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German Shepherd Chow Mix Puppies For Sale

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Browse thru thousands Chow Chow-German Shepherd Dog Mix Dogs for Adoption near in USA area listings on to find your perfect match. If you are unable to find your companion in our Dogs for Adoption sections, please consider looking thru the directory of Rescue Organizations, to see if they have any current dogs for adoption listings. And don’t forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for Chow Chow-German Shepherd Dog Mix Dogs for Adoption near in USA area. is secure, simple and efficient way to find a puppy, sell a puppy or addopt dogs via internet.

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  • More About This Breed

    • Chow Shepherds are mixed breed dogs. They are not purebreds like their Chow Chow or German Shepherd Dog parents.
    • The main colors of Chow Shepherds are fawn, cream, gray, red, brown, and black. They generally have a beautiful blend of two or more colors.
    • Chow Shepherds will most likely have long, dense coats and are not a good choice for allergy sufferers. Regular daily brushing and extra brushing during shedding season with a de-shedding brush may be needed.
    • Chow Shepherds have high energy levels. One hour daily of rigorous exercise is a good starting point. Hiking and other adventurous activities are strongly recommended.
    • The Chow Shepherd makes a great addition to a big family with older kids who know how to play nicely with dogs. This pup will not tolerate rough play from small kids.
    • If a Chow Shepherd has had plenty of exposure to other dogs, cats, and small animals and has been trained how to interact with them, theyll be friendly with other pets, too.
    • Chow Shepherds are highly trainable and thrive on positive reinforcement. Do not leave them alone for long periods, as they can get separation anxiety easily
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • IDCR = International Designer Canine Registry®
  • Entropion causes the eyelid to roll inward, irritating or injuring the eyeball. One or both eyes can be affected. If your Chow Chow has entropion, you may notice them rubbing at their eyes. The condition can be corrected surgically.
  • They Are Half German Shepherd

    The straightforward name might have already given it away, but being half German Shepherd means that there are a lot of great things about having this breed as a pet. German Shepherds were bred in Germany during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They became a superior herding dog who was intelligent, hard-working, and fit. After they mastered herding, the industrialization in the era rendered them almost useless, so they were put to work for the military and police. Now, these dogs are great at search and rescue missions, drug detection, and guard dogs.

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    Chow Shepherd Mix Appearance And Pictures

    The Chow Shepherd is a large dog, with a high-maintenance coat of fur. Its coloring is similar to its parent breeds, usually in shades of black, brown, and tan. Depending on the individual dog, a Chow Shepherd may resemble either a Chow Chow or a German Shepherd.

    Usually, Chow Shepherds have a long muzzle, tufted ears, and the almond eyes of a German Shepherd. With proper grooming, the Chow Shepherd is a beautiful dog.

    Because Of This It Is Important To Understand How These Dogs Were Intended To Be Used Before You Decide To Purchase One

    German Shepherd Chow Mix Puppies For Sale Near Me

    A good way to help you understand the history of the German shepherd is to do some online research. You can learn about the origin of the breed, the original breeding methods used to develop the current dogs, and how they are being raised today. Knowing all of this information will help you better understand the German shepherd mix for sale. The more you know about the breed, the more likely it is that you will make the best possible choice when purchasing one for your household.

    One thing to keep in mind when searching for German shepherd-chow mix puppies for sale is that many of the current owners of these dogs no longer want them. Part of this may have to do with the type of work that they are getting. Many of these dogs were used as herding dogs and had to be raised in large stables to help them exercise and live up to their breeding standards. Some of these dogs were sold because their owners could not keep up with the expenses associated with keeping such a large dog. TherSome lucky ones will up with a large enough purebred chow that they can maintain their current lifestyle while also making sure they are getting a great companion dog.

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    Chow Chow Shepherd Mix Food Requirements

    A proper diet for a German Shepherd Chow mix is essential to their health. Healthy supplements including chondroitin, fish oil or omega three acids and glucosamine should help in preventing or reducing hip dysplasia problems. According to the American Feed Control Officials, a German Shepherd Chow mix puppy should eat protein at about twenty-two percent, while an adult German Shepherd Chow should consume only eighteen percent of protein. Protein from whole meats including beef, fish, and chicken are recommended in its diet. Below is a list of recommended dog foods:

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food. It features the following ingredients: salmon, chicken meal, menhaden fish meal, pea derivatives, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, and parsley. It is made grain-free and packed with protein.
  • Solid Gold High Protein with Duck Dry Dog Food. Ingredients are as follows: duck, chicken meal, turkey meal, whitefish meal, egg protein, peas and chickpeas, sesame oil, and almond oil. It is another grain-free dog food with a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Crave Grain Free With Protein From Salmon and Ocean Fish Dry Adult Dog Food. This dog food contains a variety of animal protein and healthy fat sources. Ingredients include salmon, chicken meal, menhaden fish meal, lamb meal, chickpeas, split peas, dried potatoes, and sunflower oil.
  • German Shepherd Chow Mix Personality

    The Chow Shepherd Mix will make a great family dog. They like to be around people and their pack and will make themselves known if they feel neglected. They are very loyal and full of energy. They will need a fair amount of exercise, preferably long walks and hikes. It is important that you become the alpha and lead with firm, strong, consistent leadership. They should be alert and make a good watchdog. They are also protective and will act to protect the family if he perceives a real threat to them. They are friendly and affectionate and make a great companion. They enjoy receiving lots of attention can be playful and curious.

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    Coat Color And Grooming

    Chow Shepherd coats are often a mix of their German Shepherd and Chow Chow parents’ coats and colors. The main colors of Chow Shepherds are fawn, cream, gray, red, brown, and black. They generally have a beautiful blend of two or more colors.

    Chow Shepherds will most likely have a long, dense coat and are not a good choice for allergy sufferers. Chow Sheps descend from two heavy shedding parents. Their coats will require much care. Regular daily brushing and extra brushing during shedding season with a de-shedding brush may be needed. Baths are required only as needed.

    With these heavy shedding pups, extra vacuuming is recommended. You may benefit from a robovac for day-to-day cleanup.

    Chow Shepherds have double coats that give them an edge when it comes to extreme weather. Many of these dogs absolutely love to run and play in the snow. This dog would have been a great training partner for Rocky in Rocky IV when he went to train in Siberia!

    Chow Shepherds’ double coats also help to keep them cool during hot summer months. Keep in mind they are indoor dogs and need to live indoors with their families.

    Temperament & Intelligence Of The German Shepherd Chow Mix

    The German Chow Shepherd Mix: everything you need to know

    In general, the German Shepherd and Chow Chow mix are slightly aloof but happier than most dog breeds that we know today. They are fiercely loyal and desperate for their owners attention. This could get them into a bit of trouble if they feel bored or neglected. Shepherd Chow mixes have to have a lot of stimulation both mentally and physically. Despite having a stubborn side, they will protect you at all costs.

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    German Shepherd Chow Mix Care

    This mix is probably going to shed like crazy, so be prepared to groom them regularly and to exercise and socialize them as much as possible. So make sure that you can fit long walks and hikes into your daily routine. Be prepared to brush them a couple of times a week and have a good vacuum at your disposal to clean up the floors. Give them baths as needed, but not so much that you dry out their skin.

    German Shepherd Chow Mix Origins

    While its possible that Chow Shepherds existed before the early 2000s, the breed first emerged publicly around 10-20 years ago. Combining the two well-known and attractive parent breeds of German Shepherd and Chow Chow results in the intelligent, loyal, and beautiful Shepherd Chow.

    While Chow Shepherds are growing in popularity, theyre still a rare dog breed.

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    Children And Other Pets

    The Chow Shepherd makes a great addition to a big family with older kids who know how to play nicely with dogs. As with every breed, you should always teach children how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children. This pup will not tolerate rough play from small kids.

    Teach your child never to approach any dog while they’re eating or sleeping or to try to take the dog’s food away. No dog, no matter how friendly, should ever be left unsupervised with a child.

    If a Chow Shepherd has had plenty of exposure to other dogs, cats, and small animals and has been trained how to interact with them, they’ll be friendly with other pets, too.

    German Shepherd Mixed With Chow Chow Puppies For Sale

    23+ German Shepherd Chow Chow Mix Puppies

    Before buying a German Shepherd Chow puppy, you need to consider your budget and the costs involved after paying for its ownership. About more than a thousand dollars is required for purchasing the puppy and providing it with medicines and vaccinations. The typical price of a German Shepherd and Chow Chow offspring range from two hundred and fifty dollars to seven hundred and fifty dollars.

    The best way of looking for this puppy is by checking out dog breeders who specialize in breeding German Shepherd Chow offspring. To guarantee the quality of your puppy, you should consider reputable dog breeders because the parents of the puppy are surely healthy with offspring that are less likely to inherit bad or unhealthy genes. Besides crossing out possible health issues from parent dogs, your other concern when looking for quality breeders is the price of their puppies.

    Another budget-friendly method is by looking at adoption centers or German Shepherd Chow mix breeders who are open to adoption. You should expect to be interviewed by the staff since they need to ensure their dogs overall wellbeing once its released to you. An excellent and responsible dog breeder is someone who makes as many background checks on the buyer as possible. Below are some adoption sites and dog centers to get a German Shepherd Chow puppy:

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    How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Chow Shepherd Mix

    For day-to-day expenses, such as food, toys, grooming, supplies, and more, you will pay around $920 to $1000 a year. For medical expenses, you should expect to pay between $485 and $600 yearly for your Chow Shepherd.

    Your medical and non-medical expenses for your Chow Shepherd will add up to around $1405 to $1600 a year, not including the initial cost of buying your dog.

    Breeders & Puppy Prices

    Make sure to do a background check on all breeders you start to research and ask them for their papers. As mentioned, youll want to know if hip dysplasia runs in the family so you can be better prepared if it occurs.

    Find a breeder that specialized in crossbreeding because theres a different science to this than breeding two purebred dogs together.

    Youre going to be paying a lot more due to the size of the breed. Although they arent rare to find, they require a lot of upkeep and are therefore expensive to buy. The average price of a Chow Shepherd is $800 $1000.

    If you cant afford to buy a puppy, rescue is another alternative. Talk to your local German Shepherd or Chow Chow club for more information.

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    Other German Shepherd & Chow Mixes

    Choosing the dog breed that aligns with your lifestyle is the most important decision you can make. Every year tens of thousands of dogs are abandoned or put up for adoption because the owner was irresponsible and didnt do their research before choosing a dog that isnt a great for their lifestyle.

    Not sure the Chow German Shepherd aligns with your lifestyle? Consider adopting one of 50+ popular German Shepherd mixes or Chow mixes.

    Alpha Paw has conducted the most in-depth research into the most popular German Shepherd Mixes in America:

    No. The dog requires some outdoor space to loosen up when bored.
    Excessive Barker No

    The appearance of a German Shepherd Chow mix depends on which parent gene becomes more dominant. Majority of German Shepherd Chow mix owners have dogs that resemble the look of a Chow Chow more than a German Shepherd. Not only does the dog typically captures the bodily appearance of a Chow Chow, but also has a curved tail that is unlike the tail of a German Shepherd. The dog is also seen to inherit the long muzzle of the German Shepherd parent dog side along with a black accent on its face and pointy ears. This makes the German Shepherd Chow mix resemble the facial appearance of a bear or a lion.

    A life expectancy of fifteen years is a good age range, but you can also prolong the dogs lifespan by taking it to the vet for vaccinations and providing it with a variety of whole foods and nutritious dog food.

    Chow Chow Shepherds Exercise Requirements

    Akita – German Shepard mix puppy for sale

    Both the German Shepherd and the Chow Chow are dogs with high levels of energy and intellect. The same is expected from its offspring too. Hence, the German Shepherd Chow needs a daily dose of mental and physical stimulation to stay on the right track of things. Because of its intelligence, the dog could easily become bored when it remains inside the house or isnt doing anything stimulating. Aside from doing activities with the dog including running, hiking, jogging and cycling, training is also another way of stimulating since German Shepherd Chows enjoy pleasing their owners. Below are some activities that you should do with the dog:

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    Training A Chow Chow German Shepherd Mix

    Due to their intelligence, Chow Shepherds learn quickly. However, theyre also stubborn. With the right owner, a Chow Shepherd will become a well-socialized and well-trained dog. With novice owners, however, a Chow Shepherd can take advantage and push the boundaries. Here are some puppy training tips to help.

    When going through training, its important to use positive reinforcement and praise, as these dogs wont respond to harsh methods. To prevent joint problems in later life, dont let young puppies run and play on hard surfaces, as their joints dont properly form until the age of around two years old.

    Since Chow Shepherd doesnt naturally get on well with children and other pets, if you want to socialize your German Shepherd Chow mix this way, its crucial to get an early start.

    They Are Half Chow Chow

    With advancements in genetic testing, we have recently discovered that Chow Chows are actually one of the oldest dog breeds that is still around today. They came from Northern China and Mongolia and were used for hunting and to guard their owners possessions. They get their name from when British sailors took some with them as cargo. Miscellaneous items were once referred to as Chow Chow, and their name has stuck ever since. Today, Chow Chows have reserved, clever, and stubborn temperaments. They are content to do their own thing, so they require a lot of socialization from a young age.

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    German Shepherd Chow Mix Personality And Temperament

    A Chow Shepherd can be a loving and affectionate family dog. Chow Shepherds are protective of their families and wary of strangers. Like the German Shepherd, Chow Shepherds make good guard dogs and are less aloof than a traditional Chow Chow.

    However, Chow Shepherds can be stubborn. They are very intelligent, and these two qualities can make training difficult. They will sense uncertainty and inconsistency in an inexperienced trainer, and act out accordingly. This means that Chow Shepherds arent ideal dogs for new or inexperienced dog owners.

    Chow Shepherds can be socialized to get along with other pets and children, but this takes work. If you have small children or other pets in your family, a Chow Shepherd may not be the best addition to your household.

    Chow Shepherds also need mental stimulation and physical exercise. They like attention and will misbehave if left on their own for too long. This misbehavior can include chewing and destroying furniture while their owners are out. Chow Shepherds arent recommended for households where theyll be left alone too much, or wont get the time and attention they need.


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