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German Shepherd Breeders In Rhode Island

Choosing Your German Shepherd Puppy In Rhode Island

My New German Shepherd Puppy: The First Week at Home

After choosing the breeder to buy a puppy from, you have some other questions to ask yourself before going through with the purchase.

These questions are listed below:

  • Do you have the necessary space to house a dog the size of a German Shepherd? German Shepherds grow to between 55 and 65 cm and weigh between 75 and 90 lbs., depending on the gender. They are big dogs that need at least 4000 ft2 of garden space.
  • Do you want a male or female dog?
  • Do you want a dog that can get along with children? Check with the breeder regarding the dog you get and make sure it is properly socialized and trained to get on with children. Consider also taking the dog for further training courses.
  • Do you have the funds to care for a German Shepherd? Remember, the dog will need health checks, and you need to be able to afford dog food and pay if your dog gets sick one day.

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What Is The Average Price For A German Shepherd Puppy In Rhode Island

The average price for a German Shepherd puppy in Rhode Island is $1,000. But prices can vary depending on the breeder. Prices may vary by as much as $1,000 if the breeder has their own breeding program.

When looking for a breeder, it is important to set your budget before you start searching for a puppy. If you have an exact price in mind, this will help you eliminate breeders that are outside of your price range.

German Shepherd Dog Breeders In Rhode Island

  • Breeder Location City: North Smithfield, Rhode Island Breeder Zip Code: 02896

    Number of puppies available at time of publication: 16 puppies available.Check with the breeder for up-to-date information on puppy availability.

    ð¥Breeder Reputation:

  • Breeder Location City: Woonsocket, Rhode Island Breeder Zip Code: 02895

    Number of puppies available at time of publication: 11 puppies available.Check with the breeder for up-to-date information on puppy availability.

  • Breeder Location City: Ashaway, Rhode Island Breeder Zip Code: 02804

    Puppy Price: Check with breeder

    Number of puppies available at time of publication: 5 puppies available.Check with the breeder for up-to-date information on puppy availability.

  • Breeder Location City: Little Compton, Rhode Island Breeder Zip Code: 02837

    Number of puppies available at time of publication: 1 puppies available.Check with the breeder for up-to-date information on puppy availability.

  • Breeder Location City: Tiverton, Rhode Island Breeder Zip Code: 02878

    Number of puppies available at time of publication: 0 puppies available.Check with the breeder for up-to-date information on puppy availability.


    Years of Breeding Experience: 5 years

    âHealth-Tested Puppies

  • AKC breeder with a H.E.A.R.T.
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    How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A German Shepherd In Rhode Island

    German Shepherds are very gentle dogs and are much known for their protective traits. Unfortunately, last 2018, there was a new adoption fee.

    Adopting a German Shepherd in Rhode Island would now cost around 300 dollars to 350 dollars. The cost would cover the German Shepherd shelters medical expenses to keep them vaccinated and healthy.

    These German Shepherds are provided with consistent medical care. Ever since the German Shepherd gets rescued, they will closely be monitored and have the privilege of being spayed and neutered. Care also includes all kinds of shots for dogs.

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    German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Rhode Island

    " German Shepherd"  Puppies For Sale

    About Rhode Island German Shepherds

    Looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in Rhode Island?

    Who doesnt love a German Shepherd? They are intelligent and make for great working dogs. You may have even seen a few being utilized by your local police department. This is because they are highly trainable and athletic. German Shepherds seem to be fearless because they will go into any situation they have been trained for. They make great helpmates and are commonly used as guide dogs. The military even uses this highly intelligent and trainable breed. From family pet to guide dog to watchdog this breed has an amazing skill set. We can help you find your German Shepherd breeder in Rhode Island.

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    Similar Dog Breeds For German Shepherd Dog


    Asia Pacific

    Browse thru German Shepherd Dog Puppies for Sale in Rhode Island, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. If you are unable to find your German Shepherd Dog puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption. Also, be sure to check the German Shepherd Dog Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. And dont forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for German Shepherd Dog Puppies for Sale in Rhode Island, USA area and German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption in Rhode Island, USA area. also known as: German Shepherd, Alsatian, Alsatian Wolf Dog, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund

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    Look Out For The Signs Of An Unethical German Shepherd Dog Breeder In Rhode Island

    There are a few things you can look out for when trying to determine if the breeder is ethical or not. For example, do they breed for money or do they breed because they love the breed and want to improve it? A good breeder will never put money over the health and well-being of their dogs. They will also never sell their puppies to pet stores.

    Another red flag is if the breeder tries to rush you into buying a puppy. They should never pressure you into making a decision that youre not comfortable with. They should also be willing to let you come and visit their facility as well as meet the parents of the puppies. If the breeder wont let you do either of these then they might not

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    A Few More Facts For Dog

    BringFido lists Rhode Island as a pet-friendly travel destination with over 400 verified pet-friendly hotels and motels. Their most recommended spots for dogs are Compass Rose Beach and Sachuest Beach, both popular dog-friendly destinations for Rhode Island.

    Rhode Island has a below-average dog ownership rate. Twenty-six percent of Rhode Island residents own a dog, compared to the national rate of 40%.

    What kinds of dogs do Rhode Islanders love? According to the American Kennel Club , the most popular dogs in Rhode Island are Labradors, Beagles, and Retrievers. Other popular breeds include Huskies, Basset Hounds, and German Shepherds.

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    German Shepherd Dogs In Rhode Island

    My New German Shepherd Puppy: The First 3 Months at Home

    When you bring home a German Shepherd puppy, there are several things to keep in mind. You want a puppy who has a great temperament and robust health as well as a structure that conforms to the breed standard. Other things to keep in mind are early socialization and obedience training, which are key to a well-behaved, well-adjusted adult dog.

    The easiest way to tick all the boxes is to choose a Puppy Hero breeder. We have shortlisted the best German Shepherd breeders in Rhode Island, so you can bring home your new four-legged friend with complete peace of mind. At Puppy Hero, we have a zero-tolerance policy against mass breeding facilities. With a Puppy Hero breeder, you can be sure that the health and welfare of the dogs was top priority.

    German Shepherd Dogs are highly intelligent, trainable, affectionate, brave, and protective. You are assured of many years of loving companionship if you choose a German Shepherd Dog. Call GSD breeders near you today and find out who has puppies available. If you dont have any luck with breeders in Rhode Island, be sure to call in neighboring states. Many breeders offer transportation with a puppy nanny.

    5 breeders

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    Puppies For Sale Today

    Last but not the least, Puppies For Sale Today is also a website where you can search for all breeds puppies, which means you can also find a German Shepherd in it. If youre looking for a German Shepherd pup, you can find one in there.

    Heres a link to their website:

    Isnt In For The Money

    For a good breeder or a seller, sales are irrelevant. The primary goal for the breeder should be that the puppy is placed in a good home and is happy with its new family. Reputed German Shepherd Breeders in Rhode Island will not breed more puppies to gain more profit. Making a hasty sale is not a characteristic of a good breeder.

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    German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale In Rhode Island

    Are you looking to buy the German Shepherd Dog puppy in Rhode Island, near you? Well, we have researched for you well-established German Shepherd Dog breeders in Rhode Island that sell German Shepherd Dog puppies.

    Also, to further help you in your German Shepherd Dog breeder research, we have compiled important information such as breeder location, breeder contact, the price that each breeder charges for his or her puppy, if the price information is available.

    Most of these breeders are American Kennel Club breeders that sell AKC German Shepherd Dog puppies

    We did NOT receive any payment or incentive from any of the German Shepherd Dog breeders that we have listed. Also, as a DISCLAIMER, do your own research before buying German Shepherd Dog puppy from any of the breeders we listed.

    If you know any good German Shepherd Dog breeder that is not on our list, please leave the information of the breeder in the comment section below.

    What Is The Cost Of A German Shepherd Puppy

    View Ad: German Shepherd Dog Puppy for Sale near Rhode Island ...

    German shepherds are slightly pricey. The prices go high or low depending on the breeders reputation and the dogs health. On average, it would cost you 500-2000 dollars.

    The upkeep of a German shepherd puppy is tedious. They require substantial training. A German Shepherd puppy is expensive as compared to other breeds. It is tough to breed them, and the cost of aftercare is significantly high.

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    Ask Your Rhode Island German Shepherd Breeder If You Can Meet Past Customers

    Most responsible breeders will be more than happy to put you in touch with past customers so that you can ask them questions about their experience with the breeder. If the breeder is hesitant to do this, then its probably not a good sign.

    Be sure to ask the following questions:

    • How was the communication between you and the breeder?
    • Did they provide you with any health clearances for the puppy?
    • Was the breeding stock healthy?
    • Were the puppies well socialized?
    • What type of training did the breeder provide?
    • Did you have any problems with your puppy after you took him or her home?

    If you cant get in touch with any past customers or the breeder doesnt want to put you in touch with any, then its probably not a good idea to buy a puppy from them.

    Does Your Rhode Island German Shepherd Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use

    As with any breeders, you should always ask where they get their puppies checked out. If they dont have a veterinarian they use regularly then that is something you want to also question them on. You want your puppys new life to start off on the right foot and many times the way it does has a lot to do with how early in its life that happens. You do not want a breeder that cannot give you references to other breeders or people who have bought from them in the past. A reputable breeder will be able to give these references without thought because of all the people they have shared their puppies with in the past. Another point, when looking for German Shepherd Breeders in Rhode Island make sure you find out how many litters a year they produce. A good breeder will only have two to four litters per year.

    If they have a good veterinarian, ask if you can also use them. Some people have a hard time finding good veterinarians and if the breeder you are interested in already has a good one, it might be in your best interest to use them. This is especially true if you live out of state and will not be able to take your puppy to the vet for its first round of shots.

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    Should You Get A Puppy From A Breeder Or A Rescue Puppy

    A rescue dog has experienced a great deal of trauma in the past, and they can be a handful to look after. You should have the time and patience to take proper care of a rescue dog. Only people with previous experience caring for a dog should consider getting a rescue dog.

    A dog bought from a skilled breeder is apt for a first-time dog owner. If you have small children at home, you should buy a dog that does not require much attention. German Shepherd Breeders in Rhode Island will always have healthy puppies that do not have physical or mental issues and are easy to look after. It is also convenient to get a dog with a stable temperament.

    Ask The Rhode Island Breeder If Your German Shepherd Puppy Has Any Health Problems

    Life BEFORE and AFTER Having a German Shepherd Puppy

    One of the most important things to ask a breeder is if the puppy youre interested in has any health problems. All reputable breeders will screen their puppies for genetic health issues and will be happy to share this information with you. If the breeder youre talking to doesnt seem to care about the health of their puppies, then its probably best to move on.

    A good breeder will also be able to provide you with a detailed history of the puppys parents. This can help you determine if the puppy is likely to develop any health problems down the road.

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    Pinebrook Farm German Shepherds

    This breeder uses AKC registered dogs for breeding purposes. Their dogs are also OFA tested to check for any genetic issues the puppies could inherit. They have a Facebook page where you can also see posts from the owner and previous buyers.

    Pinebrook Farm also offers training classes for German Shepherds, which is a good idea, particularly if you are new to the breed or owning dogs. You can contact this breeder to gather more information on exactly when they will have a litter available and how you go about adopting one of the puppies.

    German Shepherd Breeders List In Rhode Island

    • Heavy shedders during the changing seasons
    • Will protect you without question
    • Not considered an apartment dog breed.

    If not properly cared for this breed can become destructive and difficult to handle. The German Shepherd may be one of the best breeds out there, but without proper care and training, it can be a handful.

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    Animal Welfare & Dog Shelters In Rhode Island

    Rhode Island saved 5,282 dogs and cats during 2020. Approximately 18 animals were killed over this, same period.

    Twenty-seven out of 30 of the animal shelters within Rhode Island are no-kill shelters. The percentage of no-kill shelters is high, and the state has an above-average save rate of 92%. This is a great number since its above the 90% mark needed to be considered a no-kill state.

    How Much Do Your German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Rhode Island Cost

    6 month old Enzo from Grunwald Haus, Rhode Island

    Breeders charge different prices for puppies. When you search for German Shepherds for sale in Rhode Island, you may find some puppies that are more expensive than others. The price can be affected by coat color, eye color, pedigree, and other factors. So start looking today for German Shepherds for sale Rhode Island and see what you can find.

    Will I only be able to search for local breeders?

    You will probably start by searching locally for Rhode Island German Shepherds for sale or similar. But we can connect you with not only German Shepherd breeders in Rhode Island but also breeders from all over the country. They are experts at making travel arrangements for puppies, so you can meet your new pup at your most convenient major US airport.

    How do you decide which breeders can join your network?

    We only approve less than 10% of breeders and businesses who apply to join our network, and we receive applications every day. We have a strict vetting process to ensure we only include the very best here, so people like you can search for Rhode Island German Shepherd puppies for sale with peace of mind. Find out more in our Breeder Pledge.

    Why should I use Uptown Puppies to find my new puppy?

    Why should I avoid using puppy mills?

    Can I find lots of different types of German Shepherds here?

    How exactly should I use Uptown Puppies?

    How do I know I can trust Uptown Puppies?

    Are German Shepherds suitable for senior citizens?

    Are German Shepherds easy dogs to train?

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    German Shepherd Dog Characteristics

    German Shepherds have been one of Americas most popular dog breeds for many years. They were bred as working dogs and still carry this work ethic and energy. They make great protectors and loyal companions. German Shepherds are happiest with frequent exercise and tasks to complete. They are quick to learn and highly responsive to commands with regular obedience training.

    Origin Of German Shepherds

    We think of scary and aggressive police dogs when we hear of German shepherds. They are certainly more than that German shepherds are loyal and have excellent work ethic.

    German shepherds originated in Germany in the year 1899. They are considered working dogs because of their intelligence. German shepherds have assisted in the police investigation, military services, and guarding estates for ages. German shepherds can be family dogs with proper training.

    German shepherds served in the Red Cross during World War II. They acted as messengers and participated in investigations.

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