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Best Teething Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

Usa Bones And Chews Cotton Rope With Bones Dog Toy

How To Choose The Best German Shepherd Dog Toys for Playtime

Giving a dog a bone feels as natural as giving a goldfish water. This toy allows you to combine a long-standing dog favorite with the functionality of a chew toy by taking a woven tug rope and outfitting it with several hollow pieces of bone. It gives your dog the option to chew on two different textures, and also lends itself to tug of war play sessions between you and your German Shepherd. When you interact with a toy, it becomes more compelling for your dog.

The bone will hold up to those powerful German Shepherd jaws, and the rope will help to gently clean their teeth as they play. Whats more, there are no chemicals or artificial preservatives used for this toy, so its a great option for those who want to know exactly what theyre giving their dog.

Which Toys Are Bad For German Shepherds

Now that youve seen what a good dog toy looks like, lets talk about some bad ones and what makes them so. A bad dog toy is one made with cheap, flimsy materials. These toys can fall apart within minutes of giving them to your dog.

If youre lucky, youll be there to stop a tragedy before it happens, but thats not always the case. When cheap dog toys fall apart, small pieces can break off and be swallowed, get lodged in your dogs throat, or muck up her intestines and bowels. This can lead to panicked trips to the vet, emergency surgery, and even death.

Worse yet is when those cheap materials come from unknown locations. Weve all heard horror stories about toxic substances finding their way into our pets food, medicines, and toys.

Be a smart dog parent and check the country of origin for every toy you bring home. When in doubt, skip it! Your dogs health isnt worth risking to save a few bucks.

Any trustworthy pet toy manufacturer should be easy to reachthrough phone or email. If you cant get a hold of a real live human being,skip that toy company.

A bad toy for your dog can also be a good toy for another dog. What we mean by that is not all safe and high-quality toys will be the right fit for all dogs.

There is no one perfect toy for every dog, so be aware of what your GSDs needs are. Puppies should never be given tiny toys that can be swallowed, for example.

Best Soft Toy For German Shepherd Puppies

Its very rare for plushies to last longer than a couple of minutes at the mercy of a GSD puppy. The next best thing is a tough dog toy enclosed in a plushie-like covering. These provide soft edges and surfaces, which massage the gums and are comforting to your teething dog.

The best soft toy for GSD puppies is the Tuffy Gear Ring. At its core is a tough plastic layer enclosed in two layers or industrial grade material commonly used in luggages.

Then, it is enclosed in a layer of soft fleece with enhanced durability from tightly spaced webbing.

Additionally, this soft dog toy has as many as seven seams, which makes it extra tough. For added stimulation, this toy contains multiple squeakers, which are enclosed in internal pockets for guaranteed safety.

What I love:

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Best Toys For Your German Shepherd

  • FIVE HIGH QUALITY LARGER ROPES For Your Best Friend – Perfect for Tug of War, Toss and Fetch Games,…
  • BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE MATCHING Custom Color Assortment Value Pack Set is Sure to Delight you and Your…
  • WASHABLE 100% COTTON FIBERS for Your Family Member’s Health and Safety. Take Them Outside and do…
  • Cotton CLEANS TEETH and MASSAGES GUMS and Can Help Fight Plaque Build-Up. Great Gifts for any Breed…
  • BACKED BY OTTERLY PETS No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty. Unsatisfied For Any Reason? Let Us Know and…

For a good set of rope toys for your pup or adult dog, Otterly Pets has it. Thick, tightly woven cotton ropes in a variety of designs will keep your German Shepherd entertained for a long time. It has rope toy designs that you can play tug-of-war with, a ball for fetching, and even a ring for teething puppies.

Rope toys are also great as dental toys, but they would need to be replaced much faster than nylon toys since theyre easier to be chewed through. They are much cheaper and has a variety in one pack. If you dont mind playing with your dog and always supervising, then this rope set from Otterly Pets is a great choice.

Nylabone is one of the brands that offer the most long-lasting chew toys in the market. More so with the DuraChew line. This extra-large chew toy is a peanut-butter flavored dog bone that can last a long time even with aggressive chewers.

Key Features:


Key Features:


Key Features:


Best Teething Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

Great toy option for any German Shepherd. Sturdy and long

We highly recommend that German Shepherd puppies chew on teething toys when their adult teeth are coming in.

If owners dont provide them with chew-proof toys during this time, they may resort to bad behaviors like chewing on furniture or things around them. This can be your most expensive shoes, purse, sofa, tables, blankets, beds, and more!

Make sure the toys are strong and durable, not soft or stuffed. The hard and durable chew toys will allow your German Shepherd puppies to satisfy their chewing and provide them soft and sore gums with much-needed relief.

When our dogs were puppies and going through the teething stage, we gave them these teething toys and we believe these are great teething toys for German Shepherd puppies too.

What we like about these teething toys is that they can also work as a treat too.

Our first recommendation based on our puppies experience is this one. Your German Shepherd puppies will enjoy getting their teeth on this.

Before we used to give these to our pups, we put them in the fridge first. This makes the toy very cold and is a great way to numb the sore and inflamed gums.

Best of all, you can add treats or put peanut butter inside the toy to mentally stimulate your pups.

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Pestages Deerhorn Dog Chew Toy

Antlers are another highly durable dog chew that ranks as a favorite among dogs due to the taste and smell. Pestages plays into this affinity with their Deerhorn chew, as it is actually made from naturally shed antlers that have been ground up. These chews are even shaped like antlers, and feature a series of bumps at the base to add that teeth-cleaning texture.

Made without lead or phthalate, this is another more natural option that you can feel good about handing over to your German Shepherd. It is also rated for tough chewers, so adult dogs arent out of bounds for this chew toy.

How Long Do German Shepherds Teethe For: Up To 20 To 24 Weeks

For the most part, many German Shepherd puppies will have stopped teething by the time they reach 6 months or 24 weeks old. However, some can take longer so dont freak out or be surprised. Every dog is different and the dental development stages vary for each dog.

While the puppy milk teeth push through easily, the same can not be said of the adult teeth. It takes time for the German Shepherd adult teeth to push through and grow.

This is especially true of the molars at the back of the dogs mouth. It will take the molars to grow in.

Even if it takes your German Shepherd puppy a little longer to stop teething, by the 8th month, he or she shouldve stopped teeth.

Again, there are cases when the teething doesnt stop until after the 8th month. This is pretty abnormal, but can still happen. If youre ever concerned or worried, we highly recommend that you consult with your vet.

Once the teething stops, youre probably wondering, how many teeth do German Shepherds have. At this point, your German Shepherd dogs should have a total of 42 shiny, white, and strong adult teeth.

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Best German Shepherd Toys For Bored Chewers

Wouldnt it be amazing if you could keep your dog occupied for hours with the best German Shepherd toys that are strong and irresistible?

You can, right now with these German Shepherd toys for boredom!

Ill share with you what toys German Shepherds love that helps them stay happy and busy and

They wont break your bank account.

All you have to do is pick a boredom-busting toy from the list below to keep your dog happy, healthy, and busily chewing.

Nylabone Rompnchomp Chew Toy

THE CUTEST German Shepherd Puppies Ever!!

This Nylabone Romp N Chomp* is one of the best chew bones for German Shepherd puppies.

It can be stuffed with treats and can be frozen, which can soothe sore gums.

Since your German Shepherd hasnt reached its full strength yet, this bone should hold up against your avid chewer.

Most customers with large breed dogs say it satisfied their teething puppies and didnt break down.

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How Long Should A Chew Toy Last

The answer to that question will depend on both the product and your dog. There is no way to give you a reliable answer to this question. However, if you choose your chew toys wisely, your dog should get at least a month of use per toy.

If you dont get at least that much, you wasted your money. Its important to remember that chew toys are meant to be disposable, even if you dont want to replace them any more often than necessary.

Different Types Of Dog Toys For German Shepherd

Dog toys come in various shapes and forms to find the perfect piece to entertain your dog. German shepherds enjoy regular activity, and toys can make getting regular exercise more engaging for them. Overall, youll find that most German shepherds are tough but tend to be more reserved when interacting with their owners and families.

With this combination of personality traits, many chews can be a good fit for German shepherds. Chew toys are one of the most simple pieces youll find, allowing them a way to work their jaws without gnawing on items in your home. The best options for this breed are very durable toys, which can last through regular use. Some will even help improve your dogs dental health!

Additionally, puzzle toys can be very engaging for some German shepherds. You can often find these toys at different difficulty levels, for challenges at various stages of life. Some allow for playtime to focus on retrieving toys, while others can distribute snacks. If you want a toy that gives entertainment and mental stimulation in one, these are an excellent option.

Finally, youll also likely come across balls and other fetch toys when searching for German shepherd dog toys. Fetch is an excellent game to let your dog work out their energy throughout the day. Some products, like ball launchers, give you a way to throw long distances without straining your arms too much in a session.

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Chuckit Ultra Ball X Large Fetch Ball

This is the X Large version which is 3.5 inches for big dog mouths like a German shepherd so they dont inhale the ball.

For puppies, you may want to get a smaller size.

Better for playing fetch with launchers and for throwing longer distances as the Chuckit! Ultra Ball is more lightweight than the KONG Extreme Rubber Ball, but still maintains the durable strength!.

The Ultra Ball floats, has high bounce and is bright for high visibility.

They are also made of rubber and not felt like normal tennis balls.

Use these balls with the Chuckit! Large size launchers .

Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

German Shepherd Training Toys. German Shepherd Training: Some Best Tips ...

Most Durable Dog Toy

Kong toys that have hollow insides can serve multiple purposes, and the Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy is no exception to that rule. Although its made with ultra-durable rubber, the toy is still soft on your Shepherds gums and teeth and wont wear them down.

Depending on the size of your pup, the toy comes in both medium and large. Keep in mind that, in addition to being a chew or fetch toy, you can also fill the bone with treats and let your dog spend hours figuring out how to get to them.

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Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Souper

This is the best commercial chew bone for German Shepherd adults.

This Nylabone is uniquely made for larger dogs who are over 50 pounds in weight so it is durable and stands up to heavy chewing.

It also comes in a variety of flavors including liver, chicken, bacon, beef, peanut butter and bacon.

The bone itself is large, so theres little chance your GSD swallows it.

Made in the USA!

The Best German Shepherd Toys Of The Year

Finding toys for German shepherds can be a real challenge. Not only do you have to make sure that the toy is big and strong enough to withstand a dog that is as powerful as a German shepherd, but you also have to make sure that it is interesting and engaging enough to keep their attention.

If you are the owner of a German shepherd, then you know how true this is. Fortunately, there are a few German shepherd toys on the market that are sure to please even the most discerning dog.

Here are my favorite picks for the best German shepherd toys of the year:

1. KONG Extreme Dog Toy

One of the most important factors in finding the right toy for your German shepherd is making sure that it is strong enough to withstand their powerful jaws.

The KONG Extreme Dog Toy is specifically designed for the toughest of chewers, with a durable natural rubber formula that can withstand even the most powerful bites.

Another great feature of the KONG Extreme Dog Toy is that it can be stuffed with bits and kibbles, making it a fun and interesting toy to play with. German shepherds are known for their intelligence, and this toy is sure to engage their minds as they figure out how to get the treats inside.

You can fill it with your dog’s favorite treats such as peanut butter or cheese, or you can even freeze it to keep them entertained for even longer.

2. Harry Barker Cotton Rope Tug and Toss

Plus, the Harry Barker Cotton Rope Tug and Toss is a great way to bond with your German shepherd.

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Chuckit Paraflight Dog Toy

Price: $$

  • Can be used outdoors

Our Overview

No dog toy list is complete without a frisbee, and Chuckit is back with another top-quality toy that will keep your GSD healthy with plenty of running and jumping.

Woven from tough nylon, the aerodynamic shape of this flying disc is meant to be lightweight. It can float, making it suitable for pool use as well.

Although the brand claims it can stand up to chewing, the rubber edges tend to get bent when caught during a round of fetch. This can make it fly a bit wonky than in a straight line.

Still, for the price and quality, this is a durable frisbee option.

For pricing and availability .

Paw: Wooly Snuffle Mat

Top 5 Best Toys for German Shepherd Review

This feeding mat is great for keeping your German Shepherd busy and mentally stimulated.

The premise is simple, you hide food or treats in a grass-like designed mat, and your dog would then try to sniff out and eat those treats. Whats awesome is this actually simulates foraging and thus makes full use of your German Shepherds instincts. Through this toy, your GSD will have to make full use of its nose and brain to obtain its reward.

One issue with it though, is that your German Shepherd may learn that it can flip or shake the treats off the mat, which would then render the whole thing useless. So you may have to figure out a way to secure it in place, or youd have to use it under supervision.


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The Best Toy For Dogs Who Love To Fetch Chase And Power Chew

If you have a super chewer then youll feel good that your money wont go into the trash 10 minutes after giving your dog a toy.

Kong claims their Extreme Ball is the toughest and most durable ball on the market, and I have to agree!

The Kong Extreme Ball Toy is recommended for power chewers and its the perfect substitute for a dog that loves to fetch and destroy tennis balls.

Otterly Pets Assorted Medium To Large Rope Dog Toys

Price: $$

  • Toy type: Indestructible interactive chewing tugging
  • Made from all natural, non toxic cotton fibers
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors

Our Overview

You cant go wrong with a good old fashioned chew rope its one of the best toys for German Shepherd puppies.

We love this one because there is a variety pack of goodies made from non toxic materials, so it wont harm your dog. Just watch out for pulled fibers and remove them quickly before your dog can swallow them.

Manufactured from braided cotton and thick plastic, you get a hardy toy that is built for tugging and chewing. You can be sure this durable product will last and its great for dental health. It cleans teeth, massages gums and helps thwart destructive behavior around the house.

Simple and sturdy, the rope is a great first-time toy for GSD owners.

For pricing and availability .

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