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Best Purina Dog Food For German Shepherd

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Chicken & Rice Dog Food

Best Dog Food for German Shepherd puppies ð?

Best Budget Option

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Whole Grain Brown Rice, 4. Ground White Rice, 5. Rice Bran

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Large, Giant breeds
  • Caloric content : 3,499 kcal

For what it costs, Diamond Natural Large Breed is an excellent value food thats equally nutritious and high-quality as the more expensive options. Its made from a handful of premium ingredients like cage-free chicken, brown rice, and veggies that provide a holistic diet for your Alsatian.

After switching to this dog food, many owners said they saw an improvement in digestion and coat health. The formula is also enriched with probiotics, glucosamine, and chondroitin nutrients that are crucial for German Shepherds as they are prone to digestive and joint problems. Moreover, the recipe is free from common allergens like corn, wheat, and soy, so the diet sits well with your dogs stomach.

Analysis: Protein min. 23% | Fat min. 13%, | Fiber max. 3.5% | Moisture max. 10%

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Orijen Large Breed Puppy Food

Image courtesy Orijen

The Orijen Puppy Large contains the most animal protein from chicken, which is fresh. The label analysis revealed that the recipe has 43% protein, 18% fat, and 31% carbohydrates… resulting in a fat-to-protein ratio of around 42 percent.

Champion Petfoods, the well-known maker of Orijen, has long promoted a meat-based “biologically appropriate” diet. This is a tried and true design that makes this particular dish an excellent choice for developing Shepherd pups.

Best Wet Food For German Shepherd Puppies

Quality canned food is highly rich in nutrients.

Wet food manufacturers specifically come up with formulas that encompass almost every canine diet such as grain-free, gluten-free, organic, weight management, among many others.

You hold the power to choose the ideal wet food for puppies to meet your German Shepherds special needs.

Furthermore, wet dog food is much easier to chew and digest.

Due to its smooth texture and high moisture content, its considered by most to be the best food for a puppy whose teeth havent fully developed yet or one with a sensitive stomach.

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What Is The Best Dog Food For German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a popular breed in the United States, coming in at second right behind Labradors.

They look imposing and are great guard dogs, but they are also wonderful family pets and service dogs. The first guide dog in America was a GSD called Buddy.

The best you can do for these gorgeous animals is by offering them the best dog food for German Shepherds. Read more below!

Best Purina Dog Foods

Best Dog Food To Feed A German Shepherd in 2022 Evaluations and ...

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But narrowing down the choices from Purina can also be tough because they make so many different types of foods. Options include dry dog food, wet dog food, dog food for sensitive stomachs, food for small dogs, and food for large dogs and those are just some of the options available! To help you narrow down the myriad of choices from Purina, weve read through the countless Purina dog food reviews that customers have shared. Our research has led us to choose the following five options as our top picks for the best Purina dog food on the market.

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Should I Feed My Puppy Wet Or Dry Dog Food

There is no definite right or wrong answer to the wet vs dry food argument. Wet food is great because it holds more water than dry food so your puppy is more likely to be well-hydrated.

However, they are more costly and can be quite messy if your puppy is a messy eater. Meanwhile, feeding your puppy dry kibble helps strengthen their muzzle and teeth and has a much longer shelf life.

However, some pups have a harder time chewing food and if your pup is a picky eater, he wouldnt find dry food as palatable as wet food.

Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ High Protein Senior Dog Dry Food

Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ dry dog food is specially formulated to cater to the health of senior dogs that are seven years and above. It is a large breed dog food best for dogs such as the German shepherd.

It contains a good blend of animal protein, probiotics, essential fatty acids and nutrients to keep the older dog healthy. The food is an easily digestible formula and enables a senior dog to thrive and be healthy.

Top ingredients: Chicken, Rice flour, Poultry by-product meal, Whole grain corn, soybean meal

Key features:

  • Has a high-quality protein source
  • Contains live probiotics for healthy digestive system
  • A holistic balanced diet for senior dogs
  • Contains vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids that nourish the skin and coat
  • Glucosamine and Omega-3 fatty acids support joint health and Mobility
  • Contains a blend of botanical oils that have brain supporting nutrients for supporting proper brain function and alertness
  • Best for adult dogs 7+ years of age

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Best Dog Foods For German Shepherds With Sensitive Stomachs

Finding the best dog food for German Shepherds with sensitive stomachs can be a nightmare.

You always hope with every new food you pour into their bowl that this will finally be the one.

And then

Your beautiful dog is in discomfort and pain with stomach problems again.


It doesnt have to be this way!

In the next few minutes, Ill show you the best dog foods for German Shepherds with sensitive stomachs.

Whats more?

Ill guide you through what you can do to help calm their bellies. so you can finally bring them the sorely-needed relief they deserve.

Lets get started right away.

Purina Pro Plan Focus High Protein Wet Puppy Food

5 Best Dog Food for German Shepherds in 2022

The Purina Pro Plan Focus Wet Puppy Food is a high-protein grain-free food formulated to cater to the healthy development of a German shepherd puppy.

The grain-free aspect of the food reduces food allergies and it lacks soy, wheat, peas, and corn that may cause allergic reactions. The puppy food is also enriched with nutrients, fatty acids, and proteins.

Top ingredients: Turkey liver, Chicken, Meat by-products, Beef, Water, Salmon

Key features:

  • Omega-6 for healthy coat and skin
  • Omega-3 for vision and brain health
  • No corn, wheat, pea, or soy
  • Quality protein sources for high protein diet
  • No artificial flavors and colors
  • Lacks preservatives

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Hills Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic Dog Treats 12 Oz

  • A single, highly digestible carbohydrate source helps avoid common food allergens.
  • Help manage associated inflammation, and nourish the skin and coat.
  • Help maintain a healthy immune system and the skin barrier function.

Check Latest Price

Lowest Price

Product Details

Dogs with skin conditions and food sensitivities love treats just as much as any other dog, and thats why theres Hills Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats Dog Treats. The nutritionists and veterinarians at Hills developed these tasty, crunchy biscuits especially for dogs enjoying a z/d, d/d, i/d or Derm Defense prescription diet.

The hydrolyzed chicken liver protein helps alleviate adverse reactions to food, while omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, including EPA, help nourish the skin and coat. Added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help further support healthy skin barrier function.

Key Benefits Allows dogs suffering from skin conditions and food sensitivities to enjoy a delicious crunchy treat. Hydrolyzed chicken liver protein helps alleviate adverse reactions to food omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, including EPA, help nourish the skin and coat.

Added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help further support healthy skin barrier function. Made in the USA and developed especially for adult dogs enjoying a z/d, d/d, i/d or Derm Defense prescription diet.

Crunchy biscuits help maintain good dental hygiene between brushings by scraping plaque and tartar from his teeth as he chews.

The 10 Best German Shepherd Dog Foods

The best German Shepherd food will be rich in protein from high-quality animal sources with moderate fat and calorie content for energy. Make sure it is highly digestible, featuring whole-food ingredients, and free from fillers, byproducts, and artificial additives. If your dog has allergies or a sensitive stomach, a limited ingredient diet may be best.

Heres our top pick for the best German Shepherd dog food:

Our 2022 Picks: Best Adult and Puppy Food for German Shepherds

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Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken

Eukanuba cares for both your pocket and your pups well-being. So, you get three different packaging options for your puppy. Its main ingredient is high-quality chicken that your puppy will devour. While the formula is enhanced with targeted levels of calcium and phosphorus. You see, German Shepherds need calcium. But, too much can harm them.

But, Eukanuba has been in this business for over fifty years. And, they only provide products par excellence. So, if you are looking for choices in the market, Eukanuba is a sensible addition to your dogs diet.


Crafted with love and care, Purina ONE SmartBlend is an epic meal for your dog. The yummy chicken flavor satisfies your poochs taste buds, and the nutrient-rich formula will keep you happy, too. Purina believes that your canine deserves only the best. So, they give you dry dog food for large breed puppies that is free from preservatives. There are no artificial colors, fillers, or flavors.Purina simply does not do meal fillers.

Vets across the globe recommend Purina, and they are so sure of their high quality that Purina offers you to take the 28-day Challenge. If you dont see a visible improvement in your dogs coat, skin, energy levels, and well-being, they are satisfied to give you your money back.





  • Theres a change in the formula

Do They Have Any Special Dietary Needs

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds with Skin Allergies (2022)

All dogs require a healthy, balanced diet rich in protein and healthy fats. The German Shepherd is a large-breed dog, so protein is even more important to help him maintain lean muscle mass. As a puppy, youll need to control your German Shepherds fat and calorie intake to keep him from growing too fast because overgrowth in large breeds can lead to an increased risk for musculoskeletal problems.

Generally speaking, the German Shepherd is a fairly healthy breed. As is true for all dogs, however, poor breeding practices can increase the risk of genetic health problems. This, combined with the fact that the German Shepherd is a large breed, means that he is at risk for things like hip dysplasia, though responsible breeding can help keep that risk to a minimum.

Here are some of the other health problems to which the breed is prone:

  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Cardiovascular disease

When it comes to dietary needs, most of the conditions on this list dont have any special dietary implications. You do, however, need to be mindful of how much and how quickly your dog eats. Eating too quickly or too much at once puts your dog at risk for bloat, a life-threatening condition in which the stomach twists, cutting off blood flow to the organs.

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What Is The Best Food For German Shepherds With Joint Problems

If your German Shepherd has joint problems, you’ll want to find a dog food that is rich in omega-three fatty acids. These essential nutrients help to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints.

There are many brands of dog food that offer formulas specifically for dogs with joint problems. These foods often contain ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which are known to help relieve joint pain.

Now let’s chat in more detail about the best dog foods for your furry friend.

Purina Pro Plan Wet Food

We advise Purina Pro Plan Wet Food as a substitute if youre seeking for another choice. This one has a lot of high-quality protein and is created especially for large breed dogs.

Additionally, this dog food comes in a variety of tastes, including lamb, beef, chicken, and beef and chicken.

The fact that this dog chow includes actual meat chunks and sauce is something we really appreciate. For GSDs with discerning appetites, this might be quite attractive.

In addition, this filling snack has 2% fat, 1.5% fiber, and 9% protein per serving. For German Shepherds who dont engage in a lot of physical activity, this mixture is ideal.

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Holistic Select For Large & Giant Breed Puppies

Top ingredients: Lamb Meal, Chicken Meal, OatmealType: Dry

Each kibble is jam-packed with digestive enzymes, active probiotics, and healthy fiber which will keep your pups digestive health at its finest.

The kibble is also of a larger variety, made for large breed pups. An American product with quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

5 Best Dry Dog Food for German Shepherds

Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Salmon, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Peas, Sweet Potatoes

If you are searching for a dry dog food for your German Shepherd that isnt super expensive, then American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe is a great choice for you.

It is on the lower end of the price spectrum however, it is still a good dry dog food from a reputable brand that is manufactured in Kansas, USA.

This mix comes in a 4lb, 12lb or 24lb bag, offering the option to choose a smaller bag to begin with to see if your furry friend likes it and then move on to a bigger bag later on.

A 4-pound bag holds about 17 cups, a 12-pound bag holds about 52 cups and a 24-pound bag holds about 104 cups that should last for a while! It can have a strange smell though, which can be off-putting to humans and dogs alike, and can be a little hard for senior dogs to digest sometimes.

This Salmon & Sweet Potato blend offers protein and amino acids through real, deboned salmon, ensuring leaner muscles while still tasting great.

The addition of both chickpeas and sweet potato allow for slow-release energy, which means your best friend will have endless energy all day long.

This recipe also includes heaps of fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, blueberries and dried kelp for fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients, as well as offering immune support and lots of vitamins and minerals.


30% Off at

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Best Brand Of Dog Food For German Shepherd

Royal Canin German Shepherd Dog Food

Royal Canin has mastered themselves in formulating unique diet meals for German Shepherds. The main factor that makes them stand out among others is that they offer effective nutritional dog food from pure and original ingredients. Not just improving your pets body structure but also providing complete overall body development.

Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance combination of love for pets plus their innovative knowledge of dog food formula makes them unique in creating premium dog food products. They are known to make products that meet the high nutritional, good taste, and clear all safety standards. Their innovative L.I.D is a hit with providing simple and specific nutritional formulated formula diet food for your pet.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo has always indulged in producing dog food with the finest high-quality ingredients from the very beginning of its journey. None of their German Shepherd dog food contains soy, wheat, or corn. Blues every bite is rich in antioxidants that help improve your pets immune system. All of the pet food is slowly processed and not overcooked since overcooking may eliminate its nutritional value. We would recommend Blue Buffalo if you are looking out for a premium quality dog food product.

Purina Dog Food

Merrick Dog Food

Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Large Breed Recipe Dry Food

When it comes to quality nutrition, raw food is at the top of the spectrum with fresh food close behind. Unfortunately, raw food can be very expensive, and it is more difficult to store than dry food. Thats why we love this Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Large Breed Recipe Dry Food it provides the ideal blend of high-protein kibble and freeze-dried raw bites to give your dog a boost of nutrition without compromising on convenience. This recipe features fresh chicken as the first ingredient with freeze-dried chicken bites for taste, texture, and nutrition. It contains digestible grain-free carbohydrates like peas and potatoes with fresh fruits and vegetables for supplemental fiber as well as natural sources for key nutrients. This recipe provides a full 38% protein with 17% fat and 389 calories per cup. It is balanced with vitamins and chelated mineral supplements as well.

  • Pros: High-protein kibble with freeze-dried raw bites, real chicken first ingredient, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, probiotics for digestion, chelated minerals
  • Cons: Contains some plant protein , not grain-free

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Recipe


Wilderness Salmon is one of 18 dry recipes analyzed in our review of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned salmon, chicken meal, peas, pea protein, menhaden fish meal
  • Type: Grain-free
  • Profile: Maintenance
  • Best for:Adult shepherds only

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon derives the bulk of its animal protein from fresh salmon and chicken meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 38% protein, 17% fat and 38% estimated carbs producing a fat-to-protein ratio of about 44%.

A grain-free, protein-rich formula available in over a dozen flavors and recipes which makes Wilderness ideal for those who appreciate the benefits of diet rotation. Fairly priced and highly recommended.

Sample buyer reviewI have a 3 year old husky and ever since she was a puppy i had her on blue wilderness. Ive got her every flavor if not almost every flavor, and this salmon one is the one she has loved the most! Ieave her food bowl full at all times she so can eat whenever she wants. And she eats this salmon one more than every other flavor. Now i know salmon is her favorite protein (:


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