog trainer or a behaviorist. A good idea would be to record your dogs barking and send it to the professional in advance so they can tell you what exactly is your dogs problem.

How To Make It Stop

Do German Shepherds Bark a Lot? (a little?)

Hearing a dog bark constantly is very annoying and totally unbearable. When you get the first complaint from your neighbors telling you that your dog couldnt let them sleep, act immediately. Take notice of the situation and try to figure out what pin-pointed this behavior. If you continue to get complaints from other people, try the following techniques.

  • Try to understand what your GSD really mean when it barks.
  • Is it angry or just wants to play? This will help you deal with the situation in a more effective way.
  • If your GSD starts barking whenever you have a visitor at the door, take help from voice commands.
  • The commands you can use to tell your dog that barking is not appropriate are No, Stop, and Quiet.
  • If your dog continues to bark, try to distract it.
  • When a GSD barks at visitors, this usually means that it is trying to protect its family and territory.
  • If so, let your dog know that it is in a safe environment.
  • If your GSD stops barking once you let the visitors in, offer it a treat as a sign of appreciation.
  • Repeat this for several times until your dog creates the connection and learns to stay calm whenever someone rings the doorbell.

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Your German Shepherd Is Overly Excited

Something that may happen with some German Shepherds is that they simply become too excited and their hairs will stand up! This is more common in puppies rather than adults, but it can still occur.

In this instance, your German Shepherd simply will not be able to settle down. He might berunning excessively in circles, jumping up and down, or barking/yipping. He might have a case of what is known as the dog zoomies.

While this might not be the worst thing on this list, it still needs to be dealt with. Sure, sometimes the overexcitement will only last a couple of minutes before he can calm down in which case, not much needs to be done. However, if this is a recurring theme that happens often and for an extended time, then you need to do something about it.

It is important to note that overexcitement does not equate to happiness in your German Shepherd, even though it may appear that way. Being overly excited is something that he may be struggling with and could be upsetting and annoying for your dog, who simply may just want to relax just like when you and I are unable to sleep when we get overtired!

This study documented by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers showed that raised hackles during excited play can sometimes lead to aggression but only 40% of the time.

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Invest In Obedience Training

If your dog does not stop barking when you tell him to , it is time for more obedience training.

Dogs are going to bark itâs what they do. They should be obedient enough, however, to back off when given the command. If he doesnât do that, he needs to be taught a command that gets him to do that.

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What Are Raised Hackles

When looking at hair standing up on your German Shepherds body, you are likely looking at raised hackles. These erect hairs are found along his back, beginning at the neck and running down to the tip of the tail.

They are more noticeable in the German Shepherd breed due to their coarse, dense, and wiry fur. Certain types of responses can trigger more raised hackles in certain spots than others.

The best way to understand it is to think of raised hackles like human goosebumps. They simply come and go when they please in response to something happening, whether its just a breeze of brisk, ice-cold wind, or we are feeling a type of emotion, such as being scared or angry.

This reflex is known as piloerection, which is simply an involuntary response under certain circumstances and to different emotions. All dogs will have this occur to them in their lifetime it is a typical response to certain things and it is something that they cannot control. Raised hackles can be more common in German Shepherds due to their extremely protective nature.

Step : Increase The Timing Of The Quiet Command

Barking Aggressive German Shepherd Behavior Modification Dog Training with Americas Canine Educator

Keep practicing the quiet command by increasing the length that your dog is quiet and the timing of your reward. The goal is to have longer periods of quiet in-between rewards and praise.

Repeat the techniques learned in Step 4, letting your German Shepherd bark two to three times, then moving towards them and giving the quiet command.

Repeat this procedure regularly over a period of several days until your dog starts understanding what the command means. Your goal is to have your German Shepherd stop barking at strangers almost immediately once you say the quiet command for as long as you need.

Give the quiet command and wait for a longer time before rewarding your GSD with treats and praise. Gradually extend the waiting period to five seconds, then 10 seconds, then 20 seconds and then 30 seconds and longer.

Finally, work up to the minute mark for the waiting time until the reward.

This is a long time for a dog, so have patience and keep working up to a longer and longer quiet time before offering your dog the reward.

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German Shepherds Bark When Theyre Bored

If your German Shepherd isnt getting enough mental or physical stimulation, then you might notice an increase in barking. This is likely because your German Shepherd is bored out of his or her mind, and simply needs something to do.

If we are bored, we might take a nap. But a bored German Shepherd will more likely bark at birds, loud noises, squirrels, or shadows, simply for something to do. The key to keeping them from boredom is to keep them busy. Give them a job if needed.

German Shepherds need to be busy busy busy. That is what they are bred to do and love to do. A tired dog is a good dog.


In addition to training and socialization, exercise will be key here. A German Shepherd that receives the minimum 1-2 hours of exercise per day will be less likely to bark than one that sits at home all day or one thats left in the backyard.

For this reason, we recommend owning a GSD only if you are prepared to commit to ensuring they get both mental and physical exercise daily! Its not an easy assignment owning a German Shepherd, so be prepared for the commitment!

Try To Ignore The Barking

This can be difficult, but its important not to give in and reward the behavior with attention.If you must address the barking, do so in a calm and assertive voice. Avoid yelling, which will only excite your dog more.

  • Give your dog plenty of exercise. A tired dog is less likely to bark unnecessarily.
  • Provide your dog with toys and chews that keep them occupied and distracted from the things that trigger their barking.
  • With a little patience and consistency, you can train your dog to bark less and enjoy a quieter home.

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Dealing With Constant Gsd Barking Problems Solved

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A GSD will bark to express its feelings and emotions. However, if its barking becomes irritating and out of control, you need to make it stop.

If you are getting complaints from your neighbors that your dog constantly barks and howls when you are not around, you need to do something about it. You cannot make the barking stop completely as it is a natural way of communication. However, you can try to control it with the help of certain training tactics.


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Should I Let My German Shepherd Bark It Out

The method of just letting your dog bark it out is not recommended by many professionals due to its limited effectiveness. Rather, its recommended to work with your dog to identify what they are reacting to and eliminate the issue in its entirety, or gradually expose them to it with heavy praise and rewards.

Training your dog to redirect and focus their attention on something they enjoy, such as toys, their favorite bed, or even kenneling them for a short time so they can calm themselves down is a great way to begin this process.

If your German shepherd seems to be barking out of anxiety, make an appointment with their primary veterinarian to explore different medications or treatment options that can give them relief.

How Much Do German Shepherds Cost

Asked by: Ella Bogisich

This breed is not cheap the quick answer is that you should plan to spend between $1,500-$3,000 for a German Shepherd from health-tested parents. While it is possible to find puppies without papers for much less , these usually come from lines without health and temperament testing.

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Use Sight Barriers To Prevent Your German Shepherd From Barking At Strangers

Territorial and alarm barking arise when your dog sees or hears something that excites them. This is why your German Shepherd barks at the living room window or along the fence as strangers walk by.

The fastest method to stop barking at the window or in the yard is to control their environment. Block your dogs view of potential barking triggers, like strangers or neighbors, by physically making it harder for them to see the excitement.

In your yard, install privacy fencing or place reed fencing to fill in the gaps in the fence and cut off views to adjoining yards or activity in the street. Indoors, leave the curtains or blinds closed.

Keep your dog away from the areas where strangers walk past, like your front door and rooms near the street or sidewalk. If your dog barks at strange noises, then install a white noise machine to help blur the background sounds that cause them to bark.

If you arent meeting your dogs energy needs on a daily basis, they are more prone to barking at strangers. Use this guide to exercise your German Shepherd and meet their physical needsto reduce unwanted behavior.

How Can I Teach My Dog Not To Bark Too Much

German Shepherd Barking

When leaving your german shepherd puppy home alone for too much time each day, it is important to have lots of chew toys around for him to play with when he gets bored. kong toy filled with treats or a soft chew toy will keep them occupied for hours and save your shoes and furniture from getting chewed on.

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Prevent Your Dog From Barking And Lunging

This is an integral first step. Make sure you know exactly what causes your dog to bark and lunge. Is it kids, dogs, men in hats, bikes, cars?

Then make sure you know how intense that thing has to be to cause problems. For some dogs, a sleeping dog across the street is no biggie, but a running dog in agility class is a Very Big Deal. Distance, speed, number, and volume of the bad things can all change how your dog thinks about them.

Now its time to avoid those things. Exposing your dog to them over and over wont cut it. This isnt about socialization. Its a bit late for that!

You might need to change the time and route of your daily walk. Start paying attention and crossing the street when you see the triggers. Turn around if you have to.

Basically, do everything that you can to avoid putting your dog in a situation where shell bark and lunge.

Why Dogs Bark And What Different Dog Barks Mean

May 07, 2020

Similar to humans, dogs vocalize, or bark, to communicate. They will bark for many reasons. When listening to their bark, its possible to learn a lot about their non-verbal communication as well as how they feel about a situation.

For example, studies show that low pitched barks with short inter-bark intervals are considered aggressive. Meanwhile, high pitched barks with long intervals between barks are considered playful and happy.

The same study indicated that like humans, a dogs bark also carried emotional valances, meaning the tone of their bark will change when they perceive a situation as pleasant or unpleasant. For instance, shorter call lengths were rated as more positive, whereas those with a higher pitch were rated as more intense.

The sound of the bark, repetition of the sounds, and pitch of the bark all play a role in communicating. Low pitched sounds may mean a thread or aggression while an excited yappy bark may be saying, pet me. Reading a dogs body language is also important to understanding their bark.

Since dogs cant talk, they must rely on their vocalization skills to get attention. Their language skills include whining, moaning, howling, whimpering, and barking. Each one of these vocalizations contains a variety of sounds and messages. Dogs will bark for many reasons including:


Play with Me




To Call the Pack

For Attention

Reward / Learned Behavior

Boredom Barking Barking Innate Reasons

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