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Best Dog Food For Young German Shepherd

Nulo Puppy Food Grain Free Dry Food

Dog Reviews Food with German Shepherd Brother – Part 2

Canines and cats are naturally runners.They need high-quality food to thrive, just like us.Nulo Pup Food gives pups the healthy start they deserve.

You can rest assured that your dog is getting all the necessary amino acids, as 80% of protein comes from real meat.These amino acids are necessary to provide nutrition for your pups growing muscles.

DHA fatty acid also aids in improving the brain and eyes.Nulo also guarantees that the calcium content will strengthen your bones and teeth.Your puppy will love the pea and salmon-free recipe.

It also has Patented Probiotic Bc30 which supports thriving intestinal flora.It will also improve your dogs digestive health.The lactic acid processing bacteria in it can also improve your dogs immune system and metabolism.

Your dogs bones will be strengthened by its Phosphorus, Calcium and magnesium.They also aid in blood clotting and bone shaping as well as the transmission of nerve impulses.

Qualities of Food

Supplemented with Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty acidsHealthy Vegetables and Fruits for Optimal Immune HealthMade with low Glycemic Index ingredients Contains 80% Animal Protein And DHA.

Manufactured insufficient

A few Intestinal Problems in Poor Health Dogs.

Are Eggs Good For German Shepherds

Yes, eggs are a great source of protein for German Shepherds. In fact, they are one of the healthiest foods you can feed your dog. Eggs are packed with nutrients that are essential for a German Shepherd’s diet, including vitamins A, D, and E.

They also contain omega-three fatty acids, which are important for a dog’s coat and skin health.

Dry Dog Food Or Wet Dog Food

Dry food or wet food? Because there are many great dry foods and wet food options for German Shepherd owners, many have difficulty picking between these two types of food or knowing whether they can be mixed. While wet food might seem like the best option, especially because it sometimes contains raw pieces of meat or other nutritional draws.

Dry food is usually a decent option, unless you have an elderly shepherd who has lost teeth, has bladder or kidney issues or is having trouble chewing crunchy bits of food. Dry food has some dental health benefits, is overall more convenient, as well as being nutritionally stable for German Shepherds. The texture can help to remove and prevent plaque from forming on teeth, and especially in early life, chewing dry food can help to build strong jaw bones and muscles.

We combine dry and wet food at times. Especially with our last dog who was a fairly difficult eater. Wet food and raw food make him happy. If you buy a decent brand youll also get all the nutritional value you need. Its also easier to digest. Just make sure it doesnt expire or go bad in the bowl during the summer.

The truth is that high-quality German Shepherd dog food is going to be more expensive than low-quality food.

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Do Adult German Shepherd Dogs Need Special Nutrients

German Shepherds often develop digestive problems due to a shorter colon. This can lead to a sensitive stomach. Therefore, it is important to give a very precise diet to avoid triggering sensitivities and also contribute to optimal health maintenance. Provide your adult German Shepherd a balance of meat protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, and vitamins.

Why Are German Shepherds Susceptible To Skin Allergies

Best Dry Dog Food For German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd dogs are usually susceptible to skin allergies because of the protein in their diet. The lack of protein in their diet is often why theyre susceptible to developing health problems.

Skin allergies are common because many owners feed their German shepherds food with the highest number of grains and meals instead of paying for more expensive freeze-dried raw diets.

The cheaper processed foods often lack proper nutrition and can cause skin allergies.

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Victor Purpose Nutra Pro Dog Food


Nutra Pro is one of 6 dry recipes evaluated in our review of the Victor Purpose product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken meal, blood meal, whole grain millet, chicken fat, yeast culture
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Profile: All life stages
  • Best for:German shepherd puppy or adult

Victor Purpose Nutra Pro derives most of its animal protein from chicken meal and blood meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 46% protein, 24% fat and 22% estimated carbs producing a fat-to-protein ratio of about 52%.

Nutra Pro is also rich in low-glycemic carbohydrates for sustained energy and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Highly recommended.

Sample buyer reviewThis formulation is new to the rotation for my 2 Australian Shepherds. Magic happily gave it 4 paws up after her first bowl. Loki, my fussy eater, was a bit skeptical at first, til he had the experience of eating this food being dispensed by a moving toy. Now his review is also 4 paws up. // I was able to transition to this food with no GI upset or poop changes. If you regularly change food brands or formulations, consider adding this food for your energetic canine partners. Highly recommended!

The Best Supplements For German Shepherds

One of the best ways to address your German shepherd’s unique nutritional needs is to add all-natural, air-dried supplements to their diet. Supplements can fill in nutritional gaps and help support your GSD’s overall health.

Here are some of the best supplements for German shepherds:

Fish Oil

Hip dysplasia and joint pain are common health issues for German Shepherds. Adding a fish oilsupplement can help you get more omega-3s into your dog’s diet, which can help protect their joint health.

In a meta-analysis of studies on osteoarthritis in pets, omega-3s for dogs were found to have the highest amount of evidence to support their effectiveness. For the highest concentration of omega-3s, choose a fish oilsupplement made from wild-caught pollock and salmon, like this Omega Oil.

Joint Relief Supplement

Inflammation can contribute to joint pain and deterioration. A Relief Supplement is made with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, like turmeric, antioxidants, and green-lipped mussels . It can help keep your German shepherd feeling good into their golden years.


A probioticsupplement helps support German shepherds digestion, especially if they have sensitive stomachs. Probiotics can promote digestive health by adding beneficial bacteria to your dog’s digestive system. In veterinary studies, probiotics showed promise for addressing a variety of doggy digestive issues.

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Purina Pro Plan Development Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Large Breed Dry Puppy Food

Purina Pro Plan Development Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice With Probiotics Large Breed Dry Puppy Food is research-backed with food trials for dogs with sensitivities.

Specially made for large breed puppies under 12 months old, delicious salmon is the main ingredient. And fish is known for not only its appealing tastes but its high rate of digestibility for dogs.

This makes for easier digestion and fewer upset stomachs to stress about.

Taste Of The Wild Southwest Canyon

Dog Food For German Shepherd | Top Breed Adult


Southwest Canyon is one of 9 dry recipes included in our review of the Taste of the Wild product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Beef, peas, garbanzo beans, lamb meal, canola oil
  • Type: Grain-free
  • Profile: All life stages
  • Best for:German shepherd puppy or adult

Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon derives the majority of its animal protein from fresh beef and lamb meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 32% protein, 17% fat and 43% estimated carbs yielding a fat-to-protein ratio of about 52%.

Its nice to find a recipe containing natural source preservatives which means Southwest Canyon contains no BHA, BHT or other toxic additives. A super-popular, grain-free brand and a healthy, all life stages option for any German shepherd. Easily recommended.

Sample buyer reviewMy dog loves this food! He eats it enthusiastically and it has really helped him thrive! He is energetic, has a gorgeous coat, and devours his meals!

For More Choices: Visit our Best Large Breed Puppy Food page

Orijen Puppy Large derives most of its animal protein from fresh chicken. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 43% protein, 18% fat and 31% estimated carbs yielding a fat-to-protein ratio of about 42%.

Highly recommended.

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Food Allergy And Food Intolerance

Like humans, German Shepherds are also intolerant to some foods such as dairy, eggs, and wheat. This means they can only consume minimal amounts of the foods they are intolerant to.

Some are totally allergic and cannot consume anything containing the allergen before buying dog food. It is important to assess what foods your dog can and cannot consume.

Choosing The Best Dog Food For Your German Shepherds Can Prevent Illnesses

As medium-to-large breed dogs, German Shepherds are predisposed to hip dysplasia.

Having the appropriate nutrients as a puppy can help prevent the joints from growing too quickly and malformed.

Obesity can exacerbate this problem, so you should try to keep your GSD at an optimum weight.

Bloat or stomach twists usually affect dogs with deep barrel chests. The German Shepherd falls in this category.

Certain kibble helps prevent this by making them into a doughnut shape as this will force dogs to slow down when they are eating.

There are also slow feeders that you can use but its advisable to feed Germans 2 3 small meals a day to prevent them from scarfing their meals just because they are hungry.

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What Nutrients Do German Shepherd Puppies Need

German Shepherd puppies grow quickly after eight months.Although puppies can live up to 18 months, their growth rate is slower.German Shepherd puppies require high-quality nutrients to support their muscle and bone growth.

A healthy immune system and a strong digestive system are essential for a healthy growing up.Good nutrition can help to lower the chances of developing health problems later in life.Perfect food can prevent bloating, hip dysplasia and allergies, as well as obesity.

Your Large Breed German Shepherd Puppy Formula puppy should be fed.This Large breed puppy was designed to be high in calories and calcium. It also contains high amounts of carbohydrates.

Small breeds are also lower in calories and have less fat.This will make your German Shepherd pup undernourished.Large breed adult mixes can also be deficient in calories and calcium, which will again deplete your German Shepherd pup.

It will also make your dogs life difficult by becoming a bigger cracker.It is also a good idea to give your puppy a wide variety of German shepherd puppies best food.

How can dog food help with common health problems in the German shepherd?

German Shepherds are known for their bloating and hip dysplasia.Proper nutrition can alleviate both of these health issues.

Foods like chondroitin or glucosamine can also repair and stimulate damaged cartilage.It will also lower the risk of developing hip dysplasia.

The Ingredients You Should Avoid:

Best Food For German Shepherd

Chocolate should be on the top of every DO NOT TOUCH list of every dog owner. What is a tasty treat to us, can be lethal to them.

Always store your chocolates out of reach because curiosity might get the better of them and its better to be safe than sorry.

When it comes to the ingredients list on your kibble, you want to stay away from animal by-products, preservatives, artificial coloring, and nutritionless fillers.

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What Are The Most Common Dog Food Allergies For German Shepherds

Food allergies are most common to proteins not grains.

In German Shepherds, the most commonly reported food allergies are beef, dairy, wheat, chicken, and egg. All of these ingredients have been very prevalent ingredients in commercial diets over the past three decades, and pets tend to be allergic to proteins that have been in their diet for months to years.

Many people dont suspect food allergies as the cause of their German Shepherds itching because their dog has been fed the same food all its life and has just recently started showing symptoms. However, German Shepherds can develop allergies to a substance over time, so this fact does not rule out food allergies.

German Shepherd Dogs carry a higher rate of genetic predisposition to skin allergies. While food allergies can develop at almost any age, allergies tend to develop in middle-aged dogs .

It is important to note, however, that not all commercial foods have been adequately tested in dogs with known food allergies.

The quickest way to determine your dogs cause of allergic reactions is a visit to your veterinarian.

Keep in mind that in order to see benefits from a diet to help with skin allergies the effects can take up to 8 to 12 weeks.

Can German Shepherds Eat Regular Dog Food

Yes, GSDs can eat a wide range of foods that are generic in nature.

However, because of their large size and their activity levels, they might require a special diet. For instance, they need 18%-22% protein in their meals, with their caloric levels ranging from 1,200 to 2,100 calories per day. This also depends on your dogs activity levels and overall health.

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German Shepherd Feeding Guide: Senior Years

Large breed dogs, such as the German Shepherd, age faster than most smaller breed dogs.

This is evident by the fast decline in health, joint flexibility, and energy in older large breed dogs compared to same-age smaller breeds.

Because of this, its important for your dogs longevity and happiness to pay attention to signs of aging. When your GSD moves from the adult life stage to senior, you need to adjust her diet.

Large breeds reach the older stage around half of their assumed life expectancy.

A German Shepherds life expectancy is anywhere from 10 to 15 years, which means theyd be considered older and borderline senior at around 5 or 6.

This is a good time to ask your vet if you should make any changes to her diet or if its okay to continue with her normal adult meals.

Inevitably, your GSD will need to switch over to a senior diet. Older large breed dogs have lower energy needs. They move slower or less overall and therefore wont need as many calories each day.

Older dogs also tend to slow down their digestion, so an increase in fiber might be a good choice for your senior GSD.

Since the calories in senior-specific dog food have already been adjusted, youll likely still be feeding the same measured amount based on your GSDs weight.

Do be sure to confirm this with your vet, however. Not all foods are created equal.

Are German Shepherds Healthy Dogs

3 German Shepherds Try Different Foods

Generally speaking, German Shepherds are healthy dogs. But, since theres no such thing as 100% healthy dogs, German Shepherds are still prone to certain health conditions. Many of those diseases are congenital, but a lot of them can be controlled by you. With a proper diet, regular vet checkups, and plenty of exercise, your pup may avoid conditions like obesity or bloat.

The most common health issues that strike German Shepherds are perianal fistulas, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, food allergies, food intolerance, osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel, disease, and bloat.

A lot of health conditions can be improved with the use of the right food, but many can also become worse if your dog eats poor-quality kibble.

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What Is The Best Food To Feed German Shepherds

Want to know what the 8 best dog foods for German Shepherds are?

Understanding how to pick an excellent canine diet will assist your German Shepherd friend in living his or her most fulfilling existence.

Luckily, there is a fantastic community of dedicated German Shepherd parents who are experts in canine nutrition!

Im a former veterinary technician who spent months learning about the finest dog foods for German Shepherds.

Whether you are searching for the best canned dog food for German shepherds or the best dog food for German shepherd puppies, we have compiled a list of the 8 best dog food brands for German Shepherds in order to assist you.

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But first, lets examine a few health conditions that German Shepherds may be prone to.

Best Dry Dog Food For German Shepherds

What you feed your dog has a significant impact on their overall well-being. Their health and longevity depend on a proper diet. If you have a GSD, you should really look into the kibble they consume.

The best dry dog food for German Shepherds are easily digested and dont irritate their typically sensitive stomachs. Plus, they are formulated with the right ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to maintain their robust bodies and support their athleticism. For most owners, dry dog food is the best choice, but some owners feed a mixture of wet and dry dog food.

*This article may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I get a small commission at no additional cost to you .

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What Types Of Food Are Good For German Shepherds

German Shepherds can thrive on all kinds of dog food. Dry kibble is the most popular option because it is convenient.

If you dont mind going through a bit of trouble, theres the option of dehydrated or frozen-then-thawed dog food.

The ingredients matter much more than the type of dog food it is, whether dry or moist. However, older dogs and puppies might deal with wet food better.

Also, unless your dog has certain allergies, you dont have to feed organic or grain-free food.

Health Concerns For German Shepherds

Pin on German Shepherd:Part 42

German Shepherds are prone to contract health problems that are related to bone, muscles, and joints. One such common health issue is hip dysplasia where it involves the malfunctioning of hip joints due to exercising too much, feeding too much, or injured themselves. In order to cure you can feed dog food for hip dysplasia to your pet. Elbow dysplasia is another problem that occurs mostly in German Shepherds that have a long line of badly bred ancestors and are caused mainly by poor genetics. Another health concern seen in many large breed dogs today is diabetes because of their huge body and large food intake. Diabetes can incur due to genetics or environmental conditions, but you can control it with an appropriate diet and adequate exercise.

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