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What Are German Shepherds Predators

Are There Any Dogs That Can Beat A Wolf

My German Shepherds Found The Predator!

The wolfs impressive bite PSI is strong, but it isnt unmatched. There are a few dogs that could potentially beat a single wolf. These dogs combine an incredible bite with a large size, thick coat, and ferocious protective instinct.

The Kangal is the breed most likely to stand a chance against a wolf. Kangals have a bite force of 743 PSI, a large and heavy frame, and great intelligence. A Kangal can be 86 cm tall, with a weight of 132 lb. Their massive size is enough to deter most attacks.

Bred in Turkey for the specific purpose of guarding livestock against wolves and bears, these incredible dogs stand the best chances of winning a fight with a wolf.

Eight Gsds Performed Heroic Deeds In America Alone

As you already know, German shepherds have major contributions to the police force. This is especially true in America.

This might be one of the most suitable German shepherd facts for kids. After all, children tend to have high expectations of heroes.

Regardless, there have been lots of reports of heroic stunts by dogs in America. And as you mightve already guessed, the majority of them were German shepherds.

Unfortunately, most of them were injured during the heroic deed. While the majority survived, others didnt.

This German shepherd information shows just how courageous and fearless they can be.

They use their smarts to grasp the seriousness of a situation. Then, their extreme sense of urgency for saving lives makes it possible for them to sacrifice their own.

In short, German shepherds do not discriminate. Whether youre their owner or just a stranger, they will still attempt to save you if youre in danger.

If youre more eager to adopt a German shepherd now, then wait until you see the next German shepherd fact.

German Shepherd Loyalty Is Based On Protection

German Shepherds were originally bred by Max von Stephanitz. A protective dog was necessary to keep sheep safe from predators.

The job characteristics were well thought out, resulting in the German Shepherd

with a herding instinct were needed so that the dog could encourage sheep to stay in groups. With the sheep gathered in one area, it is easier for the dog to keep them safe and keep predators at bay.

The large size of this breed is impressive. Combine its impressive, intimidating appearance with strength, speed, and agility, and you have a formidable guard dog.

Add trustworthiness and reliability to this equation, and you have an animal that is protective and loyal.

Female German Shepherds will protect their whole family unit diligently, while male German Shepherds are loyal towards their owner.

German Shepherds are inclined to be protective in the home or work environment. Their loyal natures are best revealed when they are well-treated and are given positive reinforcement and outlets to express their energy.

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How To Prevent Your Dog From Getting Dental Problems

From time to time, your veterinarian may recommend professional dental cleaning. This requires general anesthesia.

During the procedure, your dogs teeth and gums will be closely monitored for problems. Teeth are scaled and polished to slow the regeneration of tartar.

While some dog groomers offer a dental cleaning service, do not expect deep cleaning. They can brush dog teeth as much as you can at home, but for a thorough, complete cleaning, the teeth should be cleaned under the gumline.

This is not something that should be done while the dog is awake.

If your dog has periodic illness or other dental problems, the vet may need to remove the affected teeth or refer you to an oral surgeon.

Some dogs need dental cleaning once or more a year, while others may go longer. Strictly follow your vet recommendations.

Do German Shepherds Like Hugs

eating stealing dead animals from predators

Indeed, dogs may not like hugs because it practically immobilizes them and makes them feel unprotected. But, many dog parents especially those with German Shepherds would attest to the fact that their pups enjoy hugs. At the very least, dogs will tolerate hugs when they come from people they trust and love.

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Dont Keep Your Dog Outside As A Form Of Punishment

One of the most important tips is to never put your dog outside as a form of punishment. If you want your dog to spend some time outside that is fine, however, it should never be because they did something you didnt like or misbehaved.

Doing so is showing your dog that being put outside is bad and they may start to develop a bad impression of being left outside. Similar to crate training, the outside shelter shouldnt be associated with negative experiences like being punished.

They May Grow Old But Gsps Are Always Young At Heart

Though your GSP might look physically mature by the age of six months, it can take a few years for these dogs to mature out of puppy behaviorswhich equates to a puppy with the strength of a full-grown dog . GSP owners also report that their beloved pets often stay spry and ready to run or chase even into their old age.

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Living In The Backcountry

Wolves tend to live in sparsely populated areas, so they dont have a great deal of contact with humans. But there are areas where wolves and humans live close by. If there is a particularly low food source, a wolf may come quite close to occupied homes. This risk is significantly greater for those living in the backcountry.

If youre living or staying in a property that borders woodland, then your German Shepherd may be at risk of wolves. Particularly if youre using it as a guard dog.

Its also important to be aware of the risks if youre hiking or camping in the backcountry. If youre accompanied by a German Shepherd, you might imagine they provide all the protection you need. While a German Shepherd may deter some attacks, if you encroach on wolf territory, the threatened wolf is dangerous.

If youre camping or hiking, take care to avoid areas with a wolf population. Stay alert for wolf tracks, or droppings.

Be careful not to leave out any food, whether in your backyard or when camping. This can attract wolves to your home.

Do Police Dogs Get Paid


Dogs do not require a paid check. But all their expenses, food, shelter, medical care are all provided by the department. The handler may get some additional pay to cover any incidental expenses as the dogs usually live with the handlers. However, the dog will usually do get an extra treat as a reward.

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Why Does The German Shepherd Love Snow

Theres no doubt about it. The German shepherd loves the winter season.

The snow is fresh on the ground, spreading its thick white embrace on everything in sight. You open the back door to let your dog out for his morning business, and YIKES! Your dog springs into action, pouncing and leaping from one end of the yard to the other, tossing up frosty clusters like a pro snowboarder. So, why, you ask, does your German shepherd get that extra boost when coming into contact with snow?

A lot of it can be explained by a dogs behavior, in general, when experiencing new interesting environments, especially the quirky, curious German shepherd.

What Does A Police Dog Do

A police dog, commonly known as K9, is a dog that is specifically trained to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel.

Do you know?The term K9 or K-9 is derived from the English and French word CANINE . CA=K and NINE=9 . These K9 teams carry the name K9 unit. K9 is also used for dog clubs, dog kennels, dog training, commercial dog items, etc

The duties of a police dog include:

  • Finding crime scene evidence Also known as patrol dogs, these dogs are trained and skilled in tracking, handler protection, off-leash obedience, or criminal apprehension.
  • Searching for explosives or drugs The dogs are trained to detect explosives or drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, or methamphetamines. Some dogs are specifically trained to detect firearms and ammunition.
  • Apprehension and attack people targeted by police The dogs are used to locate, apprehend, and sometimes subdue suspects.
  • Search and rescue These dogs are trained to locate suspects or find missing people or objects after a natural disaster, wilderness tracking or mass casualty events
Watch this true story of the special relationship between an MTA canine police officer and the dog. See how the bonding between a police dog and an MTA canine police officer has changed her life, her familys life, and life for the family of the late NYPD Det. Steven McDonald longtime friends and neighbors of the Schmitts.

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What Type Of Training Do A Police Dog Receive

Patrol training , and narcotics or explosives detection are the most common areas of training, although service dogs can also be trained to help find dead bodies, lost children, and the sick or elderly.

In addition, scent discrimination training is being used to help match a potential suspect to an object such as a weapon used in a crime.

In this episode of K9 Mounties, a litter of puppies is examined to see which pups display the necessary characteristics and instincts expected from a Police Dog.

German Shepherds Are The Worlds 3rd Smartest Dogs


German shepherds are good guard dogs, medical dogs, therapy dogs, and more. They are capable of many professions, but why?

According to studies, German shepherds are the 3rd most intelligent dog in the world, along with the Poodle and Collie.

This specific German shepherd characteristics isnt about brains, though. The smartness of dogs also has something to do with their instincts. A keen sense of smell can be linked to intelligence.

While instincts affects smartness greatly, their social capabilities also matters. Thats why German shepherds are the worlds 3rd smartest dogs.

German shepherd characteristics consists of social adaptability great instincts, just like Poodles and Collies.

A breed can be the smartest dog in the world, but its all for naught if they dont make use of their intelligence. Luckily, German shepherds arent like that. This is because the next German shepherd fun facts is about heroism.

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Reasons Your German Shepherd Loves The Snow:

  • Investigative. Dogs love to investigate their environment, and snow provides a dog with a new, exciting experience. The new texture thats blanketing his once familiar environment stimulates some creative play. Predators love change.
  • Animals love to play. They will create new games with each other, wrestle and dig. Scientists arent exactly sure why, but it seems that all animals, from humans to reptiles, have an actual need for play thats almost as hardwired as the need to sleep, says Vint Verga. Verga, a veterinary behaviorist, wrote a book about the inner lives of animals. Verga suggests that animals use snow as a new toy, Object Play.
  • Stay Cool. Dogs get more energy as the temperature cools and are able to run and play for longer periods of time without overheating. Keep in mind, your dog has a higher body temperature than you do and cant cool down as efficiently as you do either. Your dog is designed more for insulation from the cold than cooling down in the heat.
  • Its In Their Anatomy. German shepherds are built to withstand cooler temperatures. They have a double coat that is water resistant and a great insulator against the cold. The Chihuahua, in comparison, is equipped with a thin coat and does not enjoy the cold. Research has found that dogs have exceptionally good venous anatomy in their paws, which leads them to do better in the snow than we might think , said Alexandra Horowitz, PhD.

Pedigree Of Black German Shepherds:

The entire race of German shepherds originated in Germany and thus the name. Back German shepherds are not a distinctive breed, rather a different colored subset of German shepherds.

All Back German shepherds originally come from a line of herding dogs like Berger Picard in Germany. They arrived in the USA in the 1990s and became a popular choice among people.

However, after the Second World War, their popularity suffered a setback as German carried negative connotations. As a result, German shepherds have renamed shepherd dogs or American Abstain.

All Black German shepherds are excellent guard dogs, service dogs, and companions their plethora of skills as a canine made their re-acceptance among people an easier task.

Black German shepherds do well in hot and cold climates, as long as they have their standard stock coat. They are an adaptable breed that, once acclimated, can tolerate any temperature.

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When Do German Shepherds Stop Biting And Chewing

You should notice that the puppys biting and chewing stops significantly during the 6 months after the tooth is finished.

However, keep in mind that a German Shepherd will reach maturity at 15 months to 2 years of age, so you may notice some remnants of puppy behavior up to this point.

It is important to train your dog to chew the things you give and also to make sure your dog would understand that hard biting would cause pain to humans.

The All Black German Shepherd:

German Shepherd Dog The Greatest Protector And Predator

Pet animals and especially dogs carry a lot of importance in the lives of people. Dogs quickly become a part of our family and are loved by each as their own.

Aside from the emotional stability that dogs provide, there are also various other benefits associated with having a dog as a pet, such as safety from predators, helping people in the spectrum, easing anxiety, and more.

German shepherds are one such breed of dogs that, despite their immense size, are gentle, sweet, and loving. Black German shepherds are distinctive due to their 100% black coat the breed is rare.

There are a lot of things that people do not know about German shepherds, especially black ones. In this article, well take you on an adventurous tour detailing all the interesting facts about all black German shepherds.

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German Shepherds As Therapy Dog

Though this may technically count as a service dog, we believed it deserved its own spot on this list. And yes, German Shepherds can be great therapy dogs too!

Many of these other jobs highlight a German Shepherds physical abilities and its intimidating appearance, but we wanted to make sure you knew about their softer side.

Therapy dogs help people for a range of reasons. Whether its a school, home, or hospital, or nursing home, a German Shepherd can help those around it with its loyal demeanor and sensitive nature.

They provide their owners or those around them with a sense of warmth and companionship, which makes this breed one of our favorites easily.

German Shepherds Can Run Fast

A German Shepherd at his prime can run close to 50 kilometers per hour. Even though they are not the fastest dog runner, it is still very impressive in par with its weight. With this in mind, the fastest dog breed is the Greyhound which can run up to 72 kilometers per hour. Meanwhile, Usain Bolt, the fastest human on earth, can run up to 43 kilometers per hour.

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Typical German Shepherd Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of a German Shepherd ranges from 7-10 years but they can live longer with the appropriate care and nutrition. The oldest recorded German Shepherd lived to be 18 years old!

For the typical German Shepherd puppy, its first year is roughly equal to around 14 years as a human. During their earlier years, dogs mature faster and the average 10-year old dog is already 66 in human years!

Most German Shepherds will stop growing after 18 months but it will take them around 2 years to reach their full weight.

There are many things that can affect the lifespan of any dog. Some of the more common health issues that German Shepherds may face include:

German Shepherds As Agility Dogs

How To Protect Chickens From Hawks

German Shepherds are fit! Theyre also quick dogs with their large strides. Theres no denying that. But even though they boast a larger size, they also display a surprising amount of agility.

They regularly are at the top of the charts for agility contests. In fact, plenty of German Shepherds have gone on to win championships in this field. They learn courses quickly and their powerful builds do the rest.

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German Shepherd Dog Temperament: Traits And Characteristics

German Shepherd Dog is a large-sized dog breed that originated in Germany in 1899. As part of the herding group, the German Shepherds were the first dogs to be raised for sheep breeding and guarding.

They often work in police and military roles around the world because of German shepherd Dog Temperament, their strength, intelligence, and abilities in obedience training.

What Is A German Shepherds Favorite Food

German Shepherd Favorite Foods Although preferences vary from dog to dog most German Shepherds gravitate toward items containing beef, lamb, fish, and chicken. Shepherds do like cheese, although this should be enjoyed in moderation, as it can cause gastrointestinal distress in these gentle companions.

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You Will Want To Take Your German Shorthaired Pointer To Training Classes

Because they have so much energy and such a strong prey drive, GSPs can become destructive, especially in their early years, and especially if they dont get enough activity. Early and consistent training can help keep these destructive tendencies in check. And luckily, theyre very quick-learning and eager to please, making obedience classes fun for owner and dog alike.


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