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Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

Are German Australian Shepherds Aggressive

Dennis Mast’s Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Puppies!!!

We need to look to the parent breeds again for the answer to this question.

The Aussie Shepherd is not typically an aggressive breed. It can be protective at times, and it has strong herding instincts, but they are generally good-natured and safe around children.

The German Shepherd can be trained to be aggressive when given a command, but it is typically a calm and obedient dog. It is also considered safe around children, but early socialization is always wise, and kids should never be left alone with dogs, just as a precaution.

So, what does this mean for the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix?

The truth is that its difficult to predict the exact nature of a crossbreed as it can inherit traits from one parent more than the other. All we can do is look at the examples available and try to draw some conclusions from them.

So far, it looks as if the German Shepherd Aussie mix is a guard dog and a nanny! It will watch out for you and your family, alerting you of any danger, and it will love and protect any young child.

Aggression does not seem to be a problem, especially not towards the owner and their family. Any sign of aggression will probably be directed at strange dogs that appear to present a threat.

Once again, socialization is the key to reducing this behavior and getting your dog used to being around other animals.

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German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is a beautiful cross between the working dog breeds German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd. This crossbreed sometimes called as German Australian Shepherd, exhibits intelligence and high energy level. Although it can give the impression of an aloof dog, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix dog is an affectionate pet.

These two parent breeds have distinct characteristics that distinguish them from each other. Their offspring will likely acquire advantageous traits.

Another Genetic Characteristic Found In The Australian Shepherd And A More Common Trait In Herding Dogs Is Hypothyroidism

This condition can affect any number of dogs, but it is most common in the German shepherd and other herding dogs. Hypothyroidism is characterized by low levels of thyroid hormone production in the dog. Because the thyroid gland is responsible for regulating proper levels of energy in the body, this hormone is important to regulate your dogs weight. If your dog ends up gaining too much weight, this can result in health problems like joint pain and arthritis.

One of the more common health problems in the Australian shepherd mix and the German shepherd is degenerative myelopathy. This disorder is characterized by a progressive weakening of the spinal cord, as well as other organs. Symptoms include extreme weakness, muscular rigidity, and extreme pain. Many times, this disease is passed down through genes, but some medications can be taken to help control it.

These are just some of the more common genetic disorders found in the German shepherd mix. There are many more, and they range from something as simple as an over-abundance of calcium in the dogs diet to more serious issues like epilepsy and degenerative myelopathy. Talk with your veterinarian to learn more about the traits of the Australian shepherd or the German shepherd mix you may be considering. After researching the topic, you will then be ready to make an informed decision as to whether or not to add this particular breed to your household.

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Australian German Shepherd Husky Mix

The Australian German Shepherd Husky mix is a cross between the service dog species Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd. This cross between the fox-like Siberian Husky and the brave Australian German Shepherd husky mix is an Aussie Siberian or an Aussie Husky. This specific combination possesses a high level of intellect as well as a fantastic body and beauty. Based on the American Kennel Club, the Aussie, the Australian Shepherd progenitor, is increasing prominence as a dog breed and is presently ranked as the 15th best typical dog breed in the United States .

The Aussie german shepherd husky mix was developed as a herding dog, yet it is not from Australia! Let us know more about the Australian german shepherd husky mix.

Article Content

Intelligent, Independent, Protective, Affectionate

Aussies Are Wonderful Dogs Because They Can Be Used In A Variety Of Environments

Aussie German shepherd mix Only 4 puppies available in Murrieta ...

They are great with children, but they can also handle quite a bit of responsibility by themselves, as well. They can be house dogs, where you let them in the house and take care of them while you are at work, or they can be quite active and go out in the neighborhood, where they can be enjoyed for their beautiful personalities. However, if you plan to keep an Aussie as a pet, you must get it spayed or neutered. The two main requirements for a dog to be fully functional are a clean, reproductive organ and a good diet, which must contain plenty of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Australian German Shepherd mix puppies for sale are wonderful companions, and this breed tends to do very well with children. These dogs can be a little difficult to train, but they have a lot of energy and are very loyal to the family. When you adopt an Aussie from the shelter or a breeder, you are choosing a dog that has worked hard to end up where he is. This type of Aussie is not like most of the other types of dogs that are adopted, and he probably suffered a lot during his life. You will likely be getting your Aussie at a young age and he will be learning all kinds of new things.

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You Have To Be Firm And Consistent With This Or Youll Find That They May Start To Whine And Bark A Lot

Some people prefer to stay at home with their Australian Shepherd because they are used to being there. If this is the case, it might take a little bit more time to get to know and trust their new pet, but it will be worth it.

As you learn more about this breed, youll realize that its not too difficult to take on the responsibility of taking care of your dog. You can take advantage of the dog training tips Ive provided.

Final Thoughts: Is A German Australian Shepherd The Right Dog For You

You might say that the German Australian Shepherd mix is the perfect blend of both its amazing parent breeds.

Combining the courage and intelligence of the German Shepherd and the work ethic of the Australian Shepherd, it will be difficult for you to find another mixed breed that will make a better working dog.

Ultimately, if youre looking for a guard dog that strikes a good balance of intelligence, affection, and confidence, youll find it in the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix.

Any other information we missed about the German Australian Shepherd mix? Comment it down below!

John Carter

My name is John Carter and I absolutely love pets, especially cats and dogs. Iâve got a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and have several years experience working in animal shelters and rescues. My passion for animals started at a very young age as I grow up on a farm with several horses, cows, cats, chickens, and dogs on our property.

  • Country of Origin:America
  • Color:The Australian Shepherd breed colors are liver/red, liver/red merle, blue merle and black.

Breed Rating

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First Up Is The German Shepherd:

German Shepherds are a large dog that is classified under the working group of dogs.

German shepherds have been known for a long time, as great companions as well as workers.

Some of their more common jobs include police dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, protection dogs, and service dogs, just to name a few.

Physical Description:

The average German Shepherd weighs between 60 90 pounds. Their height is between 22 26 inches from floor to the top of the shoulder, also known as the withers .

German Shepherds commonly exhibit either a black hair coat or a brown and black haircoat of medium length and thickness. although other coat colors do exist.

These shepherds have a long pointed nose, dark eyes, and large perky ears that stand up erect.

German shepherds are a large-bodied breed, with deep chests, and long tail with a slight curve upward.

Behavioral Description:

German Shepherds are known to be easy to train, loyal, intelligent, courageous, hard-working dogs.

Exercise Requirements:

The German Shepherd was originally bred as a herding dog, running long distances and tending to their flocks. We now use them commonly in other jobs that require lots of energy, such as guard dogs or police dogs.

Because of this in their genetics and their current work requirements, German Shepherds naturally have energy that they need to burn off if their jobs do not allow them to do so.


Weekly brushing, if not more often, is required.


Hip Dysplasia:

Grooming Your German Shepherd Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

This section will provide you some basic information on how to groom properly with the least number of tools. Following these steps will assure that your dog will be in top appearance throughout all the seasons.

Brushing is an essential part of grooming this mixed breed. The German Shepherd Australian Shepherds shed heavily throughout the year. In particular seasons, this breed exhibits the phenomenon called blowing of the coat when the most active and heavy shedding occurs.

Brushing is beneficial in developing your bond with your dog as well as its aesthetic value. I recommend two to four times of brushing per week for this crossbreed. This essential step promotes the health and luster of the dogs coat and skin. Another function of brushing the coat is providing proper insulation for the dog. A well-brushed coat keeps the dogs temperature secured against fluctuating weather.

Shaving the dogs coat is debatable. Some owners prefer this step. This may or may not reduce the insulating property of the coat. There is a possibility that the coat will not grow as well as before it was shaved. While you are brushing its coat, you should also check for tick and flea infestations.

If you lack the basic grooming tools or enough time, there are dog wash salons that may also offer grooming services. You can also contact and find professional groomers to help you with the activity.

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Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

Additionally, 1000s of German Shepherds have been utilized by the army. These army working canine are normally educated for scout responsibility, and theyre used to warn troopers to the presence of enemies or of booby traps or other hazards. German Shepherds have additionally been educated by navy groups to parachute from plane or as anti-tank weapons. They have been used in World War II as messenger dogs, rescue dogs and private guard dogs.

The Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bison Flavored Dog Bone Chews are edible chew toys that can assist with the dogs digestive system. You can contain the canine in bodily actions similar to long walks, jogging, hiking, tug-of-war, and Is Australian Shepherd a good family dog? fetching. Tug-of-war could intimidate some new owners as a outcome of it might result in elevated aggression. This has great benefits if accomplished correctly, such as educating about guidelines and boundaries and bonding with your dog. West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Interactive Tug of War Durable Dog Play Toy is a sturdy toy that can stretch for about twice its size.

Overview Of Australian Shepherd For Sale

An Aussie should present an impression of balance, intelligence, friendliness, and intensity.

Physical Appearance

The Aussie is a medium-sized dog that is 20 to 23 inches at the shoulder and weighs 50 to 65 pounds. Females are usually smaller, being about 10 pounds lighter and a couple of inches shorter than males. When you look at an adult Australian Shepherd for sale, there should be a readily noticeable difference between the genders, but a female should not look too fine of bone. An Aussies head appears in balance with the body and the muzzle and back skull are about the same length. The eyes are almond-shaped and can be any combination of blue, brown, or amber. Some dogs have each eye a different color. Others have eyes with flecks, or they can be two distinct colors. Your Aussie will have high-set ears that are either rose or semi-prick. An Aussies body is strong and slightly longer than tall with a short tail, either docked or a natural bob.


When you look at Aussie puppies for sale, you will immediately notice the limited colors but a wide range of patterns.

  • Solid red Color is liver, resulting from a gene that suppresses dark pigment or eumelanin Dogs will have light-colored eyes
  • Merle Can be red or black White hairs mingle with solid colors causing a swirled or marbled effect


Other Pets

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Darkish Brown German Shepherd

Through cautious crossbreeding, the fashionable German Shepherd Dog emerged. This hybrid doggos mother or father breeds have been round for much longer, however. Youve probably heard of these two well-liked canines earlier than, but lets take a second to satisfy every one. Both father or mother breeds are known for being fairly relaxed as correctly socialized canines. They can even get along with cats and different small animals if introduced slowly and the right way.

German shepherds have been recognized for a long time, as great companions as properly as workers. With the right coaching and early socialization, you may be assured that these canine will exhibit minimal herding behaviors along with your little kids and other animals. This will contribute to their potential in becoming remedy canine, service canines, or herders. Aside from its benefit to family dynamics, socialization allows the canine to be friendly to your mates. Training will also contribute to better psychological well being for the canines. If youre hesitant of the correct coaching methods in your canine, youll have the ability to check with an skilled dog trainer.

Watch Dog Or Guard Dog

Aussie German shepherd mix Only 4 puppies available in Murrieta ...

German Shepherds take their guard duties seriously, especially when their families are concerned.

The likelihood of biting varies between individuals, but a German Shepherds intimidating reputation is generally enough to ward off any would-be trespassers.

Australian Shepherds are protective of their home, as they would be with their packs. They warn of intruders by barking, but dont have a reputation for aggression.

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix will likely embody the guarding instincts of the GSD, and the protectiveness of the Aussie.

You likely wont have an effective guard dog with this particular German Shepherd cross. Their size and appearance probably wont be intimidating, and likely wont follow up any barking with a bite.

That being said, owning any kind of watchdog who barks is an effective deterrent for most home invasions. Aussie mixes should make good alarmists.

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German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix: What To Know About Coat Length And Grooming

German Australian Shepherds tend to have moderately long thick fur with a substantial undercoat.

Some have a short outer coat with fringes of longer hair around the face and tail, reminiscent of an Aussies feathering.

Brush your Shepherd mix at least weekly, if not daily. Baths should be infrequent so as not to dry out the coat or irritate the skin.

Check the ears regularly for infection and clip the nails monthly to prevent abnormal growth and splintering.

The German Shepherd Breed:

In order to know what the German Shepherd mix with Australian Shepherd is like as a pet, knowing the two parent breeds that make it up, will be very helpful.

Therefore, I quickly broke down the basics of both parent breeds.

This will give you a better idea of why this shepherd mix pups are the way that they are.

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What Makes For A Great Pet

What makes for a great pet, will vary among every single person reading this article. Everyone has different things that are important to them.

For instance, one person may prefer a pet that takes very little time to care for, while the next person values a pet that is affordable to purchase two very different desires.

So I cant answer that for you.

No matter what is most important to you, you need to make sure that the greatest pet for you checks many boxes that fit into your lifestyle, so that both you and your pet are happy for many years to come.

For me, a great pet is one that fits my life.

My little dog, is small and compact, the perfect size for my smaller home. She is quiet, which is perfect for me, working at home quite a bit and needing a quiet space to work.

She is low-maintenance not requiring much as far as exercise, or time , or costly materials or medications.

Obviously any of these can change in the future, but I am prepared in case this happens.

She makes a great pet for me.

Let me give you some information on the shepherd mix dog, and then you can decide for yourself, whether this hybrid is best for you and your family.

Whats The Price Of German Australian Shepherd Puppies

Miniature Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

The price of a German Australian Shepherd varies quite a bit. Both parent breeds are expensive, especially if they have a pedigree. If one of the parent dogs used in the cross to produce a German Australian Shepherd has a good family background and high-quality breeding, your puppy is bound to be more expensive.

The average cost for a German Shepherd runs between $500 to $1,500. They are often bred to be show-quality dogs and great family pets. Since they are also quite popular, their price averages at $800.

The Australian Shepherd is also quite popular but is not as common in North America as the German Shepherd. They cost between $600 to $800, depending on the breeder you buy them from and their pedigree.

Hybrids are almost always less expensive than the average price for a purebred puppy. This fact stays true when you look into the price of a German Australian Shepherd. They are often between $300 and $800.

Since their parent dogs are relatively common in North America, there is a chance that you might find this mixed breed at a shelter. It is best to adopt an abandoned dog from a shelter instead of breeding more puppies.

There are many positive aspects to getting a pup from a breeder, though. If you decide to go this route, ensure that you support a breeder that treats their dogs well. Ask to get a tour of their facility before adopting to ensure that the dogs are kept in a proper living space.

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