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Great Pyrenees And German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

Are Great Pyrenees Mix Good Dogs

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Puppies

If a family leads a placid life, the Great Pyrenees makes a great pet. The canine is calm, devoted and well-mannered, however an owner will need to have endurance during training because the canine tends to be impartial and cussed.

While this mix looks intimidating, like most pups they just need to be beloved by their family. While this mix does nice in multiperson families and is extremely loyal, each mother or father breeds have a tendency to be suspicious of strangers. This makes them an excellent watchdog, however, they may also require constant socialization to curb any unwanted overprotectiveness. They may not be the primary to make pals, however they are not identified for being aggressive and might easily warm up if introduced correctly. The Great Pytreiver is an affectionate and intelligent dog that reminds us of an enormous golden bear. The Great Pytriever mixes the Golden Retriever and the Great Pyrenees.

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Lifespan And Health Issues

Great Pyrenees Aussie mixes are relatively healthy dogs that have a lifespan of up to 10 to 15 years. As a dog with long life, this mixed breed is an excellent choice for a lifetime friend.

You should take note, however, that they are not invincible to other health conditions and could still face quite a few illnesses in their lifetime.

Other health concerns for an Aussie Pyrenees owner to be aware of include:

You wont always be able to control everything, but you can try to be proactive in taking care of your Aussie Pyrenees health.

All your dog needs from you are that you pay attention and be aware of things that could harm them or have an impact on their overall well-being.

Because of its Pyrenees parent, the Australian Shepherd Pyrenees cross is known for having a bit of an independent streak. Despite this, they are quite high maintenance and require sufficient care from their owners.

As large dogs, owners should be aware of the importance of a proper diet, training, and exercise needs for the Aussie Pyrenees.

Grooming Your German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Hybrid

Your hybrid can possess a thick coat, and if it does, you will have to regularly check their ears because the fur may block air flow in that area. Too much moisture and dirt accumulation is a prerequisite for an infection so make sure that you brush your dog daily to avoid tangling in their coat. Doing so can also lessen loose clumps of fur. When the shedding is particularly heavy at times, you can opt to use a de-shedding tool. You will also have to trim excess hair around their eyes, ears, and legs to keep them comfortable.

A bath now and then is also recommended, but extra caution is needed because the German Shepherd parent may have a history of skin issues. Its nails will be hard and strong, but a regular check is necessary to make sure that it doesnt grow too long. Since the dog has an active temperament, the nails should also be checked for breakage and brittleness. Their teeth will need to be brushed a few times in a week.

Here are some recommended accessories you might need in taking care of your dog:

If you are not confident enough, you can also opt to take your dog to pet salons where they can socialize with other dogs. Expert pet groomers will also be better equipped in taking care of your dog since they know what they are dealing with.

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Great Pyrenes German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

Great Pyrenes German Shepherd Mix Puppies for sale are a combination of German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. The Shepnees is an outcome of both breeds. Here you will find history, and the main characteristics. It is a larger breed. Also, it has the stubborn tendency.

If you want to understand the Shepnees, you need to understand its parent breeds first. In this post, we have mentioned all the important information of the breed including Great Pyrenes German Shepherd Mix Size, Price, Weight, Temperaments and breeder selection method.

How To Find A Shepnees Breeder

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

Relatively, the Shepnees are new in the scene of dog trading. Due to rare availability, one must find a quality breeder who is expert in crossbreeding. Do your homework and research and find one suitable dog breeder near you.

Likewise, you can use the following channels to adopt a puppy.

Rescue & Shelters

In the dog breeder premises, you will spend high amount. On the other hand, there are many dog rescue centers and adoption points. You can get a dog from these resources and spend less on the purchase of a Shepnees.

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Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Common Health Issues

Unfortunately, the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd may suffer from some health problems.

The most common health problems associated with this species are hip and elbow dysplasia. Because of their large height, problems with sockets around their hips and elbows can occur.

They can also suffer from obesity and bloating .

Great Pyrenees German Shepherds may also suffer from von Willebrand disease. This disorder causes the blood to clot.

Heart murmur, cataracts, and epilepsy are also common disorders.

This long list of potential health issues does not guarantee that all Great Pyrenees German Shepherds will suffer from this illness, but it is important to be aware of potential diseases that your dog may develop so you can look for any signs or symptoms. Frequent visits to veterinarians are crucial to detect or prevent many of these disorders in advance.

If you are like most dog parents , you will take great care of your pet.

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix: One Of The Best Devoted Family Dogs

Not all designer dogs are as predictable as the Labradoodle or Shepkita. Dogs like the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix, however, are one of those hybrids that will be a lot like what you would expect.

Also known as a Germanees, this mixed intelligent breed dog is typically a balanced combination of the Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd. Although not a common mix, the Pyrenees Shepherd crossbreed possesses several qualities of a great family dog.

He is large and powerful and retains the working ability, elegance, and versatility of his german shepherd parent.

A Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix usually has black and tan coloring, a strong will, and a calm demeanor around other pets and children of its family. Great Pyrenees German Shepherd also tends to be affectionate and has natural guarding instincts.

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What Do Shepherds Contribute To Appearance

German Shepherds are more closely related to the Great Pyrenees than you might think but differ dramatically in appearance.

The German Shepherd is more rectangular than the Pyrenees, both shorter at the shoulders and relatively longer from the withers to hips.

Her unique conformation allows the German Shepherd to have a ground-covering, effortless, elegant trot, and tremendous speed at the gallop.

The average German Shepherd is 22 to 26 inches tall and weighs 50 to 90 pounds. Females are generally slightly smaller than males and less muscular. The head is noble in profile with a slight dome of the forehead, long but strong muzzle, and upright ears.

Except in dilute-colored dogs, the eyes of a Shepherd are dark, and the lips and nose black. White dogs also have black noses and lips. German Shepherds have tails similar to the Pyrenees with a length to the hocks and a bushy appearance.

German Shepherds have a short, medium, or long, dense double coat that can have a range of colors.

Most commonly, German Shepherds have a medium or short coat. Long-haired dogs occasionally have no undercoat.

Will Your Dog Be Smart

Should you get A German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix-Breed (Shepnees)?

Your Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix puppy will be bright and quick to learn but will also be stubborn, independent, and pushy. The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix does best with a self-assured person who is patient and persistent.

As with all dogs, the Germanees performs best with a positive reward system. You can utilize food treats, verbal praise, toy rewards, or any combination thereof.

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Great Pyrenees German Shpeherd Mix Exercise

Germanees dogs should get plenty of exercise. You should walk them daily and play with them indoors, but they also need space to roam outdoors. A big yard with sturdy fencing is a must for these dogs.

However, you will need to watch them in the heat. Their thick coats are suited to cold temperatures, and your pup will probably love the snow!

But they retain heat more than your average dog, and will need ways to cool off in the summer heat like staying indoors when its very hot or splashing in a pool.

Finding A Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Puppy

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the most important part about finding a puppy is to choose a responsible breeder.

This will ensure that your Great Pyrenees German Shepherd is as healthy as possible.

Never buy a dog from puppy mills or pet stores. These places have jumped on the trend for mixed breed dogs, but will often breed them with no regard for the health of the parents or puppies.

Even if puppies from puppy mills and pet stores are cheaper up front, the risk of health problems can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Find more advice with our puppy search guide.

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So How Big Will A German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Get

Well, the German Pyrenees is a large dog that weighs anywhere between 75 and 120 pounds. This designer dog will reach around 22 to 32 inches tall when full grown.

Since the Great Pyrenees parent is a very large dog that can weigh more than 150 pounds, you should be prepared for a giant dog. This means they need space and proper training to thrive.

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Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Lab Mix History

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All hybrid or designer dogs are tough to get a good read on as there isnt much history to them. Breeding specific dogs like this has become common in the last twenty years or so even though I am sure that this mixed breed found its share of dogs to the shelter due to accidental breeding. We will take a closer look at the history of both parent breeds below. If you are looking at breeders for new, designer dogs please beware of Puppy Mills. These are places that mass produce puppies, specifically for profit and dont care at all about the dogs. If you have a few minutes, Please sign our petition to stop puppy mills.

Siberian Husky History:

The Siberian Husky is a medium size working dog breed that originated in north-eastern Siberia, Russia. It also goes by the name of Chukcha. They were initially bred and kept by the Chukchi people. The breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family and was originally bred to pull sleds over long distances rather quickly. Everyone knows that this is a working dog that was bred to pull sleds. This made the Eskimo people able to move around much easier. They are known to be escape artists that will dig themselves out of the strongest fence. Being that they were bred to pull things you can imagine that they arent the easiest dogs to walk. They were very instrumental in the initial Iditarod, which was a race to get a lifesaving Serum from Anchorage to Nome Alaska.

German Shepherd History:

Great Pyrenees:

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Fun Facts About The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

Great Pyrenees are nocturnal, as they used to protect their owners and livestock at night.

As for German Shepherds, theyre the third smartest dog breed in the world.

This makes them great for many lines of workincluding protecting livestock, helping the police and military, and even acting!

This mix is also known as the Shep Py, the Shepnees or the Germanees.

Food & Diet Requirements

For the most part, this breed will not have any specific dietary requirements. They can eat the same commercial dog foods that other breeds can.

However, we do recommend feeding them high-quality food. Plus, they will eat a lot, so be sure you can afford to feed them before you commit to adopting one. Their food can easily cost a couple hundred a month.

We recommend feeding a large-breed puppy food and only large-breed puppy foods when these dogs are growing. Larger dogs have different requirements when puppies than smaller breed dogs. If fed incorrectly, they can develop health problems later on.

For instance, the higher levels of calcium found in smaller breed dog food have been linked to a higher chance of hip dysplasia in large breeds.

Therefore, be sure to feed your canine specifically a large-breed puppy food and keep them on it until they are full-grown, which may take a few years!

After they grow into adulthood, these dogs may still benefit from a large-breed food. Often, these include nutrients like glucosamine and omega fatty acids which can be particularly beneficial for larger breeds.

If your dog develops specific health problems, we do recommend choosing a food designed to conquer those health issues. Many conditions can be controlled somewhat through diet.

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Rescuing A Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

Not every dog in a rescue center is there because of behavioral problems. Sometimes dogs are given up when families can no longer afford to care for them, or other reasons.

Rescuing this mix will give a German Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix a second chance at a loving home.

It is often also cheaper than buying a puppy.

But, make sure to check exactly why the dog is in the rescue center. Staff will be able to tell you about the dogs personality to ensure that it is the right fit for your home and shows no aggression.

We have left links to rescue centers at the bottom of this guide.

Grooming Is Not Too Painful

Great Pyrenees mixed with Anatolian Shepherd Puppies for sale

Your Pyrenees Shepherd mix will require you to brush him once or twice a week. You will have to increase your brushing when your dog replaces his undercoat, usually twice a year. Limit baths to every four to six weeks since they can make your dog more prone to skin dryness and sensitivity.

A slicker and pin brush are good for your dogs outer coat. You could consider a rake or deshedder for the thick undercoat.

Like with any dog, you should clip your hybrid Shepherds nails every four to eight weeks and check his ears for any sign of infection multiple times a week. Pay particular attention to dewclaws as your dog could have two on the rear legs.

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German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix : The Ultimate Guide With Pictures

The German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix is a large and impressive cross between a German Shepherd and a Great Pyrenees.

Despite its massive size and intimidating appearance, this dog makes a wonderful family companion.

It is easy to confuse this cross for a lion because of his massive size, majestic body and thick, fluffy coat, but they generally gentle dogs.

Since the Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd mix is a cross between two powerful canines, its easy to see why the offspring is also such a powerful dog.

So, is this the right dog for you? Read on to find out:

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  • The German Shepherd Can Be An Excellent Family Dog

    Other Pets

    Ideally, German Shepherds should live in your house as a single pet or with another dog of comparable size.

    A German Shepherd you raise with other pets usually coexists peacefully with those animals and even learns to protect them.

    However, individuals may have a predatory drive that overrides their protective instinct towards small animals. Some Shepherds will be gentle with the family cat but will run down the neighbors prize Persians.

    Another characteristic to be aware of is that some German Shepherds see other dogs of the same gender as rivals and will fight them. Unneutered males and females have a heightened tendency to show dog aggression.

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    Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Temperament

    One of the trickier aspects of owning a hybrid breed is that you can never tell what their temperament is going to be like. After all, the puppy may adopt the dominant temperament of their German Shepherd or Great Pyrenees parent. Or, it could be a mix of the two.

    Interestingly enough, these two breeds do have some personality traits in common. For instance, they are intelligent, loyal, and courageous. Due to this, they will get along with most families well.

    At the same time, these dogs can be aloof and wary of strangers. You should also be aware that their protective nature can kick in among strangers. Due to this, earlier socialization is needed to rein in these tendencies.

    Bear in mind that if the dog has dominant Great Pyrenees traits, they may be more independent. Thus, they may not be as cuddly or require as much attention as a dog with a leaning toward German Shepherd traits.

    Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Personality And Temperament

    Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Puppies

    This hybrid takes some of the best personality traits from both the Great Pyrenees and the German Shepherd and combines them into one majestic pooch.

    The perfect mix inherits the kind, gentle nature of a Great Pyrenees and the loyal and dedicated nature of a German Shepherd. Both parent breeds are highly intelligent, so these dogs are very smart as well.

    As both parent breeds are working dogs, the Great Pyrenees German Shepherds are very determined and serious when it comes to performing tasks.

    Because German Shepherd Great Pyrenees mixes are so devoted to their jobs they are extremely confident and self-assured. They will almost never appear timid and will always walk around with their head held high.

    Despite their serious nature while they are working they have a very playful side as well.

    Pyrenees mixes love to run and explore and may even get into some mischief if they get bored. It is important to play often with them to challenge their minds and let them flex their hard-working instincts.

    Their large bodies house A LOT of energy!

    These pups need to be walked and played with frequently to help them burn all of this energy. They can be calm and snuggly, but to achieve this temperament, you have to make sure you exercise them regularly.

    As long as these dogs are socialized from pups they will be extremely loving with other people or pets.

    Without socialization they may not trust strangers.

    Is A Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix A Good Family Dog?

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