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German Shepherd Seizure Alert Dog

Prognosis For German Shepherds With Epilepsy

Seizure Alert Dog Saves 5th Grader

Unfortunately there is not yet a cure for epilepsy in German Shepherds. If your dog is diagnosed with this condition, it will be a lifetime diagnosis.

In many cases, idiopathic epilepsy will increase in severity throughout a dogs lifespan, and as many as 20% to 60% of German Shepherds diagnosed with epilepsy will eventually die as a result of the damage done by the seizures.

However, with proper diagnosis and treatment, your German Shepherds epilepsy may be controlled to an extent. With the right medication, the severity and frequency of epileptic seizures may be reduced, and your dog may live longer than if the condition went untreated.

The most important thing to remember with epilepsy in German Shepherds is that you should watch for early symptoms so that you can get a diagnosis as soon as possible. The sooner your dog is diagnosed, the sooner he can receive proper treatment to improve his health and well being.

How Can Someone Get A Seizure Dog

It depends what your goals are. If you are looking for a seizure response dog, you can discuss what you want the dog to do and work out a plan with a trainer.

However, getting a dog with the special skill of recognizing seizures in advance is another matter. Any claims by trainers that they can produce this type of behavior in a dog should be looked at very carefully, especially when the training is expensive. While some people report success, others have been disappointed.

More research is needed to better understand what dogs can and cannot do, whether there are differences between breeds, and how best to develop this unique skill.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Client Who Receives A Paws Assistance Dog

Clients must be able to follow through with the in-home and public training process with their local PAWS Field Representative. Clients must be committed to maintaining the dogs training throughout the lifetime of the team and to providing for the well-being of the dog . It is advisable to research yearly veterinary, grooming and feeding costs in your specific area prior to applying for an Assistance Dog. Paws With A Cause provides ongoing training support for its teams.

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Can You Get A Seizure Alert Dog

A seizure alert dog is one that has been trained to respond to a seizure in someone who has epilepsy. These dogs can be trained as an assistance dog, through an approved training provider, for people who experience seizures. An approved assistance dog is protected under law to be used in public places.

How The Physical Size Of German Shepherds Are Useful

Fundraiser by Leah Johnson : Amanda

You dont need to be told that German Shepherds are athletic-looking dogs. And, it isnt all just for show, either

A GSD male can measure between 24 26 inches and weigh around 65 to 90lbs. Females may grow anywhere between 22 to 24 inches and weigh from 50 to 70lbs.

There are certain individuals who do use service animals to move around. Individuals with specific physical disabilities may need to place some of their weight on their service dogs.

Thus, they need strong and sturdy dogs for this purpose.

Well, German Shepherds are more than qualified for this role. Their natural strength and athleticism allow them to shoulder weight while still being able to move around themselves.

Furthermore, they are at the right height for maneuvering taller adults around.

Some individuals have difficulty being out in the open or in crowded areas. In addition to feeling anxiety about such situations, they often feel fear and may even be afraid of being hard.

The sheer size of a German Shepherd can help these individuals to feel at ease.

Not to mention, many strangers do feel intimated by German Shepherds and will not approach them without warning.

This, too, can offer peace of mind to individuals who are alarmed by such circumstances.

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Why Choose Canine Partners For Life

Due to the length of our waitlist and the many challenges and restrictions related to COVID-19, weve made the difficult decision to temporarily close our waitlist to new service dog and alert service dog applicants.

CPL Seizure Alert Dogs have a remarkably accurate record in alerting to seizures.

In fact, CPL is a leader in the service dog industry in training and placing Seizure Alert Dogs. Very often from early in a placement, the CPL Seizure Alert Dog is already alerting its partner. But it often takes time for that communication to be fully understood and trusted.

Epilepsy Service Dogs In Illinois

No matter what type of service dog youre looking for, youll find it in Illinois. In fact, North Americas finest German Shepherds have been bred and trained at Regis Regal.

The top German Shepherd breeders will take the dog that you select and train him or her to become an epilepsy service dog. Keep in mind that although this training facility is located near Chicago, your dog can be delivered directly to your door if youre not in the Chicago area. This means that your service dog training happens in Chicago, but you can live anywhere in the USA and still take advantage of this opportunity.

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Are Diabetic Alert Dogs Reliable

Glycaemia alert dogs are reported to greatly improve the quality of life of owners living with Type 1 diabetes.

Hi, Im Tippy. Ive been a professional dog trainer for over 17 years and spend most of my days teaching people how to live better with their four-legged family members. My first paid job in dog training was at a puppy kindergarten and basic training program for dogs. I worked there for 6 years, then became the manager for another kennel, where I stayed for 7 more years before opening my own dog training business. My business continues to grow each year and Ive been featured on local television programs talking about canine health and behavior issues as well as in newspapers talking about puppy development, food allergies in dogs, pet playgroups and much more.

Service Dogs For Epilepsy

What My German Shepherd Seizure Alert Service Dog Vest Looks Like #shorts

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes brain activity to become abnormal. Once this happens, epileptics may have seizures, loss of awareness, odd sensations, and/or a period of unusual behavior. If you or your child suffer from epilepsy, its likely related to a genetic influence, brain abnormalities, head trauma, prenatal injury, infections, or a developmental disorder.

Although its most common in childhood and late adulthood, epilepsy can develop at any age. Due to this, its important to keep an eye on yourself, especially if youve had any of the medical issues that can lead to this condition.

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How Many Seizures Is Too Many For A Dog

Yet, several seizures in a row or a seizure that lasts longer than five minutes is considered an emergency situation that can be life-threatening. Call your vet immediately. The occurrence of more than three seizures in a 24-hour period is also an urgent matter that requires a trip to the vet right away.

Where Can I Adopt A German Shepherd Service Dog

You can adopt a shepherd service dog from breeders specializing in training service dogs. Often, these dogs begin their training from a young age. Find out which adoption services specialize in the type of support you need. If you plan to train the dog yourself, look for reputable breeders that focus on mental and physical traits, require an application, allow you to see their facility or home, and understand German shepherds well.

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What Kinds Of Jobs Are Suitable For A German Shepherd

Guide Dog – help people with visual impairments to navigate their surroundings.

Diabetic Alert Dog detect and alert a person with diabetes about low blood sugar.

Seizure Alert/Response Dog – alert people about an individual having a seizure.

Allergy Alert Service Dog detect and alert someone with life-threatening allergies about the presence of an allergen.

Hearing dog – alert someone with hearing impairment of key sounds.

Mobility Support Service Dog – assist the mobility of someone who uses a wheelchair or walker pick up and deliver household items for someone with physical disabilities open doors and turn on lights.

Psychiatric Service Dog – Interrupt dangerous, repetitive behaviors of someone with OCD provide companionship.

German Shepherds can make excellent service dogs, but they may not be the right choice for everyone

However, it should not be overlooked that German Shepherds arent always the right breed for the job.

Reason 1 These dogs are very athletic and intelligent, which means they need to exercise and be challenged. They are more task-oriented. Thus, anyone who plans to have a German Shepherd as a service dog must also be prepared to spend time and energy by giving them physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Reason 2 They have a strong, protective instinct and are suspicious of strangers. When they sense anxiety from the handlers in public, German Shepherds can be anxious or even act aggressively in public.

How Much Does It Cost

Please Share our Trained PTSD &  Seizure Alert Dog and our Service Dog ...

The sponsorship to breed, raise, train, place an Assistance Dog and provide ongoing team support exceeds $35,000. PAWS clients do not pay to receive their Assistance Dogs. There is no insurance or government funding available to sponsor Assistance Dogs. PAWS funding comes from individual donations nationwide.

PAWS promotes a pay it forward culture. Once a client achieves certification, we encourage them to consider hosting a Personal Campaign to benefit another client still waiting for a PAWS Dog. We are happy to work with certified clients willing to fundraise on PAWS behalf, and have the tools to make it easy.

Accepted clients in the waiting pool for a PAWS Dog who wish to host a Personal Campaign for PAWS may do so. However, it is not a requirement to receive a PAWS Dog, nor will it help a waiting client get a dog more quickly.

For more information on giving to PAWS, .

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Second Chance At Life

The dogs that can provide seizure alerts give people the courage and independence to live normal lives. After Donna Jacobs suffered a stroke at age 42, she began having seizures. The unpredictability of when one would strike forced the Jefferson City, Missouri, woman to give up her job. She stopped doing simple tasks like driving to the grocery store.

“I lived as a recluse for almost four years, afraid to go anywhere,” said Jacobs.

That all changed when she adopted a seven-week-old puppy, named Patra, from the local animal shelter. The Rottweiler/German shepherd mix canine started alerting about Jacobs’ seizures when it was six months old. The dog head-butts Jacobs behind the knees about 20 minutes before a seizure episode. This gives Jacobs time to find a safe place to lay down and wait for the episode to pass, usually within 5 to 15 minutes. During a seizure Patra stays with Jacobs, giving her a sense of confidence and safety.

Jacobs believes Patra picks up a chemical change that occurs in her body. The dog is now six years old, she said, and also alerted Jacobs to her low blood sugar level, migraines and pulmonary heart valve infection.

Just how accurate is Patra’s alerting ability?

“It’s 100 percent, when I listen,” Jacobs says with a laugh.

Thanks to her service dog, Jacobs feels she has been given a second chance at life. She now works as a marketing director for a computer company and is an advocate for people with disabilities.

What’s The Difference Between Psychiatric Service Dogs Vs Emotional Support Dogs

A psychiatric service dog and an emotional support dog are very similar. Both often perform the same kinds of tasks, providing their handlers comfort and companionship and alleviating the symptoms of their mental health condition. However, psychiatric service dogs are generally more highly trained and may be able to perform such tasks as warning their handler of anxiety attacks before they occur. An emotional support animal also doesn’t have as many legal protections as a psychiatric service dog.

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Seizure Response Dog Training

Many dogs can be trained to be seizure response dogs, but not all. Like any service dog, the right temperament makes all the difference. These dogs should be calm, gentle, and very well trained in basic obedience. They should be neutral to their surroundings, but never aggressive or shy, as many people will need the assistance of humans around them during and after a seizure. Because their tasks may include retrieving items, pulling wheelchairs, and turning on and off lights, size is also important. You dont want a dog that is too small to perform these tasks, but you also want a dog that is a manageable size for the owner. There are many organizations that train dogs specifically as seizure response dogs, and many of these organizations donate these animals to families in need. These organizations often have breeding programs of dogs bred to be service animals in a variety of venues, so the dogs have the right temperament and training to assist their owners. That said, many who suffer from seizures often train their own dogs to perform small tasks themselves or with the help of a professional trainer.

What Makes German Shepherds Such Good Service Dogs

Rebel struggles with a seizure-like episode

To answer this question, we must first find out what a service dog is and does. Service dogs are working dogs that have been specially trained to help a person or group of people with a disability or specific needs. German Shepherds are one of the most popular choices as service dogs because the essential characteristics of this breed line up with the requirements of service animals of any kind:


German Shepherds were bred to listen and obey any command given to them without hesitation. Obedience training wouldn’t be a problem for them either.

Protective Instinct

German Shepherds protective instincts make them excellent guard dogs and ensure that their owner stays safe.

Strong and healthy

German Shepherds are large enough to help with physical disabilities, where a person may need to use the dog to aid mobility. Besides, most German Shepherds are healthy dogs, which gives off a strong presence.

Active and athletic

German Shepherds require lots of exercise for their physical and mental well-being and love to keep busy, which means they are always ready to work.

Intelligent and hardworking

This breed is a highly intelligent companion and an outstanding worker. German Shepherds are eager to please and put their best paw forward, so they always get the job done.

Approachable and well-socialized

They trust anyone their owner trusts. They are also comfortable and confident in many different environments, surrounded by many other people.

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What Is A Seizure Alert Dog

A seizure alert dog is a type of service dog that is trained to find help or assist its partner during and/or after an epileptic seizure. Dogs chosen for this role will be able to naturally detect an oncoming seizure and are trained in a way to warn its partner of an oncoming seizure.

*Its important to note that a seizure alert dog is different than a seizure response dog.

Many adults and children living with epilepsy admit that they often avoid certain everyday activities in fear of having a seizure in public. With epilepsy being one of the most common neurological disorders in the world, and about 75% of patients with epilepsy not knowing its root cause, the demand and popularity of seizure alert dogs have been steadily increasing.

Emotional Support Dog Vs Psychiatric Service Dog: Whats The Difference

While both emotional support dogs and psychiatric service dogs provide emotional and mental support to their owner, only one is a recognized service animal, and thats a psychiatric service dog. They undergo specialized training and have federally protected rights. They can accompany their owner anywhere, such as businesses, schools, non-pet friendly housing, on airplanes, etc. To get a psychiatric service dog, you must be diagnosed with a disability and prescribed a service dog who undergoes vigorous training to support you.

An emotional support dog only requires a letter of recommendation from a doctor. They are simply a pet who offers mental and emotional benefits to their owner. They cant accompany their owners in public places, on flights, etc.

It is very important to recognize the difference between these two types of dogs. Service dogs wear vests to set themselves apart, as they have a very important job and should be recognized as working dogs. Pretending a dog is a service dog is actually illegal in 20+ states and is very damaging to service dogs reputations.

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How To Get A German Shepherd Service Dog

Are you interested in having a German Shepherd service dog? Its very much possible! Many German Shepherd puppies are bred solely for becoming service animals.

First, youll want to make sure you are able to receive a service dog. Service dogs are only given to people with disabilities that hinder their quality of life. For a psychiatric service dog, you must consult with a licensed mental health professional. This is the only legitimate way to acquire a service dog.

If they recommend a service dog, the next step is finding a psychiatric service dog for you. There are a few various methods to this. You can look at rescues in your local area to see if they have any German Shepherds available, or you can purchase a German Shepherd dog from a breeder or service dog organization. If you adopt one or purchase one from a breeder, you will want to work with a service dog trainer or service dog program training to make sure your German Shepherd becomes the best service dog possible.

Look for reputable breeders that stick to the breeds standards. This is the best way to ensure you get a German Shepherd that is healthy, loves their job, and has all the characteristics we love about the wonderful breed. What makes German Shepherds good service dogs is their amazing personality, so we dont want to sacrifice some of those things for a cheaper price or more convenience. In breeding, we want the breeds to stay regulated and standardized.


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