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Best Dog Toys For German Shepherd

Chuckit Ultra Duo Tug Tough Dog Toy

How To Choose The Best German Shepherd Dog Toys for Playtime

The knotted rope that every dog loves now comes attached to a pole that can be placed outdoors in your yard. That way, your German Shepherd can tire themselves out playing tug o war on their ownsaving you from sore arm muscles!

Its perfect for keeping them entertained while youre away. It also helps compensate for smaller yard space. They may not be able to run around as much, but they can use up their energy on this toy.

That doesnt mean skimping on the walks. It just means you have one extra means of helping manage your German Shepherds energy levels. The rope is 5 inches long and designed to be durable enough for dogs that are 60 pounds or more. Theres also a small dog version in case you have a smaller pup running around, too.

Our only worry here is that you might fall out of the habit of playing with your dog. While this is a great toy, it shouldnt be a complete substitute for quality play time with you because playing with you or other dogs helps them not only expend energy but also socialize and develop stronger bonds.

So as long as you make sure you are still spending plenty of quality time with your pooch, this is a great toy to help handle some of the workloads.

Best Chew Toy For The Dog Who Can Get Enough Bacon

German Shepherds love spending hours chewing happily, and this chew toy is designed just for that. The flavor-infused taste of bacon keeps your dog busily gnawing away!

And that means more chewing on the right things in your house! And while they chew, you can feel good knowing the bones uniquely formed texture works to clean their teeth, too.

Now, thats a double win for a chew toy!

They are a great and healthy alternative to rawhides and other fatty bones that could harm your dog and are messy to give your GSD.

Best Chew For Your Dogs Dental Health

You can feel good about purchasing Benebone since your purchase helps support the welfare of dogs through community involvement and product donations.

Benebone products are also proudly made in the U.S.A. This includes all packaging, ingredients, tooling and all materials.

Plus, its a more natural option and is flavored with real bacon to keep your busy German Shepherd interested and occupied chewing.

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Outward Hound: Dog Smart Puzzle

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Sometimes puzzle toys are a bit too hard right out of the gate. If your dog is a puzzle toy beginner, you can give him a boost of confidence with this beginner level treat-dispensing puzzle tray.

It comes with nine removable, bone-shaped caps that hide treats or kibble. Your German Shepherd will need to use his nose to figure out which caps the treats are hiding under, then figure out how to get them.

There are two levels of difficulty built right in. Startwith the caps elevated to help your dog learn the game. After shes got thehang of it, bump up the challenge by placing the caps flush with the tray.

This is a washable, reusable, interactive toy that can helphone your GSDs sense of smell and problem-solving. A bonus to this toy is thatit can act as a slow feeder, too.

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy

General German Shepherd
  • Best for crate training.

The Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy is a great toy for crate training your puppy. This toy is designed to mimic another dogs heartbeat, giving your pup a partner in their crate at night to keep them soothed. While finding a crate that fits your German Shepherd is important, reducing their anxiety levels during the training process will also make the process far more comfortable for your pup.

This toy is designed to create intamicy with physical warmth. You can heat up the disposable warming packs and place them inside the toy, which will ease crying and whining while your puppy crate trains. Its easy to clean, and once the heart is removed, it can be machine washed. This toy is best used during sleeping times, and shouldnt be used as chew toy due to the material and the cost.

We lovethat the Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy is designed to help German Shepherd Puppies get used to their crates at a critical time in their lives. While we wish it was cheaper, its still a great solution for young pups that are crate training early on.

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What Toys Are Best For German Shepherd Puppies

When it comes to puppies, that shows that they are kids and not like the adults, so you must take care that the games level should be for beginners. Therefore, you can choose toys like JW Pet Company Tanzanian Mountain Ball, West Paw Design Zogoflex Tux Dog Chew Toy. West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy. ROGZ Pupz Da Bone Chew Toy. Kong Puppy Tires etc.

What Are Puzzle Toys For Dogs

Your dog doesnt just need physical activity they also need mental stimulation. Puzzle toys are designed to keep your poochs brain active.

Theyre the ideal toy for dog parents who struggle to keep their pup entertained and challenged.

My favorite doggy puzzles are interactive and reward your pups hard work with a treat, making them multi-functional as well. Allie loves all toys but she is food motivated so toys that reward her with a tasty snack are definitely favorites in our house.

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Trixie Move2win Activity Strategy Game Dog Toy

Will you accept this Level 3 puzzle challenge?

Ok all you experienced puzzle gamers heres the Trixie Dog Activity Move2Win Toy to keep your dogs gaming skills levelled up and charged!

The formula for achieving the treat reward is a series of moves in a certain order, which is more than ideal for the advanced canine gamer.

Looking for a game thats enjoyable to use on those cold rainy days where you cant get outside?

Then get your pup moving with this stimulating activity game and watch them plan a winning strategy.

What Are The Best Toys For German Shepherds

Best Dog Chew Toys For German Shepherds

As a working dog, the GSD likes to have a job to do or something to occupy her time. Thats why youll want to choose toys that are durable, mentally stimulating and fun. It doesnt hurt to have some comfort toys for long hours in the crate!

These are the different types of German Shepherd dog toys we recommend:

  • Tug toys: They are made to be strong and long-lasting for hardcore biting and tugging. This is a great option for puppies, as tug toys strengthen teeth.
  • Puzzle/interactive: These toys are made to challenge a dog mentally and often incorporate treats as a reward.
  • Teething/chew: Indestructible and made from thick rubber or plastic, this is a great German Shepherd puppy toy and beneficial for dental health.
  • Soft/plush: These toys are for comfort. Go for a plush toy with no stuffing to prevent swallowing.
  • Training toys: These will keep your GSD physically and mentally stimulated great for puppies learning to obey commands. You can also take a look at our training guide, specifically designed for this breed.

Want to build your own German Shepherd obstacle course, but need some inspo? Check out this video for ideas.

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The High Energy Of German Shepherds

All dogs are usually pretty energetic, but the bigger they are, the more power they have, and a German Shepherd with pent-up energy will start to get destructive.

Imagine feeling ready to run a marathon but being forced to sit behind your office desk all day. Youll get antsy and frustrated pretty quickly. German Shepherds are no different.

They need a LOT of exercise and playtime to help release that energy in safe, beneficial ways instead of crashing through all your precious valuables and chewing up your favorite shoes.

More importantly, a German Shepherd with too much pent-up energy might turn on himself and start chewing up his feet and tail, which can become a serious problem. So its important to make sure you give your pooch plenty of opportunities to exercise and release that energy.

Best Soft Toy For German Shepherd Puppies

Its very rare for plushies to last longer than a couple of minutes at the mercy of a GSD puppy. The next best thing is a tough dog toy enclosed in a plushie-like covering. These provide soft edges and surfaces, which massage the gums and are comforting to your teething dog.

The best soft toy for GSD puppies is the Tuffy Gear Ring. At its core is a tough plastic layer enclosed in two layers or industrial grade material commonly used in luggages.

Then, it is enclosed in a layer of soft fleece with enhanced durability from tightly spaced webbing.

Additionally, this soft dog toy has as many as seven seams, which makes it extra tough. For added stimulation, this toy contains multiple squeakers, which are enclosed in internal pockets for guaranteed safety.

What I love:

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Engaging Puzzle Toys For German Shepherds

Is your German Shepherd a smarty pants? Yup, mine too. Its important to keep your German Shepherds brain active and engaged itll keep them happy and healthy, while also preventing your GSD from looking for more devious ways to fill their time .

So, whats a good way to engage your little Brainiac? The answer puzzle toys for German Shepherds.

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Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle

Douglas Toys General German Shepherd Plush Stuffed Animal Dog

When you pay attention, you soon realize that the German Shepherds facial expressions are as easy to read as a humans.

Likewise, their body language is just as telling for anyone attentive. Here are some obvious signs to look for that tell you just how cuddly your pet is.

The focused gaze

Your pet will stare at you, and their eyes will follow you to the point where you cannot escape the fact that they want your attention.

It will feel like their eyes are boring a hole in your back until you turn around to find out what they want.

It is time for play, love, and cuddles, and they demand that you interrupt whatever other frivolity was distracting you.

Slobbering love

Your pet will make a point of licking you and gazing into your eyes until you cannot resist giving them what they want.

German Shepherds can be just as irresistible as people when they act cute.

Some call it manipulation-others call it intelligence.

Whatever your perspective, wet licks, gentle pulls on the hand, and uncomfortable gazes are all ways to tell you that it is time for love and cuddles.

Clever efforts to please you

Your GSD gets a quirky look on its face when its in the mood for humor or play. They can tease you by doing things they know are naughty to engage you in some fun.

A German Shepherd will look deeply into your eyes, raise its eyebrows, give cute little barks and whinesall aimed at telling you that its time to cuddle. Ignore them at your peril!

Loyalty deserves rewards

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Three Great Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

Weve shown you seven excellent toys for your dog, but what if you have a puppy. The toys above can certainly be used with puppies however, we have listed another three toys below that are ideal for German Shepherd puppies.

German Shepherd Puppy Biting and Training

As with all puppies, German Shepherd puppies need plenty of attention and entertainment to keep them out of trouble. Your German Shepherd puppy can give you a nasty nip and it is important to train them as well. Toys are a great way of giving them something to chew on and use them for training purposes.

Puppy KONG Rubber Toy

This KONG is almost identical to the Black Extreme one earlier in this article. The Extreme version can also be used for puppies however, if you are looking for something a bit smaller the Puppy Kong Rubber Toy is ideal for your little German Shepherd. This toy can be filled with treats to keep your Shepherd puppy entertained all day long and is designed for puppies up to nine months old.

The KONG puppy toy has been designed for a growing puppys teeth and has been constructed from the companys unique, all-natural rubber, teething formula that is softer than the standard KONGs rubber. If you are looking for an excellent distraction toy for your German Shepherd puppy, this is definitely one worth considering.

Find out more about the KONG puppy toy here.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Flying Disc

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick

The dog brick is one of multiple Nina Ottoson by Outward Hound variants. Its an interactive puzzle game designed to mentally stimulate and entertain your German Shepherd.

The concept with this specific variant is simple. You hide treats under different compartments and allow your dog to explore and try to retrieve those treats. Now of course, as a puzzle game it isnt that simple and your dog must learn how to flip and slide the compartments to get to their reward.

So, if you find it difficult to keep your German Shepherd from getting bored, I highly recommend that you get this one. Also, should your German Shepherd ever master the game to the point that it doesnt present a challenge, you can always check out the different variants available.


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The Best Chew Toy For Energetic Dogs Who Love To Paw Things

The durable chew has another great purpose: massaging your dogs gums.

The textured ridges and bumps create a soothing massage for teething puppies or dogs who like a gum massage just because it feels good.

Chewing for gum massage encourages better dental health by releasing debris from teeth. And, the unique shape allows your dog in different positions to use those big paws, helping to satisfy their urge to paw things.

Best Dog Toys For A German Shepherd: Closing Words

German Shepherd Best Indoor Toys!

There are many options on the table when it comes to German Shepherd toys. However, you have to avoid those weak little toys that are intended for smaller dogs.

At the same time, you have to find something that your dog will enjoy, and which will last long enough to be worth its cost.

We hope that you and your dog will find the perfect toy and that our efforts will have aided yours.

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German Shepherd Toys For Boredom And Strong Chewing Guide

Toy Name
Benebone Maplestick Dog Chew Toy no nylon and real maple wood that doesnt splinter natural maple wood
Nylabone DuraChew Axis Dog Chew Bone no
Nylabone DuraChew Textured Ring Flavor Medley Dog Toy no
Nylabone Galileo Chew Bone Dog Toy no extra tough nylon with cleaning bristles chicken
Frisco Bacon Flavor Tough Nylon Dog Chew Toy no
Benebone Real Bacon Flavored Dental Chew Dog Toy no durable ergonomic curved nylon with unique grooves 100% real bacon
Benebone Pawplexer Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy yes tough nylon shaped for chewing 100% real bacon
KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy for Power Chewers yes ultra-durable rubber with extreme bounce none
Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone Tough Dog Chew Toy no durable nylon with deep flavor grooves 100% real bacon
Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball Tough Dog Toy yes dishwasher-safe rubber free of latex, vinyl and phthalates vanilla

Best Toy For Dogs Who Love To Play With Sticks

If you are wanting a no mess, lightweight chew that is long-lasting this stick will suit your budget. This is a clean way to bring sticks indoors for your pet.

Think of this toy as an enhanced version of a regular stick, only better!

Its not only long-lasting but it also has just the correct amount of flex. This means both puppies and older dogs will enjoy mouthing and gnawing the surface to encourage a positive chewing experience.

Benebone also gives a portion of their sales to the welfare of dogs through community involvement and product donations with every purchase, so youll feed good about supporting this brand.

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Are There Really Indestructible Dog Toys For Bored Dogs

Sadly, no, theres no such thing as a truly indestructible dog toy.

Toys wear out and begin to fall apart, even those built for your strong German Shepherd who loves to chew. No toy is indestructible.


The toys you see below are pretty close and ideal for your large-breed dog!

Plus, they can withstand your strong German Shepherds chewing for longer than other toys and help reduce boredom by keeping your dog engaged for longer, as well as giving them a new toy to enjoy.

Benebone Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Dog Toy

Large German Shepherd Dog Soft Plush Toy (40cm)

Another Great Teething Toy

If chicken is one of your puppys favorite flavors, they may go wild for the Benebone Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Dog Toy. With durable nylon and real chicken, dont be surprised if your German Shepherd spends hours gnawing on this bone toy.

The deep grooves engraved on the bone help increase the surface area and ensure that the smell and flavor of the toy remain strong. Unlike some flavored toys, the Benebone Dog toy doesnt use artificial flavoringsthat chicken flavor is completely real and all-natural.

While great for many breeds, the toy may work best for German Shepherd puppies that are under seventy pounds. Keep in mind that, with every purchase, Benebone donates a portion of the proceeds to animal welfare organizations.

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