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West German German Shepherd Breeders

What To Look For In A German Shepherd Dog The Right Breeder For You

West German VA import bloodline German Shepherd puppies for sale

There are several different lines of german shepherds. The type of german shepherd depends on whether you want one with high drive better know as the working line or if you want one with a calm temperament that is good in the house and with children, then you would be looking for a show line. The next important thing to figure out is whether you want a German line or a American line. To learn the difference between several types of german shepherds click on the following link German, American, Working and Show Lines.

When looking for a breeder. Do your research before buying a german shepherd dog. Before you buy make sure you have looked for any good or negative reviews on the internet. Make sure the kennel name does not have any complaints with ripoff report and the better business bureau. If you are located close to the breeder go to the kennel where the dogs and puppies have been raised. Never meet a breeder at a different location to pick up your puppy. If you are from out of town contact references and make sure the person is still happy with the dog and check google reviews, yahoo, yelp.

North American Show Lines

The North American Show Line German Shepherd should be considered a breed unto itself: the American German Shepherd. Although these dogs share a common ancestry with their German Shepherd cousins, lax breeding standards in North America have resulted bloodlines that have strayed so far from the original standard, both physically and tempermentally, that the American German Shepherd no longer bears much resemblance to the original German Shepherd. There are no standards to be met prior to breeding a German Shepherd in North America other than registration with the AKC or CKC. Breeding purely to win in the show ring has resulted in a complete loss of the breeds working ability, and the lack of any kind of temperament testing prior to breeding has resulted in dogs with incredible variance in temperament, with no guarantees of the courage or soundness of mind that make GSDs the dog they are meant to be. These dogs tend to carry a black and tan colouration with the traditional black saddle, however breeding for show has resulted in unfortunate changes to the dogs appearance such as extreme angulation of the hindquarters, thinner, daintier bone structure and less physical differentiation between the sexes.

  • West German Show Line GSD

  • Were not too sure what that thing is either

  • Working Line GSD

  • West German Show Line German Shepherd

    West German Show Line GSDs are a happy medium between working line GSDs and North American Show Line GSDs. They tend to be of larger structure , than working line GSDs and generally carry the well-known black and red colouration. They tend to be slightly lower in drive than working line German Shepherds, however even a low drive West German show line GSD still possesses more working ability and drive than the average family pet. While Western German Show Line breeders have historically bred their dogs to win in the show ring, the German Shepherd Club of Germany nevertheless requires that all German Shepherds meet strict standards for nerve and temperament before being bred and, as such, even West German show lines have retained a high degree of fidelity to the original breed standard.

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    Vom Banach K9 Working Line German Shepherds Do It All

    Vom Banach K9âs beautiful German Shepherd dogs are truly doing it all! We are a successful working line German Shepherd breeder with dogs in the field excelling in all facets of work. Our dogs are working in law enforcement, Schutzhund, ring sport, search and rescue, agility, herding, detection, competitive obedience, nose work, Canine Good Citizens and many other fields of interest.

    The German Shepherd dog is a truly versatile breed and it shows in the progeny produced in the Vom Banach K9 working line German Shepherd breeding program. Our puppies are personally selected for the type of work and homes they are placed in. If you are looking for an exceptional dog that can work, as well as be a loyal companion and trusted friend, we would be happy to talk to you and see if one of our dogs would be suitable for your needs.


    Our Adult German Shepherds And What We Offer

    Awesome West German Shepherd Showline Puppies Available

    Our adults are one year old or older. Some are fully titled from Germany and some are older puppies we either imported or raised. They make exceptional pets for families. They all have minimal basic obedience training, microchipped, all shots, potty trained and are very socialized! Our customers love our older puppies and retired dogs. They are the best because you do not have to go through all the puppy stuff. For an additional fee we offer obedience training for our young adults. Our adult dogs make great family dogs. The adults have already been raised in a home environment. The young adults were our first picks we kept out of the litter. We are a small kennel and only want to keep a limited amount for our breeding program. If we decide to buy a breeding female from Germany or keep other puppies from litters then we will sell some of our young adults to keep our numbers small. Our adults have outstanding pedigrees and are excellent with children.

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    Summer Valley German Shepherds Ottawa

    Our final spot on the list of the most reliable and ethical German Shepherd breeders in Ontario goes to Summer Valley German Shepherds, located in Brinston, south of Ottawa, Canada.

    Owned by Kim and Dan Freed, Summer Valley German Shepherds is a small, family-owned breeding outfit that is a proud member of the CKC.

    They are breeders with integrity and good references, and they have over twenty years of experience in breeding and raising purebred German Shepherds right in their own home.

    Their high-quality selective breeding program is dedicated to producing happy and healthy purebred German Shepherds of pedigree bloodlines with perfect conformation and sound temperament true to the GSD breed standard.

    All of their breeding dogs and puppies are health tested for genetic health issues, including degenerative myelopathy, hip and elbow dysplasia, PRA, and much more.

    In addition to that, they fully vaccinate, deworm, and microchip, as well as properly socialize their pups early on to ensure that they grow into well-behaved young pups ready for their new family home.

    If you wish to own one of Summer Valleys German Shepherds, make sure to check out their website for more information concerning the process of adoption.

    Summer Valley German Shepherds details

    Location: Brinston, south of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


    Dog Training In Northern California

    We offer professional dog training services in Northern California for dog obedience , problem solving training, protection training, crate training, puppy pre-school training, service dog training, and therapy dog training. We offer individual classes for those looking for private instruction with a dog trainer. We also hold group obedience classes for all training levels.

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    With Locations In New Hampshire California And Germany

    Haus Amberg Shepherds is a family-based kennel that breeds for the love and preservation of the German shepherd dog . We offer show and working dogs, as well as family pets and service dogs from high-quality German bloodlines.

    The Haus Amberg Shepherds Team has been in the German shepherd community for over 45 years. Patrick and his wife Alishia have spent years learning the proper methods to compassionately breed, preserve and train German shepherds. They believe it is of the utmost importance to uphold this standard and have spent countless hours to achieve and maintain a quality breeding program. Patricks and Alishias love for dogs plays a huge part in the quality of their puppies. Haus Amberg emphasizes proper care and upbringing of each of our puppies to ensure the correct development of personality and socialization. As breeders, they are happy to help you find a perfect new addition to your family.

    The best lines of German shepherds are located in Germany. Owning a quality German shepherd makes a world of difference. Haus Amberg Shepherds can help you find what exactly you are looking for as they work with many local breeders and kennels here in Germany. Whether a family pet or top of the line German shepherd show dog, Haus Amberg is able to match you with the perfect dog. One of their priorities is to be sure that the personality and temperament of the dog matches its owner and what they are looking for in their German shepherd.

    Ruskin House Of Shepherds

    Dog breeders argue over the supremacy of East or West German Shepherds

    Photo: | Location: Ruskin, FL

    Ruskin House of Shepherds is AKC inspected and approved and offers puppies in all colors and coats. This breeder is located in Ruskin, Florida.

    Breeding Process: Ruskin makes sure never to in-breed or line-bred. Their shepherds are large-boned, straight-backed, and have long, standard, or plush coats that come in combinations of various colors, such as black, liver, red, silver, sable, tan, blue, panda, or simply solid white and solid black.

    Health Guarantee: All of Ruskins pups are AKC registered and are healthy .

    There is a written guarantee that says any puppy bought from Ruskin is free of any severe congenital defects for one year from the date of sale.

    For this guarantee to be valid, the purchaser must take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of picking up the guarantee. Additionally, the purchaser must also agree not to spay or neuter the puppy until it is 24 months old.

    Facility: Ruskin offers basic training classes with a certified trainer at no additional charge so you can get to know your new family member better. The facility is moderately large, and dogs have a lot of space to run around and play.

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    Place $1000 Deposit To Reserve Puppy Today1 Female Available $55001 Male Avalable $6500

    FATHER: Victor Ulrich von der Otto is a V Hagen vom Deutschen Eck son, VA1 Digger vom grandson and VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos, VA2 Xantia vom Elzmündungsraum great grandson.

    MOTHER: Yori von der Otto is a V Nasa vom Lärchenhain IPO1, KKL 1a and VA Asap vom Aldamar, daughter. She is a VA Fight vom Holtkämper Hof and VA Goran vom Bierstadter Hof, granddaughter and 4X VA Memphis vom Solebrunnen and 3X VA Granitt vom Osterberger-Tal, great granddaughter.


    Va4 Taifun Vom St Michaels

    VA4 Taifun vom St. Michaels-Berg IPO3 Kkl 1 A Normal Hips & Elbows, #31 Adult Male in the World, V31 BSZS 2016 Nurnberg, DM Clear/Clear

    Taifun is in an elite group of dogs to have entered a progeny group of his Sons and Daughters in different age classes. Many of them finishing in the 1st & 2nd rings!

    Factually making Taifun, one of the best producing dogs at the 2016 World Championship BSZS in Nurnberg Germany.

    The German SV Judge said in his written report that this was an Excellent progeny group.

    Taifuns son Jimmy vom St. Michaels Berg finished V24 at the 2018 BSZS World Championship Nurnberg .

    Direct Son of German VA BSZS Leo von der Zenteiche IPO3 Kkl 1a

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    National & International German Shepherd Competitor

    Regis Regal is a national and international competitor, earning the highest rankings and respect in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany as well as other European countries.

    A list of individual dogs accomplishments include Va Winnie, Va Ollie, V1 Saint and many dogs involved in the 6xwinner of the progeny group competition.

    Regis Regal German Shepherds have also worked in many different areas of public service, such as patrol dogs, search and rescue dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, bomb detection, narcotic detection, and even arson dogs.

    The absolute dedication to character, nerves and clarity of mind, make Regis Regal Shepherds suitable for an unlimited array of tasks and service work as well as the ultimate family companion dogs.

    Jagermeister German Shepherds New Jersey

    Reputable West German Showline Breeders in the US

    This German Shepherd breeder has also been producing quality puppies for quite some time. German Shepherd pups are trained to attain superb temperament to be family companions or protectors.

    This breeder is also involved in training shepherds for k9 sports, law enforcement, and therapeutic services.

    Another great thing about this breeder is that they have dedicated facilities where the dogs could freely play and train. Their 12-acre property is solely structured to provide the dogs the space they need to enjoy and train.

    Training obstacles are also present in the vicinity. Different training programs were established to address the needs that vary from simple tasks to advanced training.

    As early as five months old, puppies can already be enrolled and trained in a special program in this breeding facility.

    If you are interested in purchasing a German Shepherd puppy in Jagermeister, it is highly suggested that you should make a reservation as early as possible.

    In addition, although their open field is spacious, they only have limited space for boarding and training programs so you should make an appointment earlier.

    Jagermeister German Shepherds Breeder Information and Details:

    • Email:

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    Vom Ragnar Geman Shepherds Accomplishments

    Canadian sieger show 2022 Montreal

    Canada Sieger Show 2022Jugde: Judge SV Edgar PertlWe presented our best 5 dogs

    VA2 Fantos Von Pallas Athene, working class males VP1 Jango Vom Ragnar 6-9 months males VP2 Habibi Vom Ragnar 9-12 months females VP1 Cobra Vom Ragnar 9-12 months males SG1 Sydney Vom Ragnar 12-18 LC females

    It was a good competition for our dogs and all of them received great results especially our adult male working class Fantos received his second VA with a SV German judge Edgar Pertl.Fantos puppies received top placements. We are very happy with him and his progeny! Go go go Fantos!!!

    Universal Sieger Show in NY 2022

    Universal Sieger Show 2022Jugde: SV Torsten KallenbachHandlers: Yannick Maibüchen andRoberto Caputi

    V1 Fantos Von Pallas Athene. Working class stock coat males. V5 Tabba Vom Ragnar. Working class stock coat females. SG4 Sydney Vom Ragnar. 12-18 months LC females. VP1 Campari Vom Ragnar. 6-9 months stock coat males. VP3 Cobra Vom Ragnar. 6-9 months stock coat males. VP1 Gemma Vom Ragnar. 3-6 months old stock coat females. VP4 Farida Vom Ragnar. 3-6 months stock coat females.

    Twin Oak dog club in Morriston, FL 2021

    Twin Oak dog club 2021Judge: SV Dieter OeserHandler: Yannick Maibüchen

    V2 Amyly Von Pallas Athene. Working class females . V4 Fantos Von Pallas Athene. Working class males . VP1 Puma Vom Ragnar. 9-12 class stock coat females . VP4 Sydney Vom Ragnar. 6-9 LC females class.

    USCA Sieger Show 2021, Gurnee, Illinois

    USCA Sieger Show 2021

    South Florida Shepherds South Florida

    South Florida Shepherds was established in 1996 and has since then dedicated itself to breeding top-of-the-line German Shepherds. All of the puppies come from purebred lines which are imported from Europe.

    This breeder is also recognized by the American Kennel Club as a responsible German Shepherd breeder. Most of their puppies are trained in a nursery inside the owners home together with the parent dog.

    The other German Shepherds are held in a farm facility near Orlando, Florida where they are kept and trained.

    All of their puppies are AKC registered and undergo health check-ups including vaccination and deworming. You can also ask for their detailed health records. They also use microchips for their pups.

    A lifetime genetic health guarantee is also included upon purchase.

    South Florida Shepherds breeds GSDs to improve the behavior, temperament, and health of the breeds line. If you are looking for GSDs with good health and character, you might as well try to contact them.

    South Florida Breeder Information and Details:

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    German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

    Herzlich willkommen!

    Welcome to von Gottschalk German Shepherds! My wife and I, along with our 3 children, are West German show line German Shepherd breeders located on a beautiful acreage in Butterfield MN, just 2 hours from Minneapolis. We are dedicated to producing puppies with outstanding temperaments, strong nerves, a rich red/black pigment, correct structure, and that are instinctively protective. Our program is focused on bettering the breed by selecting the highest quality, health tested dogs from some of the best imported lines from Germany. At von Gottschalk, our dogs are a big part of our lives, on a typical day you can find us out and about on our farm with our GSD’s. They are our family and are cared for, loved, and raised in a home setting. Our job is to provide you with more than just a dog, but the next member of your family!

    West German Show Line German Shepherd Breeder in Minnesota

    von Gottschalk German Shepherds

    Which Type Of German Shepherd Is Right For You

    Autumn’s House of German Shepherds Presents Von Haus Wisen Baker World Class German Shepherds

    There seem to be as many categories of German Shepherds as there are actual German Shepherds. But ultimately, your choice comes down to two options: the working line dogs and the show line ones.

    Youve learned more about the specifics of each type within the working and show categories, but here are a few pros and cons to consider which type of GSD is right for you.

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    West German Shepherds Need A Lot Of Mental Stimulation

    Because theyre bred solely for practical purposes, these canines are extremely smart. While this makes them able to pick up on training very quickly, they also need a lot of mental stimulation.

    For this reason, we only recommend them for people who have a lot of extra time on their hands. It will take quite a bit of time each day to keep these dogs entertained. Training is a necessity if only because it challenges your dogs mind.


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