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German Shepherd Malamute Mix Puppies For Sale

Reasons Why You Should Get A German Shepherd Crossed With Australian Shepherd

German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale
  • It is an easy-to-train and intelligent dog. Both of its parent breeds are intelligent breeds. The offspring will ultimately inherit this trait. Your pet will be eager to learn new techniques.
  • It is a wonderful family companion. It is pleasant to live with. An active family will be the best kind of family for this breed. Kids will love being around it, and it will help in watching over your kids.
  • It can be a great watchdog. This mixed dog has keen senses and innate loyalty. These traits would help make a valuable guard for your home.
  • German Shepherd X Alaskan Malamute Puppies For Sale

    Meet these cute and cuddly Alaskan Shepherd puppies ! 3 gorgeous females and 2 handsome males available for rehoming beginning the week of March 13th. Puppies will be dewormed and will have their first set of puppy vaccines. These little wolfs will be introduced early to other dogs, cats, chickens, and young children.Mama is a beautiful 90-pound pure-breed Alaskan Malamute , sweet, calm, and friendly with kids and other dogs. Dad is a gigantic 110-pound German/King Shepherd top-of-the-line family guard dog. These pups will grow up to be big wolf-like protectors with a strong love and loyalty towards their families.These puppies will require diligent training and daily exercise and are not suitable for apartment life. They are not a good choice for first-time owners and interested buyers should research both breeds extensively before making any decisions. All interested buyers MUST complete a puppy-screening adoption form.Asking price is firm at $1,500 each, with $500 deposit to reserve the pup, rest is due at pickup. For a faster response, text Gabriel at 343-2423.Non-serious emails/texts will not receive a reply. If the ad is still up, this means that the puppies are still available. The ad will be updated as puppies are reserved. In-person puppy selection is preferred since the pups like to choose their person too!

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    German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Food Requirements

    The Border Collie German Shepherd mix requires about 3 cups of dry dog food per day, depending on its activities. If the hybrid dog is exhausted from more training than usual, owners can go for 4 cups a day. The cost of the dog food required per day is around $1.50 to $1.90. Feeding a German Shepherd Border Collie takes approximately $39 to $52 in a month.

    Bloat and diabetes are two main health problems that can affect a Border Collie crossed with a German Shepherd as both parent breeds may also suffer from them. It is essential for owners to avoid overfeeding this hybrid dog and prevent nutritional imbalances. In such scenarios, products such as Nutra Thrive dog food supplement can be a solution to regain the proper balance of nutrients. Do not let it overpower you to the food stack or let it deceive you with its puppy eyes.Owners must also be strict with giving the Border Collie German Shepherd human food because some may have harmful effects on the crossbreed.

    Dog owners and lovers must also keep in mind that they need to seek food for the best large breed dry dog food instead of best dry dog food for small dogs.

    Whatever you do, make sure you steer clear from the worst dry dog food. Try to learn more about the difference between poor-quality and premium-quality chows by checking our best dry dog food guide!

    Here are a few of the most recommended large breed dog food in the US:

    • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula
    • EUKANUBA Adult Dry Dog Food

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    Christmas Special Bulldog Puppies

    IOEBA Olde English Bulldog puppies available. 12 weeks. 4 males and 1 female. 2 Chocolate merle and 2 Lilac merle males, and 1 solid Chocolate female. Three wormings and have their second shot. Will continue shots and worming as required, until sold. Tails docked. Pictures of parents available on request. Reduced for Christmas.Read More

    Rehoming puppies five females one male. Free to good home. if interested please text me 916-968-7119Read More

    Background On The Alaskan Malamute

    Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

    The Alaskan Malamute predates the German Shepherd by millennia. In fact, the Malamute is considered a basal breed, which means it is closer to the dog ancestor that initially split from the wolf than almost any other dog.

    Raised by the Inuit in Northern Alaska, the Malamute hunted seals, sledded, or pulled heavy freight.

    Because of these ancient genes, any of its offspring is also likely to make good hunters and excellent sledding dogs, although they are common companion dogs today.

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    Grooming Your Malamute German Shepherd Mix

    The Malamute German Shepherd mix dogs need moderate to intense maintenance for grooming. Their shedding process usually involves a lot of mess and hair, especially during periods with warm weather and when placed in a blistering environment.

    Brushing the coat needs to be done for three to five times per week. You can brush the Malamute German Shepherd Mixs coat in whatever direction you desire, but it is easier to brush it in one direction.

    If your dog has a collar, remove it when brushing the coat, and do not leave out the neck area unkempt. You should pay attention to spots where tangles occur often, like the base of the ears.

    You can prevent loose hair from the brushing process by dousing the coat with water. Another tip for maintaining the shine of the coat is using a slicker brush instead of a pin brush. The shine will be the result of the stimulation of oil production in the dogs integument. The slicker brush will help remove the knots and tangles in the dogs coat. You can also get rid of loose hair and some debris by using the brush.

    The little parts of the Malamute German Shepherd Mix, such as its eyes, nose, nails, ears, and paws, must be cared for as well. You should check for ear infection signs like the accumulation of earwax. A cotton ball and an ear solution formulated for dogs are must-haves for sanitary ears. For dried and scaly paws, you may utilize Vaseline as treatment.

    Malamute German Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements

    The German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute are known to have sustained endurance and high energy requirements. The period of physical activity engagement should be at least one hour. An appropriate blend of physical and mental stimulus for this mixed breed is necessary to avoid boredom and destructive behaviors. Some examples of possible physical activities for the Malamute German Shepherd mix are hiking, fetching, and running.

    Another consideration for the exercise period is the venue for the activities. I recommend a big area in a well-ventilated place for this crossbreed. The Kong Ball is a widely known toy for mental motivation. The use of this toy will aid in the digestion and mental health of the dog. It comes in different sizes, so you can get a suitable one for your dog.

    The German Shepherd Malamutes have a notable strength in biting. Another suitable toy for this habit is the goDog Small Purple Bruto Dino with Chew Guard Technology. It is an under-stuffed toy that has a squeaker. It is made of a tough material, perfect for hours of rough play.

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    Another Characteristic Of German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Is Their Training Temperament

    The dog is eager to please, and they can learn new techniques fairly quickly. However, they are not overly aggressive or possessive of their owners. In fact, they are a very gentle breed that is eager to please in any situation. Because of their calm personality and trainability, these dogs make wonderful family pets.

    Many people choose to get a German shepherd as the first designer dog breed. This is because of their sociability, energy level, and agility. In addition, they have the outstanding temperament, great intelligence, and a strong work ethic. You can expect to pay anywhere from three hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars for a full-breed adult malamute, although you may find that the prices drop a little if you are looking for puppies.

    Reasons Why You Shouldnt Get A German Shepherd Malamute Mix

    German Shepherd Husky Mix: A Pet Parent’s Guide to The Gerberian Shepsky!
  • It tends to become too independent. The dog could become disobedient and stubborn at times, particularly during obedience training. This trait can negatively affect the training process.
  • It is not suitable for new owners. The German Shepherd Malamute mix dog may become very headstrong and independent. These traits could frustrate new owners and evoke negative emotions. It is necessary to start training right away to avoid misbehaviors.
  • It tends to overeat. This may lead to obesity and consequent illness. You need to be extremely cautious in feeding this breed.
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    What Are The Physical Features Of A Malamute German Shepherd Mix

    The Alaskan Shepherd is typically an impressive, big-boned dog with an alert expression and dark eyes.

    It is sometimes thought that Alaskan Shepherds can have blue or pale eyes, but blue eyes in a Malamute indicate that the dog is crossbredlikely with a Siberian Husky. Since neither the GSD nor the Malamute should have blue eyes, the Alaskan Shepherd should be born with dark or hazel eyes.

    The Alaskan Malamute is a large dog that typically stands between 23 and 25 inches tall at the withers and weighs about 75 to 85 pounds.

    In terms of build, the German Shepherd is similar with a height of around 22 to 26 inches and a weight of 50 to 90 pounds. In both breeds, males are larger than females.

    The similarity in the parent breeds size means that you can confidently expect your Alaskan Shepherd to weigh between 50 and 90 pounds and stand between 22 and 26 inches, depending slightly on gender.

    However, some Alaskan Shepherds have been known to grow much bigger, reaching as much as 120 or 130 pounds, so be prepared for a possible giant!

    Their coat is usually dense, short to medium-length, and straight, although some have been seen with sleeker coats more similar to the short-haired German Shepherd. Colors can range from the sable or red and blacks typical in the German Shepherd to white or white with tan, silver, grey, or black.

    German Shepherd Crossed With Malamute Puppies For Sale

    The German Shepherd crossed with Malamute puppies may be difficult to acquire. You must apply good researching techniques to locate professional breeders when it comes to crossbreeds. Professional breeders allow you to access the documents of the puppy, including health records and DNA testing. They also provide a suitable environment for the upbringing of the dogs. They will help you become reassured that the dogs will grow to have minimal problems regarding their health.

    Visit the breeders in their location is highly recommended. The reputable American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals frowns upon online selling of dogs, particularly crossbreeds. Another way to verify a breeder is through this visitation.

    You might think that another good place to acquire this crossbreed is through purchasing in pet stores. I advise against this method. As a breeding ground, the puppy mill has thousands of stories supporting the terrible conditions for breeding. The puppy mill does not provide the most suitable environment for rearing puppies. In this place, the puppies are forced to mate with one another and give birth.

    This mixed breed is relatively rare. Reputable breeders sell these crossbreeds from prices that starts from $800. Below is a list of breeders for the German Shepherd Malamutes and their parent breeds:

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    Grooming Your German Shepherd Crossed With Boxer

    A German Shepherd Boxer mix needs weekly grooming to remove tangles and to keep its coat clean and shiny. If your dog has inherited the German Shepherds moderately long coat, then it needs grooming around several times a week. Use a natural brush with a firm handle to brush your dogs coat.

    These two parent dogs shed moderately so expect that your Boxer crossed with a German Shepherd to shed during warmer seasons. Invest in a durable vacuum cleaner to remove fur that will accumulate on your carpet, sofa and car seat.

    Although bathing is necessary to keep your dog clean, it should only be done when needed. Frequent bathing can cause drying of his skin, and this can lead to severe itching and irritation.

    German Shepherd Boxer mixed breeds will love the water and will naturally love to swim and play fetch in the water. Immediately after your dog comes home, give him a bath to remove dirt and chlorine especially if it swims in a pool.

    • Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

    If your dog has sensitive skin and coat, the best shampoo is Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo. This formula is made from oatmeal and Aloe Vera which soothes itchy skin and will also work perfectly for natural skin. It will remove dirt and smelly odor with its pH neutral and soap-free formulation.

    • Paws & Pals Natural Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
    • Fresh n Clean Scented Shampoo

    The Trainability Of A Malamute German Shepherd Mix: Temperament And Intelligence

    Shepherd malamute mix puppies Seattle

    Generally, the Alaskan Shepherd inherits a high working drive from both parents, meaning it is at its happiest when it has a job to do. It also usually has the intelligence of the German Shepherd, making it moderately to highly trainable.

    One trait it will also likely gain from its GSD parent is its guardian instincts. However, this might be affected by the Malamute parent, as Malamutes are incredibly affectionate to all people and are usually not good guard dogs.

    They rarely bark, although they are great talkers, often making woo woo noises at their owners or howling like a wolf. Many Alaskan Shepherd owners report their dogs making the same hilarious sounds.

    However, like many ancient breeds, the Malamute is an independent and sometimes domineering dog with little patience for repetition in training and a strong mind of its own. It may well pass this willfulness down to the Alaskan Shepherd.

    Therefore, training is done best with an experienced handler who can use the dogs innate drives to shape the desired behavior and use positive training techniques.

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    Malamute German Shepherd Mix

    The Malamute German Shepherd mix is the combination of the large dog breeds, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd. This crossbreed, sometimes called as Alaskan Shepherd, was intended to carry packages and pull sleds. The German Shepherd Malamutes have remarkable strength and well-built bodies.

    The physical and behavioral differences of the Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd parent breeds are factors that alter the offsprings characteristics, but the offspring often carries better qualities.

    German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

    The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is a beautiful cross between the working dog breeds German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd. This crossbreed sometimes called as German Australian Shepherd, exhibits intelligence and high energy level. Although it can give the impression of an aloof dog, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix dog is an affectionate pet.

    These two parent breeds have distinct characteristics that distinguish them from each other. Their offspring will likely acquire advantageous traits.

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    What Are The Feeding Guidelines For A German Shepherd Malamute

    Being a mixed breed, it can be tricky to determine what kind of dog food to give your pup. You should always start off with high-quality puppy food. Check that the food is nutritionally balanced.

    Once your pup reaches adulthood, your choices should be based on its size and energy levels. Once again, opt for high-quality food as this will provide your dog with all the necessary nutrients. It is best to speak with your vet for recommendations on dog food.

    If your dog has a specific need or health condition, your vet may be able to tell you about the dog food that can provide the best nutritional support.

    It is important to always follow the calorie recommendations provided by the food manufacturer. This can prevent your dog from gaining excess weight and putting undue pressure on its joints. You should also limit treats and any additional food as well.

    Reasons Why You Should Get A German Shepherd Crossed With Malamute

    German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale
  • It is a wonderful family companion. This crossbreed tends to be attached to the family. It has an innate loyalty and friendliness for all the members of the family.
  • It is an ideal watchdog. The Malamute mixed with German Shepherd dog is wary of its surroundings and protective. Its vigilance is undoubtedly remarkable. These traits enable it to discern suspicious people and acts.
  • It can interact well with other animals. Some breeds tend to be aggressive in the presence of other animals. The German Shepherd crossed with Malamute dog will play along with other animals, provided that it underwent socialization early in life.
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    What Disabilities Can German Shepherd Malamutes Suffer From

    Some of the health conditions that you should watch out for with an Alaskan Shepherd include:

    • Chondrodysplasia
    • Von Willebrands Disease

    The best way to minimize the risk of these diseases is to choose a reputable breeder. Good breeders will make an effort to check the health history of the parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents of each parent.

    This can help to reduce the risk of these genetic anomalies showing up in your dog. In turn, they are more likely to live happier and healthier life.

    Taking your dog to the vet on a regular basis can also be a good way to prevent diseases or slow the onset of medical conditions. Make sure to take your pup in if you notice any symptoms at all.


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