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German Shepherd Rescue Of Georgia

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Local Rescue Operation Saves 16 German Shepherds From 165-Dog Animal Cruelty Case In Georgia

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue rescues the dogs most at risk at shelters and high-risk situations throughout Georgia. Although they arent a breed specific rescue, they end up with lots of German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes among the dogs in their program.

Many of the dogs that they rescue are breeding dogs that have been neglected or abused, as well as other dogs that havent been treated well and are ill or injured.

Many of the dogs that Angels Among Us Pet Rescue saves would otherwise have been euthanized.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue was founded in 2009 by a group of people that saw a need for more dog rescues in Georgia.

In only 10 years, the rescue has saved over 19,000 dogs and cats.

They also strive to educate the public about the responsibilities of pet ownership to prevent dogs or cats from being neglected or abused in the future.

If you would like to adopt from Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, they can help you find the perfect match for you. They keep most of their dogs in foster homes, which means they know a lot about each dog.

You can keep an eye on their website to see the dogs that are available at any time. They often have German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes available, so just check-in regularly to see if theres a dog available that meets your needs.

You will need to fill out an online application. Once its approved, typically within three business days, your references and veterinarian will be contacted and a meet-and-greet will be scheduled.

Some Of Them Knew That Their Freedom Ride Was There And They’d Come Out With Their Tails Wagging

The dogs had to get out of there.

On a property in Candler County, Georgia, more than 160 German shepherds were locked up in filthy, muddy pens so they could be bred and have their puppies sold for profit.

They didnt have adequate food, water or shelter, and theyd never experienced any form of love or attention.

Once local residents became aware of this puppy mill, which was illegally run by a woman named Belinda Powell, they started contacting authorities and urging them to shut her operation down. Powell ran an additional puppy mill on a property in Montgomery County, Georgia, which also had more than 100 German shepherds.

Help finally arrived for the dogs in early January. Powell was arrested, and local authorities, working with multiple rescue groups, started to take the dogs off the property.

Jessica Rock, director of legal advocacy and law enforcement support at the Atlanta Humane Society, was part of the team who went to the Candler County property.

Ive seen my fair share of people who run puppy mills but this particular lady clearly had no concern for these animals well-being, Rock told The Dodo. The pictures can be gut-wrenching themselves, but when you actually got out to these crime scenes and see these animals, and see the suffering in their faces and the conditions that theyre living in, its way worse.

When the rescuers arrived, the dogs started to howl all at the same time, according to Rock.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue Group Of Georgia Inc

Our mission is to find forever homes for German shepherd dogs in need.

Ruling yearinfo

Email contact available with a Pro subscription

Animal Related Activities N.E.C.

IRS filing requirement

This organization is required to file an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ.

Sign in or create an account to view Form 990 for 2020, 2019 and 2018.

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Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue And Adoption

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue and Adoption isnt a breed specific rescue for German Shepherds. They rescue dogs that would otherwise be euthanized at local shelters in Atlanta.

Many German Shepherds end up in county shelters and often dont do well there, so this rescue is very likely to have a German Shepherd at any given time.

They often save dogs that are good candidates for adoption moments before they are euthanized. Many of these dogs require rehabilitation because they are injured or sick.

Mostly Mutts houses dogs, provides medical care and training, and provides everything dogs need until they can be placed in new homes.

If you would like to work with German Shepherds and other dogs, but you are not quite ready to adopt yet, volunteering with Mostly Mutts is a great idea. Volunteers entirely staff the shelter, working seven days a week to provide the care that the animals need. Volunteers also staff the front desk during business hours.

There are also plenty of more specific volunteering opportunities, like visits by shelter dogs to a nearby retirement home, a Read to Dogs program for children, seasonal hikes, and much more.

You can also foster with Mostly Mutts and provide a temporary home for a dog in need. Mostly Mutts will help match you with the exact dog you would like to foster, and help you find a German Shepherd that needs a temporary home.

You can view their available dogs for adoption here.

Montgomery Georgia German Shepherd Rescue

German Shepherd Puppy Rescue Georgia

Hundreds of shepherd dogs lived in squalid conditions of neglect in an out of control breeding operation in Montgomery County, Georgia, with 14-15 dogs in a one-dog pens. and despite 5 years of trying, concerned local residents were unable to get help for the hundreds of suffering dogs.

Guardians intervened and were successful with getting the negotiating owner surrender of the neglected dogs. But that was only the beginning of this enormous rescue. Hundreds of dogs needed removed from their muddy, sloppy pens they needed medical care, behavioral assessments and rescues to go to so they could be adopted into loving forever homes. This was all accomplished through the team work of many people and organizations, and today, all the shepherds who once only knew neglect, are now healthy, happy and enjoying a life of care and love.

Guardians of Rescue was able to do this because of the support of compassionate donors. Your donation today will save lives tomorrow.

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Choosing A Good German Shepherd Rescue

If you are trying to adopt a rescued German Shepherd from German Shepherd shelters, you might be confused about what you should consider.

If you would ask people like your friends and family, they might have different opinions that would confuse you. But there is not so much to consider.

The fact that you chose to adopt a rescued German Shepherd than buying one is already one act of kindness. You might already know that there are so many rescued German Shepherds in the world and only a few German Shepherd shelters.

If you adopt one, you are already saving a dogs life. If you want a good rescue, you should consider the German Shepherds temperament.

If the German Shepherd comes at you with no hesitations and no aggressiveness, you would know that it was a good rescue. If the German Shepherd is warm and inviting on your first encounter, it is already a good rescue because there are no signs of any trauma or aggression.

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We Have Dedicated Over 20 Years To Helping Our Dogs Find Homes With Over 4200 Adoptions Since 1999 Help Us Make That Number Much Higher: Adopt

MAGSR is a 501 non-profit charity, so your gifts are tax deductible.

If your employer matches charitable contributions please ask them for the form to send to MAGSR so you gift can be matched, effectively doubling your donation.Gov’t Donation Codes: Combined Federal Campaign: 99138, Maryland Charities Campaign: 52-2191320

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Final Thoughts On Adopting From German Shepherd Rescues In Georgia

If you are looking for German Shepherd rescues in Georgia, there is a good chance you will find one. Georgia has a very high percentage of homeless dogs, including German Shepherds.

Most rescues take in the dogs that are most in need either behaviorally or medically, and since German Shepherds tend not to do very well in a shelter environment, there is a good chance that even rescues that arent breed-specific will have a German Shepherd available at any given time.

When you adopt a German Shepherd from a Georgia rescue, keep in mind that theres a good chance the dog has suffered abuse or neglect and will take time to adjust.

German Shepherds are loyal, intelligent, and can be prone to protectiveness, so being rehomed can be particularly challenging for them.

If you keep your eye out for available German Shepherds at the rescues listed here, you will likely find your ideal companion before you know it.

Keep in mind that fostering can be a great option to let you try out a number of different German Shepherds before you decide on the perfect dog for you.

Son Of The 2018 And 2019 World Championwilly Vom Kuckkucksland

12 German Shepherds Rescued From GA Moved To Mount Airy

Lorenz himself has placed 2nd in 4 of his 8 International competitions

Lorenz is a magnificent Shepherd and will be the stud of our upcoming of litters. Click on his picture for more details about Lorenz and our other adult dogs.

Pictures of Lorenzs Father 2018 and 2019 World Champion Willy vom Kuckkucksland

Video of Willy vom Kuckkuckslands 2019 Sieger Championship Competition

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About The Beres Haus Puppies We Offer

Our breeding program is 100% West German Showline with World Class Champions. Beres Haus puppies are bred for superior temperament, beautiful conformation, excellent health and high levels of trainability. Our selective breeding of West German line German Shepherd dogs are proven producers in Schutzhund, Show and Conformation, Search and Rescue, Obedience, Tracking, Personal Protection, and loving family companion.

Why Do People Put German Shepherds Up For Adoption In Georgia

Unfortunately, many people get German Shepherds without understanding the time and effort needed to train them. There are many German Shepherds in shelters around the country and especially in Georgia.

These are huge dogs that do not like small spaces. Therefore, people might get German Shepherds but discover they do not have the space to keep the animal happy. Along with physical space, these dogs need immense amounts of exercise. If a German Shepherd does not get the exercise it needs, it can begin to misbehave and cause destruction around the house. This is not the dogs fault, it just doesnt have its needs met. These specific needs result in many German Shepherds being brought to animal shelters.

Additionally, German Shepherds can be very territorial. If you do not know how to train a German Shepherd, your dog may end up developing aggressive behavior problems. People will surrender these dogs because they think they are mean, but they are really poorly trained. If you decide to get a German Shepherd, understand that they need to be socialized. Unfortunately, socialization works best when done at a young age, but dont be discouraged. These German Shepherd rescues still have lots of love to give.

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How Do I Pick A Good Rescue German Shepherd

You might ask yourself what kind of German Shepherd should you adopt and rehome. You can look for outgoing dogs. You can tell that by observing their body language when you first met.

If the dogs gesture is warm and inviting, you might want to choose that because they are confident and trusting. If you are also not down to unlimited patience, you can also avoid a shy German Shepherd.

These dogs can be a little bit of work because they are afraid and run away from you. If you are outgoing and a very hands-on person, you might not enjoy your German Shepherd in North Carolina because of its shyness.

However, this is only a guide, and if the personality of the dog is not that of a big deal for you, you can pick any dog you want. Dogs can be trained and can also be flexible like some people are. If you love a challenge, you can pick any dog you want.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue Of Georgia

The German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Georgia was started in 2004 when the founder saw a need for a German Shepherd-specific rescue.

They have since helped hundreds of German Shepherds find appropriate homes. They mostly rescue dogs in metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

The German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Georgia is 100% foster-based. All dogs are housed in foster homes until they are adopted.

If you would like to adopt a dog from the German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Georgia, you can see potential dogs available for adoption on their website.

They provide plenty of information about the dogs that are available, including whether they would prefer to be the only dog or if they do better with a playmate, any behavior issues they may be working on like a tendency to chew or jump fences, and what the ideal home for each dog would look like.

Its important to note that not all the dogs with the rescue are listed on the website at any time. Dogs that are still working through health or behavioral issues will not be listed.

Its a good idea to get in touch with the German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Georgia even if you dont see a dog currently listed on the website that would be a good match for you.

You can foster dogs, learn everything you need to know about German Shepherd ownership, and take time to find the perfect dog for you.

You can also volunteer in smaller ways, like transporting dogs, reviewing applications, and being involved in marketing their available German Shepherds.

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The Best Way To Save A Beloved German Shepherd Or Any Pet Is To Keep Them Out Of The Shelter System Rehoming A Dog Or Cat Is A Better Kind Of Pet Adoption In Every Way

Atlanta Adopters meet and learn about pets from the Guardians who know them best.

Atlanta Veterinarians examine pets at no extra charge as a part of the pet adoption.

Pets go directly from one loving home in Atlanta to another. Less stress. Less chance of illness or death.

Everyone benefits with Get Your Pet.

German Shepherd Rescue Organizations In Georgia

Welcome to the Georgia German Shepherd Rescue page here at Local Dog Rescues! Thanks for stopping by! If you are a first time visitor, then congratulations on your decision to adopt a dog! Your are about to improve the life of one lucky pup, as well as to immeasurable improve your own happiness! Every state page here on Local Dog Rescues contains a complete list of all the local rescue organizations that we have identified in each state. You will be able to see all their current contact information, as well as a link to their website, so you can check and see what dogs they currently have available for adoption. We provide all this information to help you identify ALL the available dogs for rescue near you, so you can find your perfect pup.

If this is your first time adopting a dog, we HIGHLY recommend checking out our awesome resource: The Complete Guide to Adopting the Perfect Dog. It is jam packed with awesome info that will help you on your adoption journey!

If you canât find the right German Shepherd Rescue that youre searching for in your state, check below the listings for links to other Rescues in nearby states who may have exactly what you are looking for.

We are so grateful that we are able to help you rescue the dog of your dreams. In addition to coming back here, you can also check us out on , , and for additional info on rescue groups near you, current posts, and pictures!

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Every German Shepherd Deserves A Home

Each year, 2.7 million cats and dogs are euthanized in the United States â and German Shepherds are no exception. By choosing to adopt a dog, you act as an agent of change. To learn more, click this link to view our Adoption Policies.


âHey, good lookinâ, whatâcha got cookinâ?â says Hank. This lovable 4 year GSD came to the shelter rail thin, missing a lot of meals, with most of the fur on his back, rear legs and tail missing. He was likely used for breeding in his past life. Since his retirement from breeding, Hankâs fur has grown back and he gets three meals a day in his foster home. Heâs bought a Hawaiian shirt and is ready for some adventures in his next chapter.

Fun fact: The name Hank has a German origin, and loosely translates âprotector of the homeâ. Good fit for a German shepherd, right? Though his name means protector, Hank is a love bug and even gave the vet kisses! Like some retirees, heâs content as a homebody, trying new recipes, napping on his dog bed. Hank has an outdoorsy side too he plays ball and goes on long walks a few times a day to squirrel watch.

Hank has lived with another dog, so heâd do well with a dog his own size and energy level or as an only dog. We are not sure about cats. Since Hank will fill out at 85 lbs. and is still learning manners, an adults only home is a best fit.

Want a walking buddy to help out in the kitchen?

Apply to adopt Hank

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Best German Shepherd Rescues In Georgia

Daytona Beach rescue group helps German shepherds seized in Georgia hoarding case

November 22, 2020 by Garrett

Are you looking for an obedient, loyal, and intelligent large dog? If you are looking for a big dog with any of these characteristics, then a German Shepherd rescue may be right for you.

German Shepherds are notorious K-9 unit dogs, so they have a tendency to be watchful, obedient, and resourceful. These working dogs have high exercise needs, so if you live in a rural area or have a house with a nice yard, a German Shepherd will be very happy with you.

Since German Shepherds are such a popular dog breed, many of them end up at rescues or shelters because their owners can no longer care for them or breeders will retire a dog in a shelter. If youre looking for German Shepherd rescues in Georgia then check out the resources below.

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