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Blue Buffalo Dog Food For German Shepherd

German Shepherd Nutritional Needs

Dog Food Review: Blue Buffalo

German Shepherds are high-energy working dogs, so the best dog food for German Shepherds is generally formulated around those breed specific energy levels. Since they are so intelligent and a large breed with a lot of muscle mass, they are often used as police and military rescue dogs, farm and ranch helpers, therapy and seeing eye dogs, and guard dogs. So they require a lot of energy from their food.

A food that is rich in protein and amino acids is required to help them maintain a healthy weight and keep their muscles strong.

A good dog food for German Shepherds should also have a balance of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide them the sustained, long-term energy they need to work long hours. German Shepherds also need more calories per day than other breeds. An adult German Shepherd at a healthy weight requires between 1700-2100 calories a day so you need a food that has a high kcal amount.

Royal Canin Gsd Puppy Formula

  • Formulated for German Shepherd puppies.
  • Made to improve skin and coat health.
  • Vitamins support bone and joint development.
  • Easy to chew kibble size & consistency.
  • Helps maintain stool quality.

This kibble has been specifically designed with the German Shepherd puppy in mind. It has highly digestible proteins and specific fibers that maintains his digestive health, which will aid his soft stools.

Glucosamine and chondroitin also support healthy bones and joints as your puppy grows into a big boy. It has a variety of antioxidants and minerals, such as Vitamin E which help to develop his immune system, as well as Taurine which keeps his heart healthy.

We love that the biscuits are designed specifically for a German Shepherd pup, whose mouth is smaller than an adult, and the smaller shape encourages chewing and slows down his eating, and therefore he is less likely to experience bloat.

Best Dry Food For German Shepherd Puppies

Today, many puppies are weaned directly onto softened kibble, or transitioned from wet food to dry food at around 12 weeks. So they are likely to be already eating dry food by the time they come home with you. In fact they will probably arrive with a bag of the kibble they were weaned onto. These are our picks of the best dry dog food for German Shepherd puppies.

Best dry food for German Shepherd puppy

Royal Canin is one of the worlds largest and most popular dog food manufacturers. This kibble is tailor-made for German Shepherd puppies* and contains everything your dog will need during his growth period.

The formula is balanced to avoid digestive sensitivity, and also contains calcium and phosphorus for healthy joints and bones. Vitamins E and C, together with taurine and lutein help to maintain your pups vulnerable immune system. The diet is designed for pure bred German Shepherd puppies from age 8 weeks to 15 months.

Best food for GSD puppy

Hills are another major specialist diet dog food manufacturer. Their large breed puppy dry dog food* is a good food for German Shepherd puppies up to 12 months old. The diet contains optimal levels of calcium to ensure that bone growth is controlled in order to prevent the onset of health conditions, including hip dysplasia.

Good puppy food for German Shepherds

Best large breed puppy food for German Shepherds

German Shepherd puppy food

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe

The Red Meat Dinner variant of the Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe by Blue Buffalo is a grain-free product that doesnt just exclude wheat from its formulation but also soy and corn.

It contains several meat sources and uses beef muscle as its main protein. But it also contains beef liver, turkey, and lamb.

For palatability, this canned dog food uses beef broth rather than water for moisture. That gives it a flavor and aroma that most dogs love.

Apart from the addition of essential vitamins and minerals, among the top benefits of this dog food to German Shepherds is its flaxseed content.

Flaxseed is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which GSDs need to maintain a healthy coat and to keep their joints strong. Additionally, it is free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

Nutrition Facts Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe
Top Ingredient

The Best Dog Food For German Shepherd Puppies

Best Dog Foods For German Shepherds: Puppies, Adults &  Seniors

Next, its worth taking a closer look at some of the best puppies foods for German Shepards, which should go a long way towards supporting the healthy development of your new puppy.

First of all, its important to keep in mind that a German Shepard puppy will greatly benefit from puppy formulas that are labeled as large breed formulas because these products will come with additional nutrition thatll assist the healthy development of your dog. However, the large breed label is less important when theyre fully grown.

Additionally, its usually best to feed your German Shepard puppy 3 to 4 times a day, rather than giving them all of their food in one go. How come? Well, a puppy will have a tendency to keep eating continually if theres a food supply available, and overeating can lead to vomiting. So if this is happening with your puppy, then smaller portions spread throughout the day may very well solve the problem.

With that said, lets take a closer look at some of the top puppy food products that are well-suited to a German Shepard.

To begin with, we have this fantastic food from Orijen, and while its certainly on the costly side, its definitely a high-quality formula that would benefit any German Shepard puppy.

The formula weve highlighted here is the large breed version, which gives your puppy the added joint protection that helps healthy development, as well as giving them adequate calories to fuel their growth carefully and steadily.

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What Foods Are German Shepherds Allergic To

German Shepherds are known to be allergic to a variety of things, including wheat, corn, soy, and even some meats. If you’re not sure what your German Shepherd is allergic to, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to recommend the best food for your dog based on their specific allergies.

If your German Shepherd is having any sort of adverse reaction to their food, such as scratching, biting, or licking themselves excessively, then they may be allergic to something in their food.

Consult with your veterinarian if you’re not sure what’s causing the reaction. They will be able to recommend the best food for your dog based on their specific allergies.

Purina Pro Bright Mind

Purina Pro is well known for their higher quality grain-inclusive kibbles. This pro formula is in the Bright Minds line of dog foods. It includes botanical oils which can improve mental clarity and sharpness for older pups. As mentioned, this formula includes grain, so its best to avoid if your aging German Shepherd has a sensitive stomach thats intolerant to grains.

This senior-appropriate dog food also contains additional glucosamine support to help prevent joint deterioration. The additional probiotics do support gut health, which is also important for aging dogs. Purina pro rounds out this formal with additional fatty acids to keep your seniors coat and skin soft and nourished.

We love most of Purina Pros recipes, despite their higher price tag. The added botanical oils in this formula will keep your aging pups mind bright and agile for the long term.

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Best Food Products For German Shepherds

Grain-Free German Shepherd Dog Food by Wellness Core THE NO.1 BEST OVERALL
Royal Canin Dry Dog Food Best for Mixed German Shepherd Breeds
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food Best for German Shepherd Puppies
Pedigree Grilled Steak Dog Food Cheapest & Best Budget Pick for German Shepherds
IAMS Proactive German Shepherd Dog Food Best for Weight Gain & Muscle Development Buy Now

Here we present to you our top picks for the Best German Shepherd Food. What makes this list so authentic, is our in-depth research, self-testing, and obviously those thousands of positive user reviews that make these food products rank among the top best for GSDs. Organic-conscious pet owners are recommended to check our top picks for the best All Natural Organic Dog Foods.

What To Do If My German Shepherd Has A Sensitive Stomach

Best Dog Food for German Shepherd puppies ð?

German shepherds are known for their sensitive stomach and gastrointestinal issues. A sensitive stomach can be caused by a range of issues such as parasites, warm weather, the food they are eating, or genetics.

Symptoms of the sensitive stomach include hyper-salivation, vomiting, excessive gas, diarrhea, and blood in the stool.

The following ways will help soothe your puppys sensitive stomach:

  • Feeding him real food Commercial food like kibble can upset your puppys stomach and most people choose to move away from kibble to natural foods like fresh meat.
  • Buy high-quality food Cheap food may contain poor ingredients, therefore, consider premium brands but first check the ingredients before your purchase.
  • Consider grain-free food because food with grains can agitate sensitive stomachs.
  • Speak with your vet to diagnose the problem causing a sensitive stomach in your puppy.

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Diamond Naturals Premium Large Breed Formulas

Heres a power-packed meal to provide antioxidants, probiotics, essential vitamins, and added minerals. The superfoods in the meal promote a long and hearty life for your fluffball. Diamond Naturals formula is specifically for large breed puppies. They need more nourishment to sustain their bone development.

GSDs tend to suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia. So, it is imperative to fortify their immune systems as well as ossein buildout. That will make sure that your pooch does not suffer from joint pains in their adult life.

Furthermore, the antioxidants in the blend prevent cancer. The probiotics in the mix keep the gut flora flourishing, and the omega fatty acids keep the skin, coat, and vision healthy.Diamond tops it all up with a great price tag to give you the ultimate value for your money.


No doubt, giving your pup what it loves brings you joy. But, it is your job to check that you are also providing your fluffball with the essential nutrients it needs to grow into a beautiful and fit canine.

Blue Buffalocontains clinically proven DHA levels for optimal brain development and the right fat and carbohydrate levels to certify muscle and bone growth. And, fiber and prebiotics warrant smooth digestion. All in all, your puppy will become a gorgeous and healthy beast with Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

And, even if your GSD puppy has a sensitive stomach, you need not worry. The grain-less formula is the ideal food for german shepherd puppies with allergies.


Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy Food

Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy Food caters to the nutritional needs of German Shepherd puppies 8 weeks to 15 months old. Like the adult version of Royal Canin, it is a breed-specific puppy food with ingredients that match the nutritional and health needs of the German Shepherd breed.

Royal Canin the best puppy food for German Shepherds with an overall balanced energy content to help puppies gain and maintain an ideal weight. It has a complex antioxidants including Vitamin E to support puppies immune system development along with a strong growing body. Other nutrients in the Royal Canin like Phosphorus, Calcium, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin develop healthy bones structure of German Shepherd puppies.

Royal Canin also features specifically designed kibble for German Shepherd puppy. The kibble is easy for puppy to pick and chew. Optimum kibble size help puppies breakdown their food before swallowing and promote good digestion.

  • Contains potential allergens

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Best Foods For Senior German Shepherds

Is your Senior German Shepherd Overweight? Has your pup started to get a sensitive stomach as they have gotten older? As your best friend continues to age, their nutritional needs are going to change. German Shepherd dogs arent typically prone to being overweight. But, any breed can put on extra pounds without the right amount of exercise as they age.

Its also possible that your pup develops a more sensitive stomach as they age. This means your vet may recommend a dog food designed to aid your pup in proper digestion. Or, if they have a problem staying regular, a higher fiber dog food may be the right call. In no particular order, lets look at our favorite dog foods for senior German Shepherds.

Things To Know About A German Shepherd

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds

The scoop onsharing a home with this heroic, handsome, andhard-workingsuper dog.

Canine actor Rin Tin Tin. Buddy, the very firstSeeingEye dog. K9 Apollo, a notable search-and-rescue dog. The German Shepherd is one of the most iconic and popularlargebreeds for good reason!This member of the herding group has it all: keen intelligence good looks an athletic, muscular build an innate desire to serve, and an unswerving loyalty to his people.Here are some important tips for any Pet Parent consideringmaking the regalGerman Shepherdpart of the crew.

1. German Shepherds are totally trainable.

Your German Shepherd loves to learn. In fact, he thrives on it. Since this breed is very eager to please you, use a positive reinforcement style to keep training enjoyable and strengthen your bond. Dont hesitate to sign up for puppy training classes, obedience classes, or agility when your pal is old enough.Beconsistent and make the most of opportunities to workhis amazingbrain!

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How Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Made

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is made using all-natural ingredients formulated into wholesome recipes. The brand tries its best to ensure that your dogâs food is as primal as possible.

The formulas are minimally processed and are catered to different dog breeds and dietary needs. Every portion of the food ensures that your dog gets the required nutritional needs. The food is tailored to suit every life stage.

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds With Skin Allergies

Food allergies in dogs can lead to a dull or shedding coat. Not only does this require a lot of clean up, but it also causes actual physical pain and irritation for your dog.

Iams PROACTIVE HEALTH Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food contains flaxseed and dried eggs, which are both well known for helping keep a dogs skin and coat shining.

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Things To Look For When Purchasing Wet Dog Food

Apart from complying with AAFCO standards for minimum crude protein and fat, there are certain things you should look out for when choosing the best wet dog food for your German Shepherd.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure a meat source is the first ingredient. Avoid those that list non-meat components like broth or water first.
  • Select dog food that names its meat sources. Avoid those that use generic terms like animal proteins or animal meat.
  • Find canned food that names the animal parts it uses. Most will have a combination of the flesh and organs .
  • Choose grain-free wet dog food or those with whole grains. Hearty grains like brown rice and oats are more beneficial for your dog than fillers like soy and corn.
  • Opt for dog food with beneficial vegetables. Loading up on veggies like carrots and green beans offers better benefits than starches.

German Shepherd Puppies’ Dietary Needs

5 Best Dry Dog Food for German Shepherds

Curious, confident, courageous, and vastly cuddly, these canines will gladly risk their lives to save yours. But, German shepherds usually need proper care and attention as they undergo drastic growth in the initial year of their life. Any neglect of nutritional needs results in serious health complications in their adulthood.

To begin with, you have to understand that GSDs are a large breed of dogs. So, it would be best if you gave them a large breed formula. You see, GSDs need extra minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and calcium. These nutrients support a healthy joint structure and promote buccal growth and a shiny coat. They also need a higher calorie intake as they tend to burn off the energy quickly. The German shepherd puppy sprouts super fast in the first eight months of their lives. That is when they need you to give them extra TLC.

On average, the GSD puppy requires 500 calories a day. And, by the time the puppy is 15 months, it needs 1600 calories. The protein intake should be around 18% to 22%. Moreover, there should be about 8-12% fat content in the diet to sustain the growth of your doggy.

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How Many Calories Does Your German Shepherd Puppy Need

As your German Shepherd puppy grows , she needs a calorie-rich diet. According to the National Research Council of the National Academies, a puppy needs twice as many calories per pound of body weight as an adult of the same breed.

Lets work that out. So, an adult German Shepherd weighing 70 lb needs about 20 calories per lb per day. That would mean that a German Shepherd puppy who will reach 70 lb as an adult needs 40 calories per lb per day.*

*Theses are just guidelines. I advise you to discuss this with your vet and work out an accurate amount for your puppy.


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