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Ear Infection In German Shepherd

My Dogs Ear Canal Is Nearly Closed Is That A Problem

Ear infections in German Shepherds: What You Should Know

Closing of the ear canal is another result of a chronic ear infection. This is known as hyperplasia or stenosis. If the ear canal is swollen, it is difficult or impossible for medications to penetrate into the horizontal canal. Anti-inflammatory medications can sometimes shrink the swollen tissues and open the canal in some dogs. Most cases of hyperplasia will eventually require surgery.

Spread The Liquid In The Ear

Once the dog ear cleaner drops have been incorporated, the towel mentioned above should be used. In this way, you can massage the dogs ear to spread the liquid in the ear. This allows the liquid to have spread evenly.

It should even be left to act as long as necessary so that the liquid can remove as much cider and dirt as possible. Again, the movements should be gentle so as not to cause any pain. Once you have massaged for several minutes, repeat this procedure on the other ear.

Ear Infections And Otitis Externa In Dogs

, DVM, DACVD, Department of Medical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The tubular portion of the outer ear that carries sound to the eardrum is called the ear canal. The most common disorder of the ear canal in dogs is called otitis externa. This condition occurs when the layer of cells that line the external ear canal becomes inflamed. Signs include headshaking, odor, redness of the skin, swelling, scratching, increased discharge, and scaly skin. The ear canal may be painful or itchy depending on the cause or duration of the condition. One or both ears can be affected, and signs can be sudden or longterm. Otitis externa can be caused by many different factors. Some of these factors appear to directly cause the inflammation, while others perpetuate the condition. To complicate things further, the shape or form of the pinnae or ear canals can predispose dogs to developing otitis externa. Identifying these factors is key to successful control of the inflammation. Unless all the causes are identified and treated, the condition may return. Based on these factors, your veterinarian can determine whether the condition can be cured or if longterm or lifelong treatments are necessary.

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German Shepherd Ears At Puppyhood

First-time German shepherd owners may go through an anxious period of stressing over their pups ears and looking for them to stand up on schedule. German shepherd puppies often have floppy ears through their 20th week of age, at which time the cartilage in their ears starts to become harder which keeps the dog’s ears erect. The general wisdom is that if youve seen your puppies ears stand up on their own at some point, they will stay up later. If your puppys ears do not stand up around five months, then you may want to check into the process of taping their dogs ears.

What Are The Symptoms Of An Ear Infection

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Ear infections are painful. Many dogs will shake their head and scratch their ears trying to relieve the discomfort. The ears often become red and inflamed and develop an offensive odor. A black or yellowish discharge commonly occurs. In chronic cases the ears may appear crusty or thickened and the ear canals often become narrowed due to the chronic inflammation.

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How Does Ear Infection Occur

Ear infections in German shepherds can occur when they get too close to other dogs. However, sometimes it could be due to something else.

Commonly, when a dog has ear infections, the external ear canal becomes clogged with excessive discharge, causing painful irritation. The dog may try to rub the affected area to alleviate the discomfort. In addition, a dog who is prone to ear infections may not be cleaning its ears as regularly as it should. Some dogs with ear infections will shake their heads, lick their ears, scratch at them or even bite at the skin around their ears.

German shepherdâs can get ear infections just like any dog can. They may get infections because they dont take care of their ears. The condition may start with a runny nose and itchy skin. The veterinarian will usually recommend cleaning the ears with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. In some cases, an antibiotic may be recommended.

Your German Shepherds Ears

German shepherds consistently rank in the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the U.S., and with good reason. German shepherd dogsor GSDs as theyre otherwise knowninspire respect due to both their intelligence and appearance. German shepherds have a noble profile, and part of that silhouette is the breeds beautifully erect ears. These alert ears and their keen hearing are one aspect of the dogs confirmation that contributes to GSD’s as excellent watchdogs and family guardians.

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Ear Infections Need The Vet

Home remedies for ear infections often just dont work. They can irritate and damage your pets ears, and sometimes even make an infection worse.

Please dont put this stuff in your pets ears

If youve search online, you may find home remedies for dog ear infections like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol. These are all bad ideas, because they can irritate the inside of the ear and invite more infection.

  • Vinegar Sure, the acid in vinegar might kill yeast, but vinegar is mostly water. And that water will leave your dogs ear canal moist, creating the perfect environment for an ear infection.
  • Hydrogen peroxideHydrogen peroxide is also mostly water. Once the initial bubbling stops , whats left in the ear is water.
  • Rubbing alcoholRubbing alcohol will cause nearly unbearable irritation in your dogs ears, which will be awful to watch and make it even harder for you or your vet to get anywhere near your pets ears for treatment.

Never put anything in your dogs ear without veterinary instruction. Your veterinary team can help you find the ideal treatment to treat the infection and give your dog much-needed relief.

Get to the bottom of all that ear scratching

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How To Take Care Of A German Shepherd Ear Infection

German Shepherd Dog ear infection /dog ear problem Ep1 #dog_ear_problem

Though its not a veterinary emergency, it needs immediate attention and care. In the absence of timely diagnosis, it could result in severe problems, not to mention the pain your shepherd will experience.

Remember that prevention is always better. So, you should try your best that your shepherd does not have to go through the suffering of an ear infection.

For that, keep an eye on your shepherds, thoroughly inspect ears for any kind of buildup or any signs that show the possibility of infection.

Cleaning the ear is important for grooming, but as discussed above, over-cleaning can also lead to infection.

Other than that, moisture and allergies are the reason behind the development of yeast and bacteria, which then give rise to the infection. If you can control moisture or allergies, you can prevent infection beforehand. For that, make sure you carefully dry shepherd ears completely, especially after bathing or swimming.

If, in any case, you have diagnosed the infection, either through inspection or following the signs, do not take long to take your shepherd to the veterinarian. Your vet will ask the relevant question such as the signs you have been noticing, the duration, and your shepherds routine. Share all required details as it is necessary for precise diagnosis.

Follow your vets instructions strictly, and do not miss the next appointment. Meanwhile, carry on checking if the condition is improving or not and keep posted.

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What To Do If You Think Your Dog Has An Ear Infection

Contact your vet for an appointment ASAP if you suspect your dog has an ear infection its a very painful problem that needs prompt treatment. If you notice any signs of a middle or inner ear infection , this is more serious and requires a same-day appointment.

What Does It Mean When My German Shepherds Ears Go Down

Dogs communicate with us owners in many ways they bark, they growl, and they use their bodies. Body language is a key part of understanding how your dog is feeling. Dogs use their entire bodies to communicate including their tails, their eyes, and their ears!

When your German Shepherds ears are in their natural position, it means they are happy and/or relaxed. Most German Shepherds ears are permanently upright, but when they go particularly pointy, it may be a sign that your German Shepherd is feeling alert. This often happens when a suspicious stranger or an unknown or unfriendly dog is approaching, or when there is a strange noise inside the home.

When their ears go back or downwards, it could simply mean that they are listening, or it could indicate either excitement or anxiety. So, its important to pay attention to the situation that theyre reacting to and any other signs of emotion.

Excited dogs may whine, wag their tails very quickly, and run towards what they are excited about. This happens a lot when dogs are greeting a loved one. An anxious dog, on the other hand, may lower their head and cower their bodies away from what is causing their anxiety. If they are frightened, they may also tremble and whine, and if they are feeling angry or threatened, they may show their teeth and growl. This can happen when a dog is exposed to a phobia or an aggressive dog.

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What Is The Cost Of Treating Ear Infections In Dogs

The cost of treating ear infections will depend on both the severity of the infection and the underlying cause. Simple cases may only require a cleaning and a round of antibiotics in addition to the cost of the office visits, which are comparatively inexpensive, while serious infections may involve surgery or lifelong treatment of the underlying condition.

German Shepherd Ear Infections: A Complete Care Guide


The shape of dogs ears makes them more likely to get infected than human ears. In fact, nearly 20% of dogs have some kind of ear problem. If youre a German Shepherd owner, you may wonder if your best pal is susceptible to these irritating infections.

German Shepherds are not especially prone to ear infections. Dogs with upright ears are less likely to suffer from this problem. But that isnt, of course, to say that they dont ever get ear infections all dogs are at risk of developing this common issue.

Keep reading to learn how to recognize the symptoms of an ear infection and what to do if you suspect that your German Shepherd may have one. You can also find out what causes ear infections and how to help prevent them.

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What Happens During A Veterinary Ear Examination

If your veterinarian recommends an appointment, they will obtain a complete history of your dog, and perform a comprehensive physical examination.

In cases where your dog is in pain, the veterinarian may recommend sedating your dog to facilitate a proper examination of the ear canal.

In examining the ears, your veterinarian may:

  • Gently palpate, and feel the ear to assess the level of pain if present
  • Complete an assessment of the ears, looking for signs such as redness, swelling, odor, and discharge
  • Examine with an otoscope, which allows a visual evaluation of the ear canal and eardrum
  • If samples of discharge or yeast are taken, microscopic examination of those samples
  • Possible lab culture of ear samples
  • Radiographs, endoscopy, or biopsies in severe or chronic cases
  • Clean and flush the ears

How To Treat Your German Shepherds Ear

Although it may sound alarming that the familys most playful has an ear infection, it can be treated. You can solve it since what you should do immediately is go to your trusted veterinarian. The doctor will test the fluid in the ear canal and then examine it to determine the ear infections cause. Once this diagnostic process has been completed, the veterinarian must prescribe the appropriate medications to treat the infection of your German Shepherd.

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The Signs Of Ear Yeast Infections

Its best that you begin watching out for the different signs of ear yeast infections. Its a bit easy to spot since your do would usually scratch his ear or even rub it on hard surfaces. Also, watch out for the rest of these signs:

  • Yellow, brown, or bloody discharge
  • Odor around the ear
  • Ear flaps have crusted skin
  • Loss of hair on the ear area
  • Your dog shakes or tilts his head
  • Loss of hearing or balance
  • Your dog walks in circles
  • He has abnormal eye movements

If you notice that he suffers from one or more of these symptoms, then its best to take him to the vet. It might also be another ear infection or another underlying condition that requires immediate treatment.

Managing Skin Problems With German Shepherds

Cleaning My German Shepherd Dog’s Ears | How to

Fatty acids, zinc and antioxidants may reduce the symptoms. Its a main reason we added them to our Skin & Coat Supplement. Avoid taking your German Shepherd to early morning or late afternoon walks if youre dealing with a pollen allergy. You may also regularly vacuum or wash the dog in hot water to remove the allergens. Keep them away from either the laundry or the basement, or other areas in the house where its humid.

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How Are Ear Infections Treated In German Shepherds

During an appointment with your veterinarian, your dogs ears will be thoroughly flushed and cleaned using a medicated ear cleanser.

Your veterinarian may prescribe an ear cleanser and a topical medication for you to use at home, but in severe cases, oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed.

Once treatment is started, most basic ear infections resolve within a couple of weeks.

Todays Veterinary Practice explains it is always critical to follow your veterinarians instructions closely and to finish the full course of all prescribed medications.

Failure to finish the full course of treatment may lead to additional problems such as antibiotic-resistant infections.

Different Types Of Ear Infections

The ear infection that German shepherds are prone to is called ceruminous otitis. This form of infection is characterized by ear pain, fever, an enlarged lymph node in the ear, and discharge from the ear. Ear infections in German shepherds often become chronic and affect the ability of the dog to hear and function properly.The cause of the infection is usually due to a buildup of cerumen that the dog has trouble getting rid of. This problem can usually be solved by bathing the dog and removing the cerumen through ear cleaning.

The most common type of ear infection that German shepherds suffer from is called otitis externa. This is a general term that means inflammation of the external ear canal. It can be caused by allergens, foreign bodies, bacterial infections, or viral infections. The most common type of otitis externa in German shepherd dogs is caused by allergies. If you dog has any symptoms of ear infections, contact us and schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. Our veterinarian will examine your dog and provide you with appropriate treatment.

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Ear Infections In German Shepherds: Advice For Owners

When it comes to ear infections, there is good news for German Shepherd owners.

Since the shape of a dogs ears can influence the chances of getting an ear infection, dogs that have upright ears are not especially prone to ear infections as much as floppy-eared dogs.

However, the fact that your German Shepherd has upright ears doesnt necessarily mean he will never get an ear infection.

According to the AKC, 20% of dogs have some kind of ear problem.

If youre a German Shepherd owner, you may wonder if your best friend is susceptible to these painful and irritating infections.

Signs Of An Ear Infection

Ear infection caused dog to

Just like with people, dog ear infections are painful and will lead to an ear ache. Dogs often react to ear pain in the following ways:

  • Frequent head shaking
  • Digging and scratching at their ears
  • Increased sensitivity and crying out when ears are touched
  • Rubbing their head and ears on furniture

There are certain telltale signs that your dogs ear may be infected. By knowing the indicators of canine ear pain and other ear problems, youll be better prepared to get your pet the care they need.

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Preventing Ear Infections In Dogs

Ear infections in dogs are not always preventable, but owners can take steps to reduce the risk, especially in breeds with a predisposition. Keeping your dogs ears dry and clean helps prevent ear infections, but excessive cleaning can be harmful.

The best thing owners can do to prevent ear infections is to inspect their dogs ears regularly. Look for changes in skin color, condition, and temperature, and sniff your dogs ears to check for odors. While it may seem odd, owners should know what a healthy, clean, dog ear smells like so they can tell when something may be off.

If your dog regularly swims, talk to your veterinarian about additional steps you can take to prevent infections, like using veterinary-approved drying agents or clipping the hair around your dogs ear canal.

How Important Is It To Treat An Ear Infection

Dogs with ear infections are uncomfortable, and infected ears can be a source of constant pain and irritation causing constant head-shaking.

In chronic cases, this can cause a condition called an aural hematoma, in which blood vessels in the ear flap break, causing the tissue in the pinna of the ear to swell, requiring surgical treatment.

Ear infections that occur in the middle or inner ears can damage or rupture the eardrum, causing possible permanent hearing loss.

Taking care of your German Shepherds ears is an important part of your best friends health and well-being.

With regular monitoring of your dogs ears, ear cleaning, and regular check-ups with your veterinarian, you can avoid the occurrence of painful ear infections.

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