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Old Fashioned Straight Backed German Shepherd

Slant Back Or Straight Back German Shepherd Which One Is Better

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The difference between straight back and sloped back German shepherd was created to have different looking qualities like gait, body shape, color, size, etc.

Primarily the flat back German shepherd is more suited to outdoor activities and farm work. Whereas the latter is for dog shows and for adaptation for home.

Old German Shepherd Dog Facts

Here are some facts about the old german shepherd dog

What is the lifespan of a German Shepherd?

Most old German Shepherds lived between ten and 15 years. Owners of small breeds of dogs might see their animals live up to seventeen or twenty, but larger dogs put more strain on their bodies and simply do not live as long, no matter how well they are taken care of. A dog that is neglected or does not get proper exercise will actually die much earlier than age eleven.

Can a German Shepherd live 20 years?

While some websites claim that old German Shepherds have an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years, the American Kennel Club , which registers the breed in the United States, lists their lifespan as only 7 to 10 years.

Are Old German Shepherds smart?

Known for being one of the smartest dogs on the planet, Old German Shepherds are typically a breeze to train, but it does take consistency and dedication on your side. You should begin training as early as possible, as the first year or so of your puppys life is critical for preventing them from developing bad habits, and you should focus on teaching them good ones early.

How big was the original German Shepherd?

What Are The Best German Shepherd Bloodlines

Probably an American line or West German line would be best for you. If youre wanting a working dog for police work, Schutzhund, security, or personal protection, youll definitely need to purchase from a working line. If you want a stable temperament, the German and/or Czech working line is your best bet.

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Gsds Are Super Active

Therefore, so are you. Thinking of lounging on the couch? No way! German Shepherd owners know that wont happen until youve walked your dog, gone to the park, or provided some sort of exercise. This breed only thrives with enough regular exercise to burn off all that excess energy. If you dont give your GSD daily workouts, watch out. Your dog will get that energy out somehow, and most likely in ways you dont want. To be sure your German Shepherd is happy and a pleasure to live with, you will definitely get all the exercise you need too.

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Lady’s 2.5-week-old female puppies. Three females are still available.

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About Us!

We love our German Shepherds! They aren’t just our pets, they are an important part of our family. Our dogs have calm temperaments, intelligence, loyalty, are healthy, and loving.

Schutzhaus German Shepherds is a small breeding facility striving to maintain the old-fashioned lines of the German Shepherds. We are located in Southwest Missouri where we live on a small farm.

Old-fashioned German Shepherds are taller, have straight backs, large bone structure, a longer life span, big heads, and generally are larger in weight than the German Shepherds of today’s standards.

Our dogs are tested! Since we are dedicated to a healthy legacy for our puppies, we test our dogs on various health tests seeking to produce the healthiest puppies. Our dogs are Embark tested, DM tested, and Hip tested


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Old German Shepherd Dog Extinct

The Old German Shepherd Dog is a rare gem, and if you manage to find one, count yourself extremely lucky. These dogs have all the traits that you know and love from a modern GSD, with a slightly more easy-going temperament and a longer, luxurious coat. Another important difference is the need for exercise. German Shepherds are active and energetic as it is, and Old German Shepherd Dogs are all the more so. These dogs have been bred and developed for hundreds of years for performance, not appearance, so they need a ton of regular exercise to keep them happy.many breeders thought the old german shepherd dog has been extinct a long time ago and what we see now is just a classic breed with long hair.

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Why Do German Shepherds Walk Weird

Besides the lower back, the other main difference between straight back and sloped back German shepherd is the gait of the latter.

The old-fashioned or the straight back German shepherd performed its functions perfectly all day long for which it was bred-trotting. Working on farms and assisting in herding cattle/sheep and never getting tired.

With the development of show line or slant back German shepherd, modifying of the body skeletal & muscular structure to lower the back, impacted the gait.

The difference is not in the spine or back but rather in the hips and hind legs. This produces a different gait.

Although not a defect, but this angulation does not help the dog to perform for long hours in the field doing shepherding jobs, or jobs requiring stamina and power.

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Do German Shepherds Without Sloped Backs Still Have Back Problems

This question implies that the straight back German shepherd or the flat back German shepherd have back problems. This is far from true.

According to a study ofCanine Genetics and Epidemiology,German Shepherd Dogs could be predisposed to health conditions such as arthritis because of the way they have been bred in recent decades.

Osteoarthritis has been generally reported for the sloped back German shepherd, which was partly due to improper breeding techniques, especially by unprofessional breeders for cosmetic traits such as lower hindquarters or a sloping back.

Although the German Shepherds are predisposed to conditions like musculoskeletal disorders, cancer, degenerative spinal disorders, abnormal formation of the hip joint, more scientific data needs to be compiled.

With proper in and cross-breeding, most of the disease elements can be overcome to have a healthy pedigree line.

Rather it is the greed and slackness in practicing the standards that results in the misery of the animal.

Old German Shepherd Dog Diet

German Shepherd Puppies Just Born! #shorts #short

How do I feed my German Shepherd healthy?

Old German shepherds dogbreed, like German shepherds, tend to have joint problems. These are usually hereditary and are also exacerbated by excessive stress and poor nutrition in the growth phase. Avoid eating too high in energy and fat in the first few months. As a rule, your breeder will give you an exact feeding recommendation that you should stick to. We recommend special puppy food that is optimally tailored to the needs of your young old shepherd dog. You should also keep these needs in mind when feeding your adult dog. Healthy food, therefore, takes into account the size, weight, age, state of health, and level of activity of the respective dog.

Regardless of whether you prepare your pets food yourself or use conventional dry or wet food, you should make sure that the feed contains as much as possible of high-quality meat and supplemented with vegetables, fruit, rice or pasta and enriched with valuable fats. A high proportion of grain, however, should be avoided due to the increased risk of allergies.

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Large German Shepherd Breeding In Prescott Arizona

Breeding genetic strengths with strong foundation lines of the original, old style, old fashion German Shepherd Dog. The representation of the old style German Shepherd dogs are large, straight back, with large heads, deep chests, solid build, best known for their Intelligence, strength, nerves, prey drive, instinctively protective, family companion and fiercely loyal. We ensure the quality and heath in all our puppies and German Shepherd Dogs! We breed Large German Shepherd dogs in Prescott Arizona.

Our dogs or studs are AKC registered, Embark tested, free of DM , PennHIP certified or passed OFA preliminary tests prior to breeding. Sold AKC limited registration .

Old Style German Shepherds have a striking look, their frame and beauty is majestic causing many to pause and admire their regal beauty, commenting on their eye catching appearance, stature and size. The old style German Shepherd dogs presence is intimidating yet when appropriate gentle and friendly.

The Old Style German Shepherd is a working dog with plenty of drive for a day’s work and the ability to turn off the work in a suitable environment to walk, follow, relax and settle indoors, with good manners often appearing aloof while always cautiously alert.

Gsds Are Loving Companions

These are very social dogs who want to spend time with their humans. The more time your dog gets to spend with you, the happier your companion will be. They may exhibit aloofness with strangers rather than immediately adoring everyone they see, but that only makes their love even more special. Plus, these loyal and dedicated guardians and gentle family pets are willing to put their life on the line to protect their loved ones. And you cant ask for a more loving best friend than that.

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What Is An Old World German Shepherd

The Old German Shepherd Dog is a classification of the German Shepherd breed in its own right and is certainly not to be confused with an elderly German Shepherd! The likelihood that you have encountered an authentic Old German Shepherd Dog is low. This breed of dog is incredibly rare nowadays, with some sources stating that they are in extinct a long time ago

Old German Shepherds are described as loyal, alert, and nerves of steel. Their character corresponds to a large extent to that of a German shepherd dog. With their reliability and resilience, they are also suitable as watchdogs, guard dogs, service dogs, and herding dogs. However, the Old German Shepherds are considered to be friendlier and more balanced. They have a higher threshold of irritation and are not easily upset. This makes them popular as companions and family dogs.

Shiraz Gsd Owner Reviews

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Thank you for giving us one of our greatest gifts in life! Shiraz GSD owner

Hes so handsome that people have stopped their car on the street to admire him Shiraz GSD owner I highly recommend anyone looking for for a genuinely top of the line German Shepherd to contact Shiraz Shiraz GSD Owner

I receive compliments on my GS from Shiraz wherever we go! He is a quick learner and eager to learn anything I ask of him! Shiraz GSD Owner

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Is The Straight Back German Shepherd Better

The German Shepherd with the straight back is definitely superior to the sloped back type. Why? Its easy.

Health benefits.

German Shepherds were bred with straight backs to be active, agile, and healthy helpers on farms and for various other activities.

What they needed was a robust dog breed that didnt come with lots of health issues.

Sadly, this changed when the new version was introduced because the sloped back German Shepherd is much more prone to joint issues, hip dysplasia, and many more health issues related to the unnatural back.

Adding to that, Max von Stephanitz who was the grandfather of the breed heavily advocated for the straight back when he created the breed.

Hes not the only one though.

Animal rescues, dog breed experts, and vets around the world prefer the straight back for just these health reasons and to avoid getting sucked into thinking that its okay to breed some type of dog with poor health just because we like the looks.

Its peculiar that the AKC breed standard explicitly mentions the following in their breed standard:

The back is straight, very strongly developed without sag or roach, and relatively short.

AKC German Shepherd breed standard

But lets dogs compete in their shows that do not adhere to this breed standard.

For many years the KC is the debating about the soundness in show strain and their position is as follows:

So, in short all the reasons why the straight back German Shepherd is better:

German Shepherd Sloped Back Problems

GSDs with sloped backs might look perfect through the eyes of some GSD enthusiasts and breeders, but their sloping backs cause their hind quarters angulation and in effect will make them more prone to back disorders and problems.

Related Reading

Joints and cartilage distress

Since their hips and knees are closer to the ground, they need to stretch back more when walking or running.

They also tend to use their hocks for standing and walking. These cause their gait to be irregular and may cause more joint and cartilage distress, fatigue, and lower back pain than straight back GSDs.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is common in both sloped back GSDs and straight back GSDs. But having bent legs, sloped backs have become very susceptible to Hip Dysplasia. This disease is irreversible and in some severe cases, hip replacement is recommended.


Although most senior dogs are affected by osteoarthritis, GSDs with sloped back tend to have an earlier onset. Moreover, it will greatly affect the quality of their life.

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Where The Hell Can I Get An Old Fashioned German Shepherd

Loulouuz · 18/06/2019 15:01

Hi everyone,I’ve begun my search for a GSD and cannot for the life of me find breeders in the UK with old fashioned straight backed pups.I found a zombie thread on here but unfortunately it didn’t help a great deal. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders anywhere in the UK with all health checks/scoring etc?They’re such beautiful dogs but I’m so wary of breeders, hip problems and the like it’s proving difficult! We’re in no hurry whatsoever until we find a good breeder so happy with wait lists etc. Any help, advice, fb groups would be a god send! Thanks all

SushiTime · 18/06/2019 15:05

Where about a are you? I know some friends of a friend have a gorgeous “old fashioned” type and he’s just amazing. I could ask where they got him/breeder is etc.

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours · 18/06/2019 15:13

I have a friend who is looking for the same – a proper, straight-backed GSD.He’s considering these breeders in Donegal:

Loulouuz · 18/06/2019 15:23

We’re in the North East, I’m willing to travel anywhere in the UK though to be honest, I even considered flying to Ireland! That’d be brilliant if you could ask them?I’ll have a look at guide centres too, thank you! It’s felt like so long since I raised a puppy I don’t think I could miss out on the early days though, even the potty training

Loulouuz · 18/06/2019 15:25

Fucksandflowers · 18/06/2019 15:26

Loulouuz · 18/06/2019 15:36

Helga55 · 18/06/2019 16:06

nipontuck · 18/06/2019 16:14

What Is A Sloped Back German Shepherd

Royalair German Shepherds “Large old-fashioned German S,hepherds”

Simply put the sloped back German shepherd is a crossbreed alteration from the straight back German shepherd or the flat back German shepherd .

Just a few years after formalization of the standardization rules for German shepherd dog breeding, conflict arose amongst members of the society.

The moot point being what should be the principal traits for standardization-appearance or working ability.

Most believed that characteristic traits found in flat back German shepherd like, ability to reason, calmness and easiness, alertness, strength, and being protective of its owner and stock were more important than just aesthetic appearance and gait only.

With the growing popularity of dog shows in America, dog breeders started manipulating the physical and cosmetic traits such as lower hindquarters or sloping back.

The aim being to have more beautiful-looking shepherds as per their wishes and demands of people, to win trophies in dog shows.

The demand for the slant back German shepherd and more profits for the breeders helped populate this variety in a few decades in the early 20ies.

This started the show line breed of shepherds as compared to the earlier working line shepherds.

It is claimed that the sloped back German shepherd has a peculiar gait, liked by many enthusiasts.

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Do Old German Shepherds Still Exist

Strictly speaking, the Old German Shepherd Dog breed does not exist at least not as an independent breed recognized by the FCI. In general, the term refers tolong haired german shepherd dog. Regardless of these circumstances, the pretty German Shepherd variant with the bushy hair and the loyal, friendly nature is extremely popular and in great demand as a family and companion dog. its one of the Most Loyal Dogs in the world.

While many of the breeds bear a close resemblance to long-haired German Shepherds, there is actually a large variation within the breed when it comes to physical appearance. Bred for their working ability alone, the Old German Shepherds intellect, stamina, and obedience have always been the foundation on which they were bred.

old fashioned german shepherd

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